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  2. 2. Charcoal sources • Wood or wood products • Lignite coal • Animal byproducts
  3. 3. Making Charcoal Heated in Kiln Activated Powdered
  4. 4. Activation of Charcoal • Heated to high temp • Steam injected at precise time • Surface area roughly doubled
  5. 5. Activated Charcoal’s Amazing Adsorbency • One quart of activated charcoal can adsorb 80 quarts of ammonia gas • Between 500 and 2000 square metres to the gram! • Enough internal surface area to completely cover several football fields Electron Microphotograph 2400 X Scanned Image, carbon pores Scanning Tunneling Microscope
  6. 6. Safety and Efficacy • Pure carbon • Does not impart anything to body; simply takes away poisons • “...there are no known side effects” JACEP, July 8, 1979 • “The rule of thumb in administering activated charcoal is to ‘give too much, not too little’. Studies of GI, dermal, and respiratory exposure to activated charcoal in animals demonstrated no toxicity...” Seminars in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, 11-1987
  7. 7. External Uses Brown Recluse Spider Bite
  8. 8. Brown Recluse Bite • Live in southern to central USA • Inhabit undisturbed areas, under rocks, furniture, in drawers, crates, boxes, etc. • Bite causes blood blister, then ulceration and necrosis Site of Brown Recluse spider bite on left leg, and right forearm
  9. 9. A True Miracle Story Dear Dr. Thrash, Thanks for all your help. We started charcoal 8 days after the spider bite - changed every 6 hours for 4 months. The blisters went from the ankle to the knee. The leg was ugly with ulcers; it looked like someone threw battery acid all over that part of the leg. [This man’s leg recovered with almost no scarring.]
  10. 10. Charcoal Baths and Chickenpox Dear Dr. Thrash, Here’s my son, David, enjoying his first charcoal bath for chickenpox! He had 75 on his face alone! The bath eased his itching almost immediately upon entering the warm bath. He said, “I don’t itch anymore!” Within 4 days his lesions were almost all gone with minimal scarring.
  11. 11. Charcoal Internally Intestinal Villi, Light Microsopy, 120X •Mini dialysis •Poisonings •Gas, diarrhea •Inflammation, allergies •Lowers cholesterol •Peptic ulcers
  12. 12. Acetominophen Poisoning •80 tabs taken •Transferred for liver transplant •Charcoal eliminated need
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  14. 14. Charcoal Convenient ffoorr ttrraavveelliinngg •Easy to take •Tablets for sore throat
  15. 15. Charcoal  Venomous bites and stings  Infections  Skin irritation  Bruises  Detoxification