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Project proposal


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Project proposal

  1. 1. Homophobia A project proposal: By Tamara, Nick and Sam (10D), Maggie and Johnny (9D).
  2. 2. Contents Area of study and project focus Project aims Purpose and audience Our roles Reasons for choosing the topic Our 6 key questions Timeframe
  3. 3. Area of study and project focus • Our area of study is discrimination, more specifically, homophobia. • Our project focus in homophobia. We aim to study into the causes of homophobia, and how conflict can be resulted. From this, we will find out how it affects us, and the state of homophobia in Hong Kong and worldwide, and how other people and organizations help to prevent homophobic violence. Our main project question is: How does homophobia cause violence. • Our main project question is: How does homophobia cause violence and conflict?
  4. 4. Purpose and audience Purpose: • To inform our audience on how homophobia can cause conflict and violence. • To raise awareness to the issue of homophobia. • To explain the state of homophobia in Hong Kong and worldwide. • To explain why people may be homophobic. Audience: • As our final exhibition will take place inside of school, our audience will be mainly teachers and students in school.
  5. 5. Project aims Our aims for our audience: • To raise awareness about the issue of homophobia. • Let people know that homophobia can cause violence and conflict. • Shows how homophobia is around us in our daily lives. Our aims for ourselves: • To find out the causes of homophobia, and how we are affected. • To create a successful product that has relevant information. • To understand about the state of homophobia locally and globally. • To work well as a team, manage our time efficiently, and practice our organization and communication skills.
  6. 6. Our roles Maggie Yueh: As Maggie is quite creative and artistic, she provided our group with extra skills needed in creating our poster. Maggie also contributed to our project proposal. Tamara Cohas: Tamara is also creative, and used her skills well in creating our poster. Tamara also mainly created our project proposal. Nick Basford: Nick felt that he was an efficient researcher, and so he contributed to the majority of our group’s research. Sam Liem: As Sam had very good technical abilities, he provided the most skill in designing and creating our group’s powerpoint presentation. Johnny Yeung: Johnny also had good technical skills, and worked with Sam on creating our powerpoint.
  7. 7. Our 6 key questions • What is the current state of homophobia in Hong Kong? • What are the causes of homophobia? • Where is homophobia most prevalent? • How does homophobia cause violence and conflict? • How are people/organizations working to prevent homophobia? • How does homophobia affect us?
  8. 8. Group outcomes What we hope to achieve: • To manage our time efficiently and complete our project before it is due. • To raise awareness and deliver a message about change. • To learn more about homophobia in general. Proposed outcome: • A power point presentation • A poster
  9. 9. Timeframe