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Powerpoint class 4

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Powerpoint class 4

  1. 1. Microsoft PowerPoint Class 4 Word Art, Templates, Saving and Printing 1
  2. 2. Word ArtWe will create a slide andthen we will createinteresting and fun textwith the Word Art option. 2
  3. 3. Starting Microsoft PowerPointHow to start PowerPoint?1. Click Start2. Roll mouse to Programs3. Click Microsoft PowerPointOR1. Click Start2. Roll mouse to Programs3. Click Microsoft Office4. Click Microsoft PowerPointORDouble Click on PowerPoint iconon desktop 3
  4. 4. Word Art ToolbarOn the bottom of your screen is the Word Art Toolbar(see picture to the right on the handout)1. Click the blue A at the bottom2. Click the Orange Word Art at the bottom of the page (see the picture on the middle right)3. Click OK on the bottom of the pop-up4. Type Buck Rogers5. Click OK on the bottom of the pop-up 4
  5. 5. Creating WordArt cont.1. To see what it would look like in Slide Show mode2. Click View3. Click Slideshow4. See your Results5. Click anywhere until you get back to where you started. 5
  6. 6. Customizing WordArtOn the WordArt Menu you can changethe characteristics of theWordArt1. Click Buck Rogers (notice the littlecircles around it, this shows it has beenselected)2. Click the little blue A off the MIDDLEof the little WordArt toolbar (not the firstblue A)(see picture on the top right)3. Click the shape on the middle left(see picture to the top right)4. Click the little blue A off the middle ofthe little WordArt toolbar and selectanother shape. 6
  7. 7. Playing with WordArtTry some of the options to see what they do.1. Roll your mouse arrow over some of the options on the little WordArt menu to see what they do. (small yellow pop-ups should give you the title of the function)2. Click on some of the options, remember you can always click Cancel at the bottom or click button again to turn off the function.You can stretch your WordArt:1. Put your mouse arrow on the little circles surrounding the WordArt (until you see double tipped arrows <-->)2. Hold down the left mouse button3. Drag the WordArt to make it bigger or smaller4. Click on the WordArt once to select it5. Press Delete on the Keyboard, do this for any other WordArt you created. 7
  8. 8. TemplatesTemplates are slides that alreadyhave the all the formatting, fontstyle, color set up for you.All you have to do is enter thetext.This makes it really nice becausemost of the setup work is donefor you. 8
  9. 9. Starting Templates1. Click Getting Started at the top right ofthe screen2. Click Slide Design3. Look on the far right side of yourscreen4. Scroll down until you see the pictureat bottom right5. Roll your mouse arrow slowly over thedesigns, little pop-ups will appear tellingyou what they are called.6. Double Click on the Slide Designcalled Stream7. You should have a slide that looks likethe bottom right 9
  10. 10. Editing the Template: Slide #11. Click in the top text box where it says Click to add title2. Type: Buck Rogers Space Equipment3. Click in the second textbox4. Type: Profits and Losses for the years 2123-2124(see picture to right) 10
  11. 11. Adding a Screen Shot to your Presentation I use this feature to pictures of what your screen looks like for the class. Here is how to do it: 1. When you want to capture what is on your screen 2. Hold down the left Shift key and tap the Print Scrn/SysRq key on your key board 3. See picture to the top left to see where the prnt Scrn/Sysrq key is located 4. Nothing will happen, but you have captured the screen 5. Now start paint brush by clicking 1. Start 2. Rolling mouse up to Programs 3. Rolling mouse to Accessories 4. Rolling mouse to the right and then down to Paint (see screen shot to your left) 11
  12. 12. Adding a screen shot to your Presentation cont. 1. Click on Edit (at the top of screen) 2. Click on Paste 3. Your screen shot will be pasted in your paint brush window. 4. Click the maximize button on the top right hand corner (it is located next to the red X. 5. You can use the other features on the paintbrush toolbar to draw lines and circles. 6. Now you can click the crop button (see picture middle left) to draw a square around the part of the picture you want. 7. Click Edit 8. Click Copy 9. Go back to your presentation – by clicking on Microsoft Powerpoint on the bottom of your screen 10. Click Edit and then Paste 11. Here you can drag the screen shot to where you want it and resize it. (see first handout for directions) 12
  13. 13. Using AutoContent WizardAutoContent Wizard - takes you step by step by first choosing the type of presentation, thenyou choose the template you want and then edit your template.We will go through the process of using the AutoContent Wizard1. Click Slide Design on the top right corner2. Click New Presentation (on the far right on your screen)3. (see picture to the right)4. Click From the AutoContent Wizard on the top right (see the screen on the far right) 13
  14. 14. Using the AutoContent Wizard: starting1. Read the text on the window(notice the left side in black, we will gothrough each of these steps to get tothe finish)2. Click Next (on the bottom)3. Click All on the pop-up4. Look at all the presentations(scroll down by clicking on the bottomarrow)(see picture to bottom right) 14
  15. 15. Using the AutoContent Wizard: Choosing typeWe’ll use Recommending a Strategy1. Click Recommending a Strategy (on theright side in the white area)2. Notice the steps on the left side showswhere we are: (there is a green square byPresentation type)3. Click Next> (on the bottom)(see picture to right)4. Click the On-screen presentation(should be a green dot in the circle to theleft)(notice what you can do, see the otherstyles…web presentation, black and whiteoverheads..etc.) 155. Click Next at the bottom of pop-up
  16. 16. Using the AutoContent Wizard: Presentation OptionsNow we are going to give our presentation a title.1. Click in the textbox to place the cursor there.2. Type in Buck Rogers Space Equipment in the textbox(see picture top right)3. Click Next > on the bottom on the pop-up(see picture to the bottom right)4. Click Finish at the bottom of the pop- upYou have finished the wizard 16
  17. 17. Using AutoContent Wizard: FinishHere is your result!You can edit this presentation1. Click slide two on the left side (on the little square in front of vision)2. Click in the lower text box3. Highlight State the vision and long term direction4. Press the delete5. Type: To explore strange new worlds and seek out civilizations and sell space equipment to every person and alien we meet. 17
  18. 18. Changing Your Presentation Design1. Click Format2. Click Slide Design3. Look on the far right side ofyour screen4. Scroll down the design menuDouble click on the design ofyour choice.5. See your results! If you don’tlike that design, find another oneand double click on it! 18
  19. 19. Saving Your PresentationLet’s save your newly created presentation.1. Click File2. Click Save As...3. Notice the top of the window4. Notice that My Documents is the main folderThis is where you’ll find your presentation5. Click the textbox on the bottom (to the right of File name:) (see picture)6. Type: Buck Rogers Presentation(This is the name of your file) 19
  20. 20. Finding Your PresentationClosing your presentation1. Click File2. Click CloseClick File and Click Close on the paint brush screen, Click NO on the do you want to save your changes.Opening your presentation1. Click File2. Look at the bottom of the File menu3. See picture to right4. Click on Buck Rogers PresentationThis is the quick way 20
  21. 21. Printing Your PresentationYou can print the presentation where youcan have one slide per piece of paper ormultiple slides per piece of paper.To print your presentation1. Click File2. Click Print3. Click the drop down arrowon the bottom (see picture)You can pick Handouts where two, three,six slides on a page.Notes Pages and Outline View4. Copies: (on middle right of window)Change number of copiesWe won’t be printing but I’ll haveexamples of what you can do.5. Press Cancel on the bottom window 21
  22. 22. Questions?We have learned a lot in thesepast 4 weeks.I have enjoyed teaching you.Look forward to seeing youagain. 22