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Award.Craft (Everything I know about digital creativity)


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AWARD.Craft presentation by Nic Hodges.AWARD.Craft is a 5-day intensive workshop for juniour advertising creatives to get their heads around the craft of what they do. I presented the digital section. For more info visit
Please feel free to re-use any of the ideas in this presentation, as without ideas from others I wouldn't have been able to put this together. If you do directly quote anything, please attribute it, but otherwise, steal these ideas!

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Award.Craft (Everything I know about digital creativity)

  1. AWARD.Craft The digital bit. Nic Hodges. Creative Director - NetX
  2. Overview. Understanding digital The social thing The digital audience Digital creativity Putting it all together
  3. Understanding digital. What exactly is ‘digital’?
  4. What exactly is digital? banners video mobile microsites games in-game interactive video social media blogs interactive outdoor text widgets