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Junior Essentials 2014


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Junior Essentials 2014

  1. 1. Niceville High SchoolJunior Essentials
  2. 2. WELCOME TO THECLASS OF 2014!☺Class of 2014 Sponsors:☺Ms. Brady and Mrs. Russell☺Senior Expenses☺Senior Committees☺Senior Portraits
  3. 3. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Course Requirements• Academic Areas Minimum Credits Required• English 4• Mathematics 4 (one of which must be Algebra I or its equivalent, oneof which must be Geometry or its equivalent)• Science 3 (one credit must be Biology I or its equivalent)• Social Studies 3 (1.0 World History/1.0 American History/.5 Economics /.5 American Government)• Personal Fitness .5• Physical Education .5• Fine/Performing Art 1• Electives 8 (Two or more credits in the same foreign language isstrongly recommended and is required for entranceinto a Florida university). Electives can includeadditional English, math, science and social studiesclasses.Total Credits for Graduation: 24
  4. 4. The state of Florida requires:A minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average toreceive a diploma.FCAT - STATE ASSESSMENT REQUIREMENTSStudents must earn passing scores on the Grade 10FCAT 2.0 Reading (or scores that are concordantwith the passing scores on the Grade 10 FCAT 2.0Reading)GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS(cont.)
  5. 5. HONOR GRADUATE REQUIREMENTS(24 CREDIT GRADUATES)• Determined at the end of 7th Semester• Cum Laude= 4.0-4.19; Magna Cum Laude=4.2-4.49;Summa Cum Laude=4.5+• 19 Credits– 3.5 English credits– 3.5 Social Studies Credits– 3.5 Math Credits– 3.5 Science Credits– 1.5 Foreign Language Credits (Same Language)– 3.5 Elective CreditsSeniors must complete the course/course levelthrough the eighth semester.
  6. 6. IMPORTANCE OF SENIOR YEARCOURSE SELECTION• AP, AICE , Honors, Regular• Rigor of Core Courses• Disciplined Program of Study• Acceptance is Conditional Based onFinal Transcript• High School GPA Recalculated ByUniversity Admissions
  7. 7. PREP TESTING• SAT: www.sat.collegeboard.comTest Date: June 1; Registration deadline: May 7• ACT: www.actstudent.orgTest Date: June 8; Registration deadline: May 3• Niceville High School CEEB code: 101-232• PERT: Northwest Florida State College or NHS• College Corner—NHS Media Center• Online study siteso;o www.satexamprep.como• Local Workshops
  8. 8. HIGH SCHOOL TOPOST-SECONDARY RESOURCES• Niceville High School SeniorNewsletter• Bright Futures Information• College Credit Programs– AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, CLEP• College Costs• SUS Admissions Information• Talented 20 Program• NCAA Academic Eligibility
  9. 9. BEYOND HIGH SCHOOLColleges and UniversitiesColleges: no post-graduateUniversities: graduateCommunity and Junior CollegesTwo year degrees, certificatesTrade, Technical and Business SchoolsCertificates, diplomasMilitary/ROTC /Academy AppointmentsMilitary Service Pathways
  11. 11. FSU ADMISSIONS CLASS OF2013• Over 29,000 applications received• Recomputed Academic GPA: 3.7 – 4.3 weighted• ACT Composite: 26 – 30• SAT (includes Writing score): 1740-1960• 92.5% had at least a 3.5 recomputed academicGPA; did not go below 3.0 for consideration• Over 50% were enrolled in Calculus• 44% had at least 4 years of a foreign language• 93% were enrolled in an advanced curriculum
  12. 12. COLLEGE APPLICATION PROCESS• Florida Public Universities•Apply online at college’s/university’s website• Transcripts sent electronicallyoTranscripts for Fall AdmissionsoDual Enrollment Transcripts• High School Resume•Recommendations•Essay•Deadlines!!!• Common Application at
  13. 13. COLLEGE VISITS Narrow college selections Organize! Make college visits –• Juniors are permitted 1 day for college visits• Seniors are permitted 2 days for college visits• College visits count as school leave Pre-approved College Visit Form• Pick-up form prior to college visit• College Representative must sign form to verify your attendance• Parent must include an absence note with the date the student wasat the college visit• Form and note must be returned to Attendance within 5 days ofcollege visit to have Unexcused Absence changed to School Leave Contact College Admissions Office• Schedule a tour of the campus, dorms, activity centers• Parents need to schedule an appointment with the Financial AidOffice
  15. 15. FLORIDA BRIGHT FUTURES• Early Qualification at the end of the 7thsemester• Final qualification at the end of 8thsemester.• Community Service/Volunteer Form• Must Register Online (Registration beginsDec 1 of the student’s senior year)• FAFSA is Required
  16. 16. Florida Academic Scholars• Private Institution- Hourly rate percredit hour oftuition at a publicinstitution• 3.5 Weighted GPA• 16 Credits– 4 English– 4 Mathematics– 3 Natural Science– 3 Social Science– 2 Foreign Language• 100 hrs. CommunityService• SAT – 1290+• ACT – 29+• Public Institution- Hourly rate percredit hour fortuition
  17. 17. Florida Medallion Scholars• Public Institution– Hourly rate per credithour for tuition• Private Institution- Hourly rate per credithour of tuition at a publicinstitution• 3.0 Weighted GPA• 16 Credits – Same asAcademic Scholars• 75 Hours CommunityService• SAT – 1170+• ACT – 26+
  18. 18. Florida Gold Seal Vocational Public Institution- Hourly rate per credithour of tuition at apublic institution Private Institution- Hourly rate per credithour of tuition at apublic institution Up to 72 credit hours inAS, AAS, CCC, orPSAV’s Up to 60 credit hours inin ATD’s• 3.0 Weighted GPA from CoreCourses listed below• 3.5 Un-weighted GPA inminimum of 3 vocational courses• 30 Hours Community Service• 16 Core courses– 4 English– 4 Mathematics (including Alg. I)– 3 Natural Science– 3 Social Science– 1 Practical/Performing Arts– ½ Life Management Skills– ½ Personal Fitness– 3 Vocational Program• SAT – V=440; Math=440• ACT – E=17; R=18; M=19• PERT – Reading=104; Writing=99;Math=113
  19. 19. FINANCIAL AID Online applications for FAFSA and state financial aid– plus online status checks Description of financial aid programs available Institution-specific scholarship links and nationalscholarship search Watch for FAFSA Deadlines at your selectedinstitutions. Deadline for Florida public schools isMarch 15. Florida Bright Futures Registration: December 1 ofstudent’s senior year.
  20. 20. FAFSA vs. BRIGHT FUTURES FAFSA is based entirely on the student’s andparent’s income-GPA and test scores are nota part of the initial equation Bright Futures is a merit based scholarshipawarded to the student for their GPA,Community Service, and Test scores Minimum college GPA may be required torenew certain scholarships and grants.
  21. 21. IMPORTANT WEBSITES• Niceville High School:Niceville High• Scholarships, Military Aid, Grants, Financial Aidcalculators:• Scholarship Search Engine:• FAFSA4Caster:• FAFSA:
  22. 22. WRAPPING IT UP!•Active Grades Matter;•ACT/SAT June Tests;•Understand your current Bright Futures GPAand profile;•Visit Technical/Trade Schools, CommunityColleges and Universities over the Summer;•Develop High School Resume prior to Senioryear;•Maintain a Rigor of Balanced, SeniorCurriculum.