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Adult prevention programs


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Adult prevention programs

  1. 1. Adult Prevention Programs Nicholas Granato 2/17/12
  2. 2. Know One in Particular Obesity affects everyone… It does not matter who you are… Whether you are an adult or child… What race, gender, or ethnicity… Or how much money you have or not.
  3. 3. The Center for Disease and ControlIn 1999 creates a subdivisionNutrition, Physical Activity, andObesity(DNPAO)Funds 25 statesNational Adult Obesity Programscreated
  4. 4. “Lets Move” Michelle Obama • Walk after dinner • Eat Fruits and Vegetables • Cook with Children • Turn Television off during family time
  5. 5.  Michigan’s Building Healthy Community Project The Tennessee Obesity Task Force The Obesity Prevention Action Plan of New Jersey
  6. 6. People Must become ActiveDaily Physical ActivityLess High Fat and Fried FoodsEat Fruits and Vegetables
  7. 7.  We Face an Epidemic Prevention Programs are in Place Strides have been taken Can we change peoples lives… And beat this awful Epidemic… Yes We Can!
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