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This presentation talks through the important office technology that was released in 2010, including Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, and Cloud Computing. I created it for a webinar we ran in the summer of 2010.

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  • Welcome to the mission critical systems Collaboration in the Clouds webinar. Thank you for joining us. 2010 has been an interesting year for office technology, and we’re going to spend the next hour talking through some of the new innovations, including SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, Windows 7 and Cloud Computing.
  • Today, your presenters will be Jenny Douras, the MCS Director of Knowledge Management, and me, Steven Nichols, the Director of Business Development for Mission Critical Systems.
  • The presentation will take about an hour. We’ll start by introducing MCS and what we call THE BIG CONCEPT, which is the driving force for much of this innovation. We’ll look at the application of this technology for End Users, Business Managers, and Back end IT personnel, and we’ll wrap up with questions and a look toward what is developing on the horizon.
  • Mission critical systems is an end to end IT provider
    IT Management and IT Consulting
    Knowledge Management including SharePoint and document maangement
    Training Center
  • Small businesses need a full IT department, including all of the elements
  • SharePoint Development
    Nationally known for document management, including iManage
  • SharePoint training as well as Microsoft Office programs
  • Open enrollment calendar
  • Old concept- File Server in server room with nested folders.
    Problems with sharing, finding, and managing information
    Tendency to rely on email for everything
    Limited out of office access
    Internet technology
    Data stored in data centers – no server room
    Site Searching and web interface
    The Big Concept
    Host office technology in the cloud
    Intranets make data more accessible and facilitate collaboration
    The End of on premise servers, and old file structures
    Show Windows 7 search
  • Read Slide,

    Communications problems, too much of the wrong kind.
    Need to Collaborate
    Get more for less money
  • We’re going to look at the Big Concept, and new Innovations from the perspective of
    An End users, George, the Senior Sales Consultant
    A business manager, Elaine, the CEO
    An IT person, Kramer, IT
  • George is a senior sales consultant working with large companies in the Western United States. He is out of the office traveling 3 days a week. He has most of the company’s client data in his laptop bag, and he lives on email.
  • When he goes onsite for a meeting with a client he.
    Spiral bound notebook
    Retypes notes into scopes of work, notes for delivery team, documentation of client needs.
    Emails through consumer email back to office, sending paperwork as an attachment.

    Isn’t around for internal meetings, so he misses a lot of information.
    Doesn’t have access to documents on the server while traveling
    Communicating with the office is entirely through email.

    Solutions to show
    SharePoint Project sites around clients
    SP Meeting workspaces to catch up on missed meeting info
    Uploading documents and emails with Workspace
    SharePoint Workspace (Outlook is to Exchange as SP Workspace is the SP)
    OneNote – can easily upload and share notes from client meetings
    Outlook 2010 organizing conversations
    Windows 7 Search of workspace

  • Ease of use in navigating around the new SP 2010 to find and access what he needs
    Gets right documents with SharePoint– Show document library, or workspace
    Enters notes in OneNote with Recording – Uses SharePoint Workspace to upload to SharePoint site
    Uploads paperwork to site
    Uses workspace to manage schedule and collaboration
    Synchs calendar or client tasks with Outlook
  • Technology, especially email, has creating information overload. In George’s case he creates 2,500 new documents a year, receives 150 emails, and still uses paper because it’s easier to manage.

    His emails are this type.

    His documents are this type.
  • Sharepoint
    Self Service documents
    Using metadata vs folders in Library for easier access and queries
    Task Requests
    Outlook contacts
    One Note notebooks
  • Talk about all of the calendars he uses.
  • Project management
    Outlook integration
  • Elaine is the CEO of Vandelay industries.
    Improve communication among employees
    Lower costs
  • Explain Cloud computing
    Three common consumer examples of cloud / SAS
    Software as a server
    Infrastructure as a service
    Platform as a service
  • On Presmise Exchange has high front end costs, regular maintenance, and lots of risk.
    Hosted exchange saves $14,310 over 3 years.
  • Show Gantt Chart
    Export to Excel
    Talk about dashboards
  • Describe Knowledge Management problems
    Company Announcements, discussion boards, central document management, meeting & project sites
  • Kramer is the firm’s IT person. His priority is to find and recommend solutions that have the biggest impact for the most employees possible. He also wants to reduce risk and focus on more high-level strategic tasks.
  • Orient to higher level tasks.
    Eliminate low level maintenance
    Let end users manage the intranet
    Show ease of use in editing SharePoint 2010 sites
  • Data is more secure in a cloud environment then in a server room.

    Bank Vs. Under a mattress
  • We solve many problems for Vandelay industries.

    George is more effective because he has better communication with the office and doesn’t have to spend so much time sorting through useless emails and doing redundant work.

    Elaine knows her business is reducing errors by improving communications. She’s lowered costs and taken control of her knowledge capital.

    Kramer spends less time on maintenance and more time finding solutions for his business. He’s lowered his risk of data loss, security breech, and maintenance mistakes.
  • Includes a site design with a document library with customized metadata, shared calendar, task list, announcements, meeting workspace, and contact list.
  • 2010 Technology

    1. 1. 2010 Technology Overview • SharePoint 2010 • Office 2010 • Windows 7 • Cloud Computing mission critical systems
    2. 2.  mission critical systems Jenny Douras • Director of Knowledge Management Steven Nichols • Director of Business Development Your Presenters
    3. 3. How to use the Webinar Interface
    4. 4.  mission critical systems •Who are we? •The Big Concept Introduction •SharePoint 2010 •Office 2010 Tools for End Users •Productivity and Efficiency •Lowering costs and risk Business Managers •Eliminating Routine Tasks •Focusing on the big Picture Back-End Technology •Technology needed and Size of investment •Solutions involved Sum it all up •Questions Questions What We’ll Cover
    5. 5.  mission critical systems More free stuff 28 days of FREE SharePoint and 2 FREE hours of consultation.** ** Limit to first 5 clients who contact us. October 6th 12:00 – 1:00 Cloud Computing Webinar
    6. 6.  mission critical systems Mission Critical Systems
    7. 7.  mission critical systems Outsourced IT Dept. Network Engineering Help Desk Virtual CIO Managed Services IT Consulting We provide peace of mind and transparency to help businesses better manage their IT
    8. 8.  mission critical systems Knowledge Management SharePoint iManage Document Management
    9. 9.  mission critical systems SharePoint Excel Access Word PowerPoint Computer Training
    10. 10.  mission critical systems Training Calendar www.MCStech.net
    11. 11.  mission critical systems The File Server •On Premise •Nested Folders •Emails Internet •Web interface •Hosted •Search The Big Concept •Cloud computing •Intranets •Collaboration The Big Concept
    12. 12.  mission critical systems Why the Switch? A Dispersed workforce with varying schedules working at a frantic pace need to manage communication overload and reduce costs. Email is not the best solution
    13. 13.  mission critical systems Vandelay Industries George •Senior Sales Consultant Elaine •CEO Kramer •Director of IT Your partner in Latex
    14. 14.  mission critical systems George Travels 3 days a week Gathers requirements from client and communicates them to the delivery team Helps with client interactions during project management Spends all of Monday handling email VP of Sales sends him summaries of the meetings he misses because he is traveling.
    15. 15.  mission critical systems Meeting in Portland How he currently works •Takes notes in spiral bound notebook •Retypes into long Hotmail email •Sends paperwork as attachment Problems •Used old terms and conditions •Typing notes was time consuming •Sent item isn’t in Outlook, so he’s working out of two Programs •George has to interrupt the client twice more to correct the paperwork and settle some details. Portland, Oregon
    16. 16.  mission critical systems Cloud Computing Meeting Solutions
    17. 17.  mission critical systems Information Overload 2,500 new documents a year •500 are new versions Receives 150 emails a day Still uses a spiral bound notebook Types of email •Quick questions •Task Requests •Company Announcements •Internal discussions •Document attachments Types of documents •Marketing Materials •Notes •Paperwork •Change order requests •Project Management
    18. 18.  mission critical systems Types of documents • Marketing Materials • Paperwork • Pricing spreadsheets Types of email •Client correspondence •Vendor, supplier, partner, emails •Long questions •Emergency Items Information Solution 2,500 new documents a year •500 are new versions Receives 150 emails a day Still uses a spiral bound notebook Types of email •Quick questions •Task Requests •Company Announcements •Internal discussions •Document attachments Types of documents •Marketing Materials •Notes •Paperwork •Change order requests •Project Management
    19. 19.  mission critical systems Meetings & Events Primary Calendar, Appointments, travel, Meetings Project Calendars Appointments Production schedule Project Management
    20. 20.  mission critical systems Calendar Solutions Primary Calendar, Appointments, travel, Meetings Project Calendars Appointments Production schedule Project Management
    21. 21.  mission critical systems Elaine, CEO Wants technology to help remote employees Wants fewer errors and better quality of work Wants to lower costs and reduce risk Wants to share experience from senior employees Wants better ideas
    22. 22.  mission critical systems Cloud Computing On premise Server Cloud Computing
    23. 23.  mission critical systems Wants to lower costs Assuming 50 users, tape backup with off-site storage, Enterprise server, $125 / hour for IT consulting. On Premise Exchange Server Cloud Computing Exchange Initial Cost Initial Cost Server and Tapes $ 4,500.00 Hardware $ - Software $ 7,500.00 Software $ - Setup $ 4,500.00 Setup $ 1,200.00 Total Initial Cost $ 16,500.00 Total Initial Cost $ 1,200.00 Monthly cost Monthly cost Server Maintenance $ 225.00 Server Maintenance $ - Spam Filtering $ 95.00 Spam Filtering $ - Backup $ 250.00 Backup $ - Total Monthly Cost $ 570.00 Total Monthly Cost $ 597.50 36 month Total Cost of Ownership $ 37,020.00 36 month Total Cost of Ownership $ 22,710.00 $14,310 in savings over 3 years
    24. 24.  mission critical systems Transparency Problems Projects in pipeline Projects Booked Delivery Schedule Cashflow
    25. 25.  mission critical systems Knowledge Management Brian •24 years experience •150 clients •Exceptional Marketing Skills George •15 years experience •120 clients •Exceptional Project Management Mary •13 years experience •180 clients •Exceptional competitive knowledge Training new employees Getting their feedback and ideas Gathering information about clients Retaining their experience Business continuity planning
    26. 26.  mission critical systems Kramer, IT Wants to find better uses for his budget and time Wants less risk (Disaster, Lawsuit, etc.) Wants more time for strategic things
    27. 27.  mission critical systems 15% Eliminating Routine Tasks 40% 50%10% 35% 50% Reduces maintenance tasks Empowers End Users Platform for developing solutions
    28. 28.  mission critical systems Reducing Risk Vandelay Industries Universal Power Supply Generators Virus Protection SAS 70 Type II Compliance At Rest encryption Enterprise level infrastructure
    29. 29.  mission critical systems Solutions involved Cloud Computing George •Senior Sales Consultant Elaine •CEO Kramer •Director of IT
    30. 30.  mission critical systems Contact us Jenny Douras •Jenny.douras@mcstech.net •(303) 383 – 1627 x 1103 Steven Nichols •Steven.nichols@mcstech.net •(303) 383 – 1627 x 1104 28 days of FREE SharePoint and 2 FREE hours of consultation.** ** Limit to first 5 clients who contact us.
    31. 31.  mission critical systems Cloud Computing Webinar Register by emailing cloud@mcstech.net Moving to the cloud October 6th 12:00 – 1:00 1) Principles behind Cloud Computing 2) The reason for the switch 3) The ROI of the model 4) How to get started
    32. 32.  mission critical systems Thank you for coming mission critical systems “We provide peace of mind and transparency to help businesses better manage their IT” (303) 383-1627 x 1104 www.MCStech.net