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Gina Debogovich, Director and Social Media Leader at BestBuy, Social Media for Customer Service summit

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Gina debogovich

  1. 1. Gina  Debogovich  Social  Media  Strategist  Enterprise  Customer  Care,  Best  Buy  
  2. 2. Multinational Retailer with a Family of Brands}  Best  Buy  is  a  mul$na$onal  retailer  of  technology  and   entertainment  products  and  services  with  a  commitment  to   growth  and  innova?on.     ◦  Opera?ons  in:  US,  Canada,  Europe,  China  &  Mexico  }  The  Best  Buy  family  of  brands  and  partnerships  collec?vely   generates  more  than  $50  billion  in  annual  revenue.    }  Includes  brands  such  as  Best  Buy;  Audiovisions;  The   Carphone  Warehouse;  Future  Shop;  Geek  Squad,  Jiangsu   Five  Star;  Magnolia  Audio  Video;  Napster;  Pacific  Sales;  and   The  Phone  House.  }  Approximately  180,000  employees  apply  their  talents  to  help   bring  the  benefits  of  these  brands  to  life  for  customers   through  retail  loca?ons,  mul?ple  call  centers  and  Web  sites,   in-­‐home  solu?ons,  product  delivery  and  ac?vi?es  in  our   communi?es.    
  3. 3. Unleashing the Power of Our People}  Bedrock  of  Best  Buy’s  social  media  engagements  rests   on  the  company’s  culture  which  resides  firmly  on  Best   Buy’s  values  and  core  philosophies   Values Customer and Empowers Employees Drives Experience Philosophies
  4. 4. Staffed employees Non-staffed employees}  13  Community  Connectors   }  All Best Buy employees}  6  million  customers   empowered to participate in ◦  Comparison  to  tradi?onal  contacts   social media }  3,000+ participating
  5. 5. Crea%ng  meaningful  communica%on  in  a  virtual  world  by  bringing  the  power  of  our  Blueshirts  and  Geek  Squad  Agents  online  in  service  of  our  customers.  
  6. 6. People. Technology. And the Pursuit of Happiness. Increasing Loyalty Spending Insights Decreasing Support Costs Social Media Engagements • Forums • Blogs • Twitter • Video • Live Chat
  7. 7. Ask & Answer FixYaReward Twitter Zone TwelpforceBest Buy Facebook Insignia YouTube Rocketfish Get Satisfaction Best Buy Ideax
  8. 8. Creating Meaningful Communication in a Virtual World…
  9. 9. What You Should Do What You Should Not DoDisclose your Affiliation: If you talk about work related matters that The numbers: Non-public financial or operational information. Thisare within your area of job responsibility you must disclose your includes strategies, forecasts and most anything with a dollar-figureaffiliation with Best Buy. attached to it. If it’s not already public information, it’s not your job toState That Its your Opinion: When commenting on the business. make it so.Unless authorized to speak on behalf of Best Buy, you must state that Promotions: Internal communication regarding drive times,the views expressed are your own. Hourly employees should not promotional activities or inventory allocations. Including: advance ads,speak on behalf of Best Buy when they are off the clock. drive time playbooks, holiday strategies and Retail Insider editions.Protect Yourself: Be careful about what personal information you Personal information: Never share personal information regardingshare online. other employees or customers. See the Customer Information PoliciesAct responsibly and Ethically: When participating in online for more information.communities, do not misrepresent yourself. If you are not a vice Legal information: Anything to do with a legal issue, legal case, orpresident, dont say you are. attorneys.Honor Our Differences: Live the values. Best Buy will not tolerate Anything that belongs to someone else: Let them post their owndiscrimination (including age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, stuff; you stick to posting your own creations. This includes illegalethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, music sharing, copyrighted publications, and all logos or other imagescitizenship, disability, or marital status or any other legally recognized that are trademarked by Best Buy.protected basis under federal, state, or local laws, regulations or Confidential information: Do not publish, post, or releaseordinances). information that is considered confidential or top secret.Offers and Contests: Follow the normal legal review process. If you Basically, if you find yourself wondering if you can talk aboutare in the store, offers must be approved through the retail marketing something you learned at work — don’t. Follow Best Buy’s policiestoolkit. and live the company’s values and philosophies. They’re there for a reason.
  10. 10. Contact  Info:   Gina  Debogovich   TwiQer:  ginadebogovich   Email:  LinkedIn: