Creating Connections


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A workshop for Audi looking at digital trends and hwo they are relevant for the business.

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Creating Connections

  1. 1. 20th May 2008 Creating Connections Audi Digital Trends workshop Prepared by Nick Balfe ©2008 GT London Ltd
  2. 2. Purpose of the day • To get to grips with how the digital environment is changing • To explore the new opportunities that this presents to the business ©2008 GT London Ltd
  3. 3. Agenda The digital universe Connecting with our audience Digital trends What this means for Audi ©2008 GT London Ltd
  4. 4. The digital universe is evolving ©2008 GT London Ltd
  5. 5. From the world wide web... ©2008 GT London Ltd
  6. 6. a web of digital opportunities ©2008 GT London Ltd
  7. 7. ©2008 GT London Ltd
  8. 8. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds ©2008 GT London Ltd
  9. 9. Finding Connecting Sharing ©2008 GT London Ltd
  10. 10. ©2008 GT London Ltd
  11. 11. Catering for The Long Tail Volume People ©2008 GT London Ltd
  12. 12. What does digital mean in your day? ©2008 GT London Ltd
  13. 13. A typical digital day Commute to work On the train home – listen to Radio 5 – review the podcasts, presentation using downloaded the on board WiFi previous day connection Wake up, make All morning Check standing At home – radio coffee - any meeting, order payments on, cook some texts received occasionally have gone out on dinner, glass of yet? checking Blackberry wine! 7am 1pm 7pm 11pm Check for Get into Lunchtime – Any Just enough Catch up on last emails and work, browse news for tonight’s time for the gym night’s episode messages on the news at match? Check before heading of Lost on Digital Blackberry from Timesonline.c home – On Demand box US clients download some overnight new tracks from iTunes for the Arrive at treadmill Paddington station – see digital escalator panels on the Tube ©2008 GT London Ltd
  14. 14. The stats to back it up... • Over two thirds of UK households have internet access • Nearly three quarters of these are broadband enabled • 2.9 million people in the UK have watched a TV show streamed via the internet • One million have used BBC iPlayer • The Ricky Gervais podcasts were downloaded by an average of 261,670 per week ©2008 GT London Ltd
  15. 15. Digital Digital migrants natives ©2008 GT London Ltd
  16. 16. Digital is all about creating connections ©2008 GT London Ltd
  17. 17. Networks of association Consumers build networks of association with brands they come across in their day to day lives The more experiences people have of a brand, the stronger the association they feel to it Robert Heath The Hidden Power of Advertising , 2001 ©2008 GT London Ltd
  18. 18. Fields of influence Media opinions Percep- Friends tions and family Customer Environ- Comms ment ©2008 GT London Ltd
  19. 19. Innocent Smoothies Customer Friends and family ©2008 GT London Ltd
  20. 20. We are looking for ways to connect with our audience more often, and give them more rewarding experiences ©2008 GT London Ltd
  21. 21. Digital trends ©2008 GT London Ltd
  22. 22. Participation ©2008 GT London Ltd
  23. 23. Participation From one to many – i.e. Brand communications out, to many to many: ©2008 GT London Ltd
  24. 24. BBC Electric Proms SMS Memory Wall ©2008 GT London Ltd
  25. 25. ©2008 GT London Ltd
  26. 26. Nokia Regent’s Street Christmas Lights ©2008 GT London Ltd
  27. 27. ©2008 GT London Ltd
  28. 28. Portability ©2008 GT London Ltd
  29. 29. Portability The rise in wireless technology and portable media players means that content can be consumed on the go, and at the convenience of the user: ©2008 GT London Ltd
  30. 30. Nike+ LCD Sound System 45:33 ©2008 GT London Ltd
  31. 31. From promotional download, to sub-cultural phenomena ©2008 GT London Ltd
  32. 32. Xbox ARG ©2008 GT London Ltd
  33. 33. Multi-platform, alternate reality gaming experience ©2008 GT London Ltd
  34. 34. Personalisation ©2008 GT London Ltd
  35. 35. Personalisation As our use of the internet becomes more sophisticated, we now expect to not only upload our own content, we also want to be able to pull data into our own personal portals. ©2008 GT London Ltd
  36. 36. Amazon Personalised homepage ©2008 GT London Ltd
  37. 37. Prada digital size reader ©2008 GT London Ltd
  38. 38. Time to exercise your brains... ©2008 GT London Ltd
  39. 39. How can we apply these trends? Imagine you work for an award winning digital agency... Your client, a major prestige car brand, is launching a new two-door soft top, aimed at young, singles and couples without children. They are likely to be urban, affluent, and digitally savvy. What digital ideas would you suggest as part of an integrated launch campaign? ©2008 GT London Ltd
  40. 40. 3 groups... Adrian’s group: Personalisation Nick’s group: Portability Michelle’s group: Participation ©2008 GT London Ltd
  41. 41. What does this mean for Audi? ©2008 GT London Ltd
  42. 42. People want more from their experiences of brands in digital environments ©2008 GT London Ltd
  43. 43. Responding to digital change Display Two-way Co-creation advertising communication and sharing ©2008 GT London Ltd
  44. 44. The purchase process is far more fluid than the purchase funnel model suggests ©2008 GT London Ltd
  45. 45. The purchase process as we currently know it Awareness Consideration Purchase Retention ©2008 GT London Ltd
  46. 46. Pre-internet product search Decision John Lewis Discussion Discussion with with partner partner Purchase Dixons Adapted from Henley Centre research, 2006 ©2008 GT London Ltd
  47. 47. Post-internet product search Pop ups Discount camera Decision Google Kelkoo site Amazon John Discussion Lewis with Purchase: partner Google Ebay Discussion Discussion with with partner Camera partner chat Comet forum Adapted from Henley Pop Centre research, 2006 ©2008 GT London Ltd ups
  48. 48. From purchase funnel to purchase web ©2008 GT London Ltd
  49. 49. ‘Pre-proactive’ info gathering Purchase decisions are being made long before people enter the car buying process. We need to create connections between the brand and the consumer’s digital experiences. Swift Research, 2007 ©2008 GT London Ltd
  50. 50. We shouldn’t think of digital as another channel for our campaigns. We should think of it as a way to build relationships. ©2008 GT London Ltd
  51. 51. A constant connection with our audience Purchase Brand engagement Functional tools and experiences utilities ©2008 GT London Ltd
  52. 52. Barrack Obama presidential candidate campaign ©2008 GT London Ltd
  53. 53. Over to you again... ©2008 GT London Ltd
  54. 54. Experiences and tools You still work for an award winning digital agency... Since your client’s customers go between two and three years between changing cars, you have been asked to think about how you can maintain relationships with customers over the longer term. ©2008 GT London Ltd
  55. 55. Summary ©2008 GT London Ltd
  56. 56. People rely on digital tools, experiences and devices throughout their day ©2008 GT London Ltd
  57. 57. The most successful brands use digital to deliver both functional content and engaging experiences ©2008 GT London Ltd
  58. 58. Digital should be used to create longer term connections with audiences, in order to build stronger relationships ©2008 GT London Ltd
  59. 59. Thank you! Nick Balfe Planner ©2008 GT London Ltd