Nordic Interviewing Reliable Interviewing For Market Research


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Nordic Interviewing Reliable Interviewing For Market Research

  1. 1. Nordic Interviewing - We deliver reliable interviewing for market research Nordic Interviewing
  2. 2. We deliver reliable interviewing to professional users of market research and business information Nordic Interviewing Identify Data analysis, Data Data research insights and collection processing objective implementation -WEB interviewing •Advanced sampling -CATI interviewing and quota management -Mixed mode: CATI to WEB or •Data tabulation WEB to CATI Management of One centralized tracking waves, system that representative facilitates all interviewing or methodologies customer lists CATI: Computer assisted telephone interviewing Nordic Interviewing
  3. 3. We conduct around 500.000 interviews on an annual basis out of Malaga •In Malaga we conduct around 500.000 interviews on an annual basis. Been calling out of Malaga for 7 years •In our call center in Malaga over 40 talented Nordic people combines a job with the lovely Spanish climate •We call from the the best IP telephony platform to Nordic phone numbers •All interviews are done by native speaking people – Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Nordic Interviewing
  4. 4. There is natural reason for working out out of Malaga Interviewers can enjoy a a nice …and interviewers only pay 2 % in break in the sun… tax + We work with different interviewers for different tasks. Elderly people, young people We work with different interviewers for different tasks. Elderly people, young people and generally people who work within the service sector. and generally people who work within the service sector. Nordic Interviewing
  5. 5. Our interviewers undergo a thorough introductory training before completing their first interview 1.Interviewer selection: Interviewers are recruited via printed advertisement, notices and word of mouth advertising. We primarily use interviewers over 22 years and with minimum of one year experience. We work only with full-time interviewers with contract under applicable law and 1.Interviewer 2. Questionnaire a fixed guaranteed salary – no bonus selection training 2.Questionnaire training: All new interviewers attend a full two-day course. Applicants are assessed through a series of tests such as role plays with ‘gatekeepers’ and mock interviews. Off particular concern we will test our interviewers in talking polite to the customers and consumers on sensitive issues. After completion of the course, the trainer, in conjunction with the recruitment department, assess each applicant 3.Interviews with customer/consumers: Only intensively trained interviewers are used exclusively for customer questioning. With large tracking studies we build up permanent and brand-dedicated teams. We have a specialist 4. Continuous 3. Interviews team of executive interviewers for hard to find B2B monitoring with customer/ respondents such as CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors etc consumers 4.Continuous monitoring of the interview progress: Our interview managers and supervisors continuously monitor the interview progress. Development in performance, incidence rates, screen outs, strike rates and completes per hour Nordic Interviewing
  6. 6. Our quality framework is based upon ESOMAR and EFAMRO guidelines and codex • We have implemented ICC International Code of Marketing and Social Nordic Interviewing follows the Research Practice codex from international • At least 10% of all interviews are monitored by native speaking professional organizations such as supervisors. IQCS standards specify that only 5% of the production should be monitored. ESOMAR, EFAMRO, CASRO and the • We strictly adhere to CASRO, MRS and ESOMAR standards and global Data Protection Agency guidelines privacy laws for data processing • We work with an extensive training program with our interviewers • Project-related training, equipping the interviewer with a interviewer manual • Continuous monitoring and coaching of the interviewers with reviews • Web testing, pre-test and test data delivery • Daily data back-up and efficiency monitoring • Regular status reports and utilization reports • Sample management with schedule monitoring (callbacks) • Regular checking of data records and open-ends • Interview documentation • Plausibility checks and data validation • Appointed interviewers • Productivity rates • Average duration/int • Incidences and screen outs • Digital recording of the interviews possible • Online quota management • Customer visits and training welcomed Nordic Interviewing
  7. 7. Interview workflow: One survey engine, multiple languages and one data sheet Design Import and Sample Collect Process Export & survey clean data management data data report data Screen data. Set up Tabulate data quota conditions, according to which can roll over customers needs WEB, CATI, from week to week CATI to WEB or and updates WEB to CATI. dynamically Translate. Execute from one survey Clean data and Interviewers call according to engine Excel, SPSS or prepare exclusion rules qualifications. Supervisors monitor text file. (Black list, duplicates, average time per interviews, Automatic export surveyed within last 6 Incidence rate, screen outs, with web services months) quota management, CATI: Computer assisted telephone interviewing performance management Nordic Interviewing
  8. 8. Our IP telephony platform is stable, scalable and reliable One survey engine, One survey engine, Survey data center multiple languages multiple languages and one data sheet and one data sheet Respondents Call center interviewers and supervisors: Dialing options Dialing options Local or remote IP Dialer: -- Manual, auto, preview and Manual, auto, preview and 62 telephones predictive dialing predictive dialing secured with -- Whole interview recording Whole interview recording automatic fall over -- Live interviewer audio Live interviewer audio monitoring monitoring Nordic Interviewing
  9. 9. A few references Nordic Interviewing
  10. 10. Contact information: Nicholas Malcolm T: +45 3099 1421 Martin Wenzell T: +34 609 976 665 Nordic Interviewing