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Brochure Neumann International


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Brochure Neumann International

  2. 2. Austria Bulgaria China Croatia Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Italy Poland THE NEW WORLD IS OPEN TO THOSE Romania WHO OPEN IT Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom 3
  3. 3. The tables are turning After centuries of Western European and American leadership, the pendulum is ARE YOU READY? moving again. Eastern economies are set WE ARE. to become global leaders once more. Are you ready? We are. Central and Eastern European countries were economically isolated from the Western world until the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. These economies are now booming and companies are actively seeking human resources advice and talent. We’re ready. Are you? Neumann International has been pioneering human resources for Western European and emerging markets for over 35 years. With roots firmly planted in Vienna, we were the first to branch out into the fast-growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe and our success has led to a new challenge: Asia. Having grown with our clients across countries and markets, we are now providing our first class services wherever you may need them. Our specialist consultants all share a profound understanding of developing local economies and have widespread knowledge and experience of mature markets. Our proven expertise in key sectors, including industry, commerce and services, has enabled us to become the primary source of managerial and executive talent for expanding global businesses. Neumann International’s culture and working methods stand out from the crowd. An international organisation with unparalleled local insight and global vision, we work proactively to bring together the world’s top candidates and companies and create a platform for the rising stars of tomorrow. Serge Lamielle Andreas Benkitsch CEO CFO 4 5
  4. 4. AN EVOLVING BUILT ON CULTURE… SHARED THINKING Markets are changing. Human resources fuel company growth. Each country has a different way of thinking and traditional networking methodologies. They’re growing more complex and Putting the right people in the right place doing business. Each client has a unique set of From here, what counts is initiative. becoming increasingly unpredictable. with the right support demands social needs. Each candidate has particular intelligence and keen judgement, sector professional qualities. Neumann International Neumann International’s tailor-made solutions knowledge and organisational change Businesses have to adapt to meet a wealth of brings them together with discretion, sensitivity are the result of its open-minded, international expertise. new challenges and opportunities. The secret of and an unwavering sense of responsibility. approach combined with a common their success? People. understanding of local parameters. Our Our comprehensive searching tools, Sharing contacts and insights across multi-lingual consultants are all specialists in Founded in Austria in 1971, Neumann customised selection processes and innovative geographic boundaries and throughout their field – co-creating and collaborating on International has developed an innate coaching and consulting strategies ensure that up-and-coming markets, our consultants work extensive recruitment projects to meet the understanding of local cultures and markets businesses have the precise back-up they need, together in matrix teams on cross-border demands of diverse markets. to become the leading human resources where and when they need it. missions – designing innovative solutions to consulting group for global business expansion. build companies and careers without frontiers. 100% client focused, Neumann International’s The demand for specific skills and superior reputation is built on trust and integrity – management profiles has never been so intense, a proven ability to pool information and especially in Eastern Europe and Asia. With over know-how without compromising professional 30 offices in 20 countries, our knowledge of confidentiality. international markets and their cultural differences is unrivalled. As a member of the AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants), we abide by a strict Code of Ethics and the Client’s Bill of Rights: these values define our character, working methods and drive our ongoing success. changing Every mission is handled with the utmost respect understanding intelligence and meticulous attention to detail. Our dedicated consultants source talent as a group, using both differences integrity the latest communication technologies and responsibility initiative solutions open-minded 6 7
  5. 5. A SEAMLESS SERVICE… ACROSS BORDERS Compensation Consulting Management Solutions Neumann International has become the first port of call for global-minded companies looking for global-minded candidates. Neumann International’s compensation Our management solutions team is focused consulting is dedicated to providing companies on talent for the future – people who will Our clients are partners with whom we build life-long relationships. They rely on a seamless service: with up-to-date information on salary ranges and grow within the company and lead success. an international organisation of first-class consultants with concrete local expertise. benefit programmes. We help to boost our clients’ The process begins with a comprehensive Neumann International provides a fully-integrated range of operational solutions spread across the competitive edge by redesigning bonus systems, analysis of the client’s business environment following main service lines: advising on salary levels, pensions, insurance as well as a detailed assessment of the profiles and other incentives. Neumann International has required. The market moves fast – the best been running salary surveys for over 30 years. candidates too. Neumann International sources Thanks to the trust we have built up with our top talent via online and print advertising Executive Search Executive Consulting clients, we can provide credible, individual as well as systematic database research. We work closely with key decision makers Neumann International plays a crucial role salary reports as well as access to extensive to match top talent with top positions at an in organisational development, optimising salary data at executive level. More than executive search management resources in place. specialists, we also advise them on their human Our executive consulting teams develop resources strategies. Beyond experience, market customised solutions for leadership challenges intelligence, networking and a strong sensitivity built on three main pillars: coaching, evaluation By anticipating our clients’ evolving needs, globally, we are ideally situated to accompany new to clients’ and candidates’ needs, we use and auditing. Our holistic approach enables business initiatives on a local and international scale. Our seamless service stretches across Western, a sophisticated platform of knowledge us to identify gaps in the system, benchmark Central and Eastern Europe – including Russia and Ukraine – and Asia. Our consultants management tools to analyse geographical the strength and efficiency of existing teams, are fully-equipped to face complex cross-border issues including data protection, legal concerns markets, industry developments and job function gauge the impact of mergers and acquisitions and scalability as well as cultural and linguistic differences. With Neumann International, groups. We search and assess high performers and implement strategic training modules your strength is our diversity. around the world on a systematic basis. to prepare individuals and corporations Candidates keep in touch throughout their for the challenges to come. career, ready to move when the right challenge becomes available. global-minded Western, Central and partners Eastern Europe including local expertise Russia and Ukraine fully-integrated as well as Asia 8 9
  6. 6. GROWING BUSINESSES… BOOSTING CAREERS Beyond their expertise in human resources, Neumann International consultants have proven skills Committed to fulfilling our clients’ ambitions and experience in a wide variety of business domains. also means managing fulfilling careers. Neumann International no longer asks candidates if they will change jobs, but when. Our specialist sector practices cover industrial, automotive, financial and professional services, technology, retail, fast moving consumer goods, legal and raw materials and energy. Our unique “glocal” structure works from the inside out – enabling us to connect people and places, needs and We follow the progress of senior executives opportunities with creative pragmatism: throughout their professional lives. With access to exclusive positions throughout the world, CEO search for a leading bank in A thoroughly modern management model an excellent chance to demonstrate its they know that any introduction we make an emerging country cross-border expertise. Our international team An IT service industry client wanted to realign will be worthwhile – and clients know that focused on major retail players in Europe and Neumann International was asked to find its management structure around a new business our selections will be well-informed. the world to source the right person for this top a CEO and fill two other key positions for model and match the skill sets of top teams Before presenting any candidate, we conduct level position. We continue to work with the a global investment bank in an emerging market. across Europe with new strategic objectives. face-to-face interviews to explore their group on a number of other projects today. A team of four consultants and three We developed and implemented an evaluation suitability for the position (culture, education, international researchers developed a strategy programme and initiated strategic solutions to skills, motivation, etc.) and confirm their interest. American food goes faster in Europe with the company’s Supervisory Board to align managers with the new model. Twelve We also provide clear, precise details of the A US food industry leader required a highly investigate relevant organisations and qualified consultants and two project leaders assessed position, the clients’ expectations and keep them targeted recruitment programme for a new sales potential candidates in the worldwide market. 400 executives in 25 cities. With the new up-to-date on the decision-making progress. organisation in France. A dedicated team After only three weeks of extensive research, general manager for Europe and the Our relationship does not end when the contract designed a recruitment plan in line with their interviews were held on site, at Neumann’s human resources director, we performed is signed. We accompany our candidates in core values. Neumann’s international offices offices worldwide or via video conference. an extensive set of individual appraisals, their new role and provide any support they may collaborated with a key account manager and The client interviewed five experienced defined organisational development proposals need to adapt and integrate. project leader to identify segments and positions, candidates from Asia, Africa, Europe and to match individuals with new job develop job descriptions, recommend salary and America for the CEO position and was able to profiles and created proactive personal compensation packages and create an online and make a safe and impartial recruitment decision. development plans for all managers. offline communication campaign. We recruited Seeking cross-border retail expertise fifty people in six months using full-proof logistics and quality control criteria. We are now a full A big Russian retail group was seeking an partner – providing advice, support and executive experienced non-executive board member from search services in Germany, Spain and Serbia too. Western Europe, offering Neumann International 10 11
  7. 7. LINKING OUR TALENTS Designing innovative solutions for innovative business, Neumann International is a hub of talent. We are an integrated network of professional consultants, reputable clients and high-achieving candidates – linked by a single ambition: growth. If you have a challenge, an opportunity or simply a new objective, we have the means to meet it. Neumann International: Linking Our Talents. “To complete our expansion into the CEE region, we had a number of executive positions to fill. After briefing Neumann International, I received shortlists of suitable candidates much quicker than expected. I was sure, even after the first round of interviews in the first country, that we would find strong candidates. Thanks to their rapid response and excellent candidates, we placed the right employees in a short period of time.” Norbert W. Scheele, Head of Region CEE, C&A Mode, Austria “It is essential for us to have an efficient and professional executive search consultancy to deal with delicate recruitment issues. Neumann International has been our regional partner for several years and they have always fulfilled our needs with dedication. Besides executive search, the team has assessed key management positions and ran coaching workshops with top executives. They have become a reliable partner who can be trusted with the most demanding assignments.” Darko Marinac, CEO of Podravka d.d., Croatia “Neumann International is an important partner for our business. They have worked with us on several human resources projects across our European operations. They’ve provided comprehensive audits of our entire sales force, made recommendations for optimizing it and recruited key professionals. The consultants we work with take the time to really understand our business, our culture and our needs and provide strategic solutions for our continued success.” Stefano Boero, HR Manager, Amadeus IT Group, France 12 13
  8. 8. - March 2009 - © C. Wilhelm/Corbis - Corbis - Getty Images - E. Colin AUSTRIA BULGARIA FRANCE ITALY SERBIA TURKEY Vienna Sofia Paris Milan Belgrade Istanbul Schottenring 12 Tsar Ivan Shishman 5 65-67, avenue des Champs-Elysées Via Turati, 26 Kneza Sime Markovica 7 Abdi Ipekci Cad. No. 12 K:3 Nisantasi 1010 Vienna 1000 Sofia 75008 Paris 20121 Milan 11000 Belgrade 34367 Istanbul T. +43 1 401 40 0 T. +359 2 985 4444 T. +33 1 44 20 54 00 T. +39 02 290 601 98 T. +381 11 2182 588 T. +90 212 224 76 33 Dornbirn Strasbourg Rome CHINA SLOVAKIA UKRAINE Stadtstraße 33 /CCD 1A, boulevard d’Anvers Via Arno n. 47 Hong Kong Bratislava Kiev 6850 Dornbirn 67000 Strasbourg 00198 Rome 3/F Three Pacific Place Hviezdoslavovo nám. 13 5a Yaroslaviv Val Str. T. +43 5572 28164 T. +33 3 88 45 57 90 T. +39 068 982 3129 1 Queen’s Road East 811 01 Bratislava 01034 Kiev Hong Kong T. +421 2 326 602 20 T. +380 44 235 4430 T. +852 2588 3448 T. +380 44 235 4456 Graz GERMANY pOLAND M. +380 67 405 1576 Schillerstraße 19 Düsseldorf Warsaw SLOVENIA 8010 Graz Shanghai Marienstraße 8 Focus Building Ljubljana T. +43 316 327 520 01B unit, 37/F, The Center 40212 Düsseldorf Al. Armii Ludowej 26 UNITED KINGDOM Beethovnova 6 989 Changle Road T. +49 211 45 48 90 00-609 Warsaw London 1000 Ljubljana Shanghai 200031 T. +48 22 579 6660 Innsbruck T. +386 1 2441 650 4-5 Park Place T. +86 21 5407 5599 Wilhelm-Greil-Straße 14 London SW1A 1LP Munich 6020 Innsbruck T. +44 20 3178 6802 Elisabethstraße 91 ROMANIA SpAIN T. +43 512 57 61 49 0 80797 Munich CROATIA Bucharest Madrid T. +49 89 59 08 20 24 Zagreb 7 Oitelor Street C/Jorge Juan 15 Linz Vukotinoviceva 4/II 5th floor, ap. 2, sector 4 28001 Madrid Landstraße 38 10000 Zagreb 040278 Bucharest T. +34 91 436 35 90 HUNGARY 4020 Linz T. +385 1 4814 549 T. +40 31 030 1507 Budapest T. +43 732 78 19 16 0 Házmán u. 11 Barcelona 1026 Budapest CzECH REpUBLIC RUSSIA Gran Vía, 630 Salzburg T. +36 1 200 8800 Prague Moscow 08007 Barcelona Schrannengasse 10E Palác Križík Mosenka Park Towers T. +34 93 270 26 32 5020 Salzburg Radlická 2 19 Taganskaya Str. T. +43 662 882 518 0 150 00 Prague 5 109147 Moscow SWITzERLAND T. +420 2 2703 1151 T. +7 495 258 59 34 Zurich Lintheschergasse 23 8001 Zurich T. +41 44 209 92 92 For a current update on all our offices, please visit 14 15