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Digital World, Mike Berry

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Digital world2

  1. 1. Seminar: Exploring the opportunities of digital direct marketing for your businessPresented by:Mike Berry Dip DM, F IDMGhent, June 7 2011 © 2011 Mike Berry Associates
  2. 2. The opportunities of digital direct marketing for your businessPresented by:Mike Berry Dip DM, F IDMGhent, June 7 2011
  3. 3. Ex-Procter & Gamble, Wunderman (Y+R), EHS Brann,Head of Digital EMEA for Jack Morton (Interpublic)In digital marketing since 1995 (ish)Worked with brands in B2C, B2B, CharitiesIntegrated marketing backgroundProfessor of Digital Marketing, Hult Business SchoolFellow, Trainer and Consultant for IDM ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  4. 4. A consultant ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  5. 5. Brands I have worked with. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  6. 6. What about you? ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  7. 7. What about you? <with a twist>Name, company and why are you here?What Digital Marketing have you done?What areas of digital marketing would youlike to know more about? ?©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  8. 8. Timetable for today09.00 Start: Session 111.00 Coffee11.15 Session 212.30 Lunch14.00 Session 315.15 Coffee15.30 Session 417.00 Close ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  9. 9. About todayYOU WILL GET THE SLIDESOnly a dayOverview of big (and growing) range ofactivitiesPlenty of contentShare stuffAsk questionsChallengeEnjoy! ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  10. 10. The digital marketing toolbox
  11. 11. The world is changing... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  12. 12. The world is changing...go back 500 years to the printing press, thebirth of mass media which, incidentally, iswhat really destroyed the old world of kingsand aristocracies. Technology is shiftingpower away from the editors, the publishers,the people Rupert Murdoch, Wired magazine ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  13. 13. The world is changing... than a decade ago, people describedthe act of as venturing intosome foreign realm calledthat metaphor no longer applies. Facebook,Twitter, Flickr and all the other newcomers toexpress yourself, means to connect withothers and extend your own horizons.Cyberspace was somewhere else. The Web iswhere we live Source: Newsweek ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  14. 14. Trying to keep up with digital is a bit like this... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  15. 15. things we know we know.We also know there are known unknowns. That is to say we know there are some things we do not know.But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense , at Press Briefing February 12, 2002 after Confucius ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  16. 16. JargonInteractive New mediaE-marketing Online DIGITAL ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  17. 17. JargonIt doesnt really matterwhat we call it-how we think andwhat we do... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  18. 18. TodayHow digital has changed marketingOnline DisplaySearchSocial MediaEmailAffiliates, Viral, MobileA look ahead: the next big thingsSummary ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  19. 19. knowing your customersHow old are they?How much money do they have?Where do they live?What do they like doing?How do they relax?What drives them?What do they aspire to?
  20. 20. But how?
  21. 21. We can guess...
  22. 22. Or we can find out!Data may be your organisations biggest assetSales/ transactionsEnquiriesCustomer serviceWeb analytics (clickstream, site stats +++)Ask themOn-site surveys!
  23. 23. Clive Humby: Founder, dunnhumby
  24. 24. All data can help; in the right hands Customer/ prospect Web Analytics data data DM agency Online team Database Agency Digital agency comScore/ Hitwise/ Alexa IT Google Customer Services (Facebook?) Sales Finance
  25. 25. CUSTOMER DATA Personal About identified individuals About real behaviourWEB ANALYTICS DATA Aggregated Anonymous About real behaviour
  26. 26. The opportunity+ =
  27. 27. Data is the key How much value lies untapped in existing corporate and public data streams? My guess is a lot. How many companies are truly joining up their data to extract andinterpret the kind of intangible insight that has real tangible value? My guess is very few. That, to me, has opportunity<Neil Perkin: Predicting The Unpredictable>
  28. 28. How digital haschanged marketing ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  29. 29. What is marketing?Bringing buyers and sellers togetherMeeting customer needs; profitablyCombination of:product, price, place and promotion(Kotler) ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  30. 30. Marketing communications Delivering the right message Via the right channel To the right individual At the right timeEASY, huh? ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  31. 31. What is digital marketing?Electronic communicationsReaching consumers/ business purchasersvia a screen, interactivelyInternet marketing (via desktop PC, Mac,iPad, Mobile device) ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  32. 32. Planning Digital MarketingUnderstanding the growing range of digital tools and employing them appropriately to enhance every brand communication ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  33. 33. Planning Digital MarketingUnderstanding the growing range of digital tools and employing them appropriately to enhance every brand communication Website Design and Build/ Usability PPC Mobile Web Analytics E-mail Marketing Social Media Viral marketing Affiliate SEO Marketing podcasts Virtual Worlds Blogs ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  34. 34. Posters (ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans)Newspapers (1830s)Commercial Radio launched (1920 US;1973 UK)Commercial TV launched (1941 US;1955 UK) ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  35. 35. GoogleTwitteriPodMicrosoftFacebook ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  36. 36. When were they launched?Microsoft launched 1978Google launched 1998iPod launched 2001Facebook launched 2004Twitter launched 2006 ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  37. 37. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  38. 38. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  39. 39. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  40. 40. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  41. 41. Changing everything. Again and again.
  42. 42. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  43. 43. The internet has changed everything... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  44. 44. ? hours in the day... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  45. 45. -tasking...Two and three screeners (Laptop, TV, Phone/iPad) ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  46. 46. Heineken StarPlayer: live football game that lets fans watch UEFA ChampionsLeague matches on TV whilst playing it in real-time on a computer, iPhone oriPod touchexperience for football fans. The game taps into competitive banter of thefans by creating a live TV game experience that can be played fromwherever they are watching the gameOverlay to live football matches, first global example of a social mediagaming platform. Fans watch the football on TV while playing StarPlayer inreal-time, anticipating events on the pitch live and making decisions on whatwill happen in next few seconds -dependent decisions on play
  47. 47. To score points, fans anticipate what will happen at key moments such as corners,free kicks, and penalties, E.g. if the shot will be saved or if there will be a goal in thenext 30 seconds. With every correct forecast, fans gain points. Through thefriends via Facebook and with other players around the world.Champions League, creating a more social experience around watching andenjoying the matches. For Heineken to be able to bring the excitement andcompetition of these premium matches to the actual fingertips of the fans through Floris Cobelens, Global Head of Digital, Heineken
  48. 48. LeveragessponsorshipRecognises mostfootball is viewed onTV by lone malesAdds a real-timeHeavily branded
  49. 49. How would we live without the internet? Buying a new house Buying a new car Choosing and booking a holiday Sourcing a new supplier at work Preparing for a meeting with a new contact Choosing a training course ??? ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  50. 50. Words of wisdom the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change Charles Darwin ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  51. 51. Traditionally... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  52. 52. The internet has changed the world ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  53. 53. The world is changing... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  54. 54. The world is changing... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  55. 55. ...but some things stay the same bore - David Ogilvy ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  56. 56. - David Ogilvy David Ogilvy, , 1963 ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  57. 57. To paraphrase...The buyer is not an automaton.... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  58. 58. The buyer is not an automaton.....(s)he is a human being ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  59. 59. Individual Company ExerciseWhat kinds of digital marketing does yourorganisation do?How is Digital marketing planned,implemented and measured in yourorganisation? Who is responsible for each ofthese activities?How well is digital integrated with offline?What could be done better? ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  60. 60. The digital marketing toolboxOnline displaySearchSocial MediaAffiliatesViralEmailMobile ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  61. 61. OnlineDisplay ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  62. 62. Online DISPLAY adsPermission? Or INTERRUPTIVE?
  63. 63. Online Advertising:interruptive or permission-based? Surprise the user Grab their attentionOR: ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  64. 64. Online Advertising: interruptive or permission-based? Surprise the user Grab their attentionOR: Ask permission Invite engagement? ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  65. 65. Cost per engagement?from the emphasis on click-through rate. I feel very confidentbased on results that wereseeing, especially when friendsare recommending to friends.Research shows that, on average,people are 68% more likely toremember seeing the ad if theirfriend has recommended it andtwice as likely to remember themessage of the ad. (Nielsen). To Carolyn Eversonus, whats more powerful than VP-global sales, Facebookclick-through is, April 2011paying attention to the message
  66. 66. Online displayThe most like traditional press advertisingBanners like strip on a newspaper magazinepageDebate: interruptive formats vs. permissionStunning effects rapidly get boring/ annoyingJust because it can be done doesnt mean itsright for your brandTEST but also apply judgement ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  67. 67. How online display advertising works <source:>
  68. 68. How adserving works The ad serving system looks 1 2 for an appropriate ad based on all the ad schedules it holdsUser goes to a site. The siteloads,Page needs an advert to beplaced on it Delivery & Tracking Publisher Ad URL Server Publisher Ad Statistics AD Servers Database ROI Reporting User 3 Once the ad is chosen it is served, and a record kept of this.
  69. 69. Basic online advertising formats ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  70. 70. (300 x 250) MPU Homepage auto-play 30p CpC 10m impressions per day ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  71. 71. 728 x 90 Leaderboard ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  72. 72. (160 x 600) Super Skyscraper ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  73. 73. Push-down Leaderboard (CpR) Expands in size from 728x90 pixels to 728x350 ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  74. 74. L-shaped banner ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  75. 75. Standard Expandable ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  76. 76. Expandable©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  77. 77. Homepage takeover ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  78. 78. Shake them up!
  79. 79.
  80. 80.|
  81. 81. Trading: Calculating estimated CpAs for CPM campaignsInformation you need CPM Rate Click Through Rate (CTR) ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  82. 82. Trading: Buying modelsCost per Thousand (CPM) The classic media buying currency Rewards media owner purely on their audience size and compositionCost per Click (CpC) Search marketing, directories & comparison site listings Rewards media owner for response, not reach ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  83. 83. Trading: Buying modelsCost per Sale (arrival, lead, acquisition,registration) Affiliate marketing Some e-commerce and partnership deals Media owner takes most of the riskHybrid deals Some partnership and tenancy deals Shared risk arrangement ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  84. 84. The enemy... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  85. 85. Media Buying tips + ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  86. 86. Media buying tactics ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  87. 87. Managing an online media budgetThere is no perfect online media mixBudgets allocated on a test & refine basisEarly stage online advertising may well have highwastageLater stage campaigns should still contain a testbudget ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  88. 88. Search ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  89. 89. Seek and Ye Shall Find... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  90. 90. Definitions ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  91. 91. Definitions ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  92. 92. GoogleLarry Page and Sergey Brin founded Googlein 1998. Using a friends garage as their baseof operations, they only settled on a nameGoogles combination of clever searchalgorithms and sophisticated ad programAdWords propelled it to the top of the searchengine market. It has stayed there ever since. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  93. 93. Yahoo!Yahoo is struggling; CEO and co-founderJerry Yang resigned at the end of 2008Has continued to lose search engine marketshare under new CEO Carol Bartzas its exclusive search platform. Soon theresults from its arch-rival ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  94. 94. BingMicrosoft Bing, the successor to MSN LiveSearch, launched in June 2009 with areported £60 million marketing budgetBing quickly established itself as a serious rivalto Google. Total searches on Microsoft wereup 22 per cent in a single month (Nielsen)comScore confirms that Bing is still on the up;Yahoo!/Bing share nearly 30% in US in 2011 ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  95. 95. Bing takes share from Google ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  96. 96. Search Engine Optimisation (= SEO) process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" or un- Typically, the earlier (or higher) a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will Wikipedia ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  97. 97. Search marketing SEO & PPC Natural Paid ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  98. 98. SEO©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  99. 99. Your Website SEO ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  100. 100. Your Website/SEOMake it work for youMake it somewhere you are PROUD ofMake it easy to navigate/order (usability)Refresh content regularly (News? Offers?Blog?)Help the search engines to find it (SEO) ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  101. 101. Your Website/SEOHow does your site look on Firefox? Chrome?-on a Mac? -on a mobile device?Help the customer to find what they want -ends/ broken links ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  102. 102. Your Website/SEOMake your website somewhere youd beproud for a (potential) customer to wanderaround unaccompaniedThen find (potential) customers andencourage them to go there (drive traffic)Make it interesting and useful for them toreturn regularly... ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  103. 103. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (=PPC) ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  104. 104. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  105. 105. ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  106. 106. Pay Per Click Advertising (=PPC)websites, in which advertisers pay their host only when theirad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bidon keyword phrases relevant to their target marketCost per click (CPC) is the amount of money an advertiserpays search engines and other Internet publishers for a singleclick on its advertisement that brings one visitor to its Wikipedia ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  107. 107. Pay Per Click Advertising (=PPC) ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  108. 108. Search marketing = SEO + PPC Natural Paid ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  109. 109. Pay-per-click advertisingGoogle AdWords prepared to pay per click on your ad (through to your website) Driving traffic; people interested in your products £Bid X Quality Score Your search ©2011 Mike Berry Associates
  110. 110. Google AdWords ©2011 Mike Berry Associates