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The best thing to happen to wine since grapes

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Bordo slide show

  1. 1. Bordo Tasters Tablet
  2. 2. Background Nick Kubiak- Founder- is a passionate wine lover with 10+ years of experience in the wine business. A Certified Specialist of Wine An experienced wine educator Developed NickNAK, LLC in 2009 as a wine consulting and education company Designed the patent pending & Trade Marked “Bordo Tasters Tablet” in 2011 to help wine tasters learn about wine by making it easier to take wine notes.
  3. 3. So you NEVER have todo this againBordo Tasters Tabletaddresses the problem ofhaving to write wine noteswhile holding a wine glass.
  4. 4. “Simplicity is theultimatesophistication.” -Leonardo De VinciThe Front of the Board: Is ergonomically designed forcomfortable handling The 11” x 14” size fits easily intobags Features a High Tension Strap  Allows for easy handling of papers or the use of the Bordo Tasters Booklet  The flat design is ideal for shipping and storage  Is a great place to clip your pen when you’re not writing  Custom Colors available Has A White Dry-Erase Surface  Gives the user a white surface to look at and observe the color of their wine  Surface is stain resistant  Can be wiped clean if wine is spilled on it  Can be used without paper The alcove at the top of theboard easily holds and balances awine glass while the user takesnotes, shakes hands, exchanges
  5. 5. Personalize it!The Back of the board iscustomizable for High Resolutionlogos and images.Great for: Personalizing Home Parties Advertising your company andproducts Promoting Events Using and Selling in TastingRooms Gifts, etc . . .There is no limit on how manydifferent designs that arepossible…When you order BordoTasters Tablet – we will find asolution that works for you and yourneeds!
  6. 6. The second piece ofthe puzzle. . .Bordo Tasters Booklet This booklet has beenspecifically and thoughtfullydesigned to help the taster takewine notes and personally rate theirwines. Fits perfectly on the board!Simply open the booklet to thecenter of the book and slip it underthe strap!The Inside Cover (image on theright) Helps the wine taster take a noteby guiding them through the “Sight,”“Aroma” and “Taste” Gives wine tasters 100 topdescriptors of wine broken downinto simple categories for quickreference
  7. 7. Bordo Tasters Booklet(continued)The Inside Page Layout (Image onthe Right) Guides the taster through:-Vintage/ Producer-Name/ Varietal-Region-Alcohol by Volume-Price Has a white area for personalnote taking Features a rating system on theright side of the page for the tasterto personally score their wines
  8. 8. So . . . How much? Bordo Tasters Tablet Custom Bordo Tasters Tablet One of our great designs! You design it!Quantity Price Quantity Price1-6 $21.98 each 24 boards $22.99 each7- 12 $17.98 each 48 boards $15.99 each13 - 18 $15.48 each 120 boards $11.50 each19 - 24 $12.48 each 192 boards $10.25 each24+ $9.98 each 240 boards $9.89 each •Pricing is bases on quantity and does not include tax, shipping or handling. • A one time custom set up fee of $45 applies on custom orders less than 48 pieces. • Customers have the option to create their own design or have our experienced designers create one for them at a rate of $85/hr. • Booklets sold separately at $3 each - discounts apply based on quantity • Please allow a minimum 14 day lead time for production of custom orders •Delivery time and method is determined by the customer •Contact - 419.320.3909 for full pricing details.
  9. 9. The Take HomeWhy buy Bordo Tasters Tablet? 1. Because it’s fresh and exciting while being simple and sophisticated. 2. Because it’s a system that helps to create content and feedback about your products. 3. Because, Bordo products increase customers satisfaction through creating a more enjoyable and memorable experience. 4. Because, much like you, Bordo products are stylish and make a statement! 5. Because, Bordo Tasters Tablet increases your sales through creating a more involved and better educated customer
  10. 10. Thank You!For more information and to order Bordo products, contact Nick Kubiak at: 419.320.3909 (mobile) Or find us on-line @tasterstablet Tasters Tablet