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Project: Verdance


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Final Paper for Direct Marketing Class

DLSU Master of Marketing Communications

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Project: Verdance

  1. 1. March 26 2012Project:Verdance An InteractiveIn partial fulfillment for Direct Marketing. Direct Marketing Submitted to: Regina Dy Campaign Submitted by: Bea Belen GenBermudo JhingCamba Alvic Chua Ben Donato Cess Medrano JenninaObieta Mark Pitoc Angelica Sinnung Nicco Joselito Tan JP Villamor
  2. 2. Project: Verdance 2012Facebook Insights: A Guide to Facebook’s AnalyticsWith Page Insights, we can: Understand the overall performance of your Page; Optimize how you publish posts to your Page that will attract your audience and make them recommend your Page to their friends; and Learn more about your audienceTo access Insights on your Page, click on the Insights tab on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. 3. Project: Verdance 2012There are two ways to review the Insights data – either through the dashboard or byexporting the data.If you wish to export data, you can do so by clicking on the Export Data button.In exporting the data, you will be asked the following information: Data Type - the type of data you would like to see o Page level data – aggregated data about your Page o Post level data – for data on each of your Page posts Data Range - The date range for which you want to see data about your Page File Format –Excel (.xls) or Comma-Separated Values (csv)The Key Metrics tab of the Excel file contains the metrics across all time. The tabs show abreakdown of the high level metrics.
  4. 4. Project: Verdance 2012Understand the overall performance of your PageThe four metrics at the upper portion on the Insights tab allows you to quickly view the sizeand engagement of your audience. These information should be monitored to assess thesuccess of implemented marketing strategies.Total Likes – the number of unique people who liked your Page.Friends of Fans – the number of unique people who are friends with your fans, includingyour current fans.People Talking About This – the number of unique people who interacted with your Page.Interaction include when someone likes your Page, posts to your Page wall, likes or sharesyour Page posts, answers a question you posted, responds to your event, mentions yourPage, tags your Page, checks in at your Place, or recommends your Place.Total Reach – the number of unique people who have seen any content related with tourPage (including Ads or Sponsored Stories that directs to your page) in the last 7 days.Hovering on the question mark next to the metric will show the time frame of each metric.Because friends of fans represent a much larger set of consumers than fans alone, it isimportant to not only consider the Fans you have (Total Likes) but also consider thenumber of friends that your fans have (Friends of Fans). This metric should be seen as thetotal potential market. Friends of Fans represent the total number of people you canpotentially reach if all your fans are talking about your business to their friends.The next metricPeople Talking About This indicates how many people are actually talkingabout your Page or your business to their friends. This includes everyone who: Liked your Page Liked, commented, or shared your Page post Answered a Question you’ve asked Responded to your event Mentioned your Page Tagged your Page in a photo Checked in or recommended your PlaceGetting more people to talk about your business allows you to reach more people. You cansee how many people your Page is able to reach by the Total Reach metric.
  5. 5. Project: Verdance 2012Posting regularly with interesting content to your audience gets more people to talk aboutyour business with their friends. The following graph shows how the type of posts youpublish to your Page influence the number of people talking about your business, and howthis number of people talking about you influences your reach. For the period February 14 – March 12, 2012, no new posts were published to the Verdance Nail Salon Page thus no Posts bubbles were reflected on the graph presented.Posts – the size of the bubbles represent the number of posts your Page published each day.People Talking About This–the number of people who have created a story about yourPage in the 7 days leading up to the dates shown on the chart.Weekly Total Reach – the number of unique people who have seen any content associatedwith your page (including Ads or Sponsored Stories directing to your Page) in the 7 daysleading to each date shown on the chart.As a marketer, you need to find ways not only to increase the reach of your Page, but alsohow to close the gap between People Talking About This and Weekly Total Reach.Because the closer they are, the higher the engagement rate is with your potential reach.
  6. 6. Project: Verdance 2012Optimize how you publish to your audienceThe ultimate goal in having a Facebook page for your business is to publish content that willreach a large audience, and that your audience will engage and share your content withtheir friends. Page Insights helps you to understand what your audience wants to hear or isinterested about.There were no recent posts in the Verdance Nail Salon Page so no posts were displayed on the above.Date – the day the post was published, in Pacific Standard Time.Post – A snippet of the post. The full version will be displayed upon clicking on the text.Reach – the number of unique people who have seen the post.Engaged Users–the number of unique people who have clicked anywhere on the post.Talking About This – the number of unique people who have created a story from yourpost. Stories could be: Liking, commenting or sharing your post Answering a Question Responding to an eventVirality–percentage of people who have create a story from your post out of the totalnumber of unique people who have seen it.With the Virality rate, aiming for a 5%+ response is the ideal. Anything less than that ratemeans that your messages are not cutting through your audience at the right time, or theyare not interesting enough. And just a note to remember, not being interesting can often bemore about how a post was posted, and less about its content. Turning statements andinformation into questions and discussions oftentimes gets the people more involved.
  7. 7. Project: Verdance 2012Learn more about your audienceUnderstanding who your audience is and how you can effectively reach them is the key tooptimizing your Page. This information will allow you to identify the content that peoplewould want to read, know more, or talk about.By clicking on the Insights tab, three other options are listed (Likes, Reach, and TalkingAbout This) which will allow youto : Know your Fans, the people you reached with your posts, and those who talk about your Page How you acquired or engaged themLikes tabThe Likes tab gives you information on those people who liked your Page and how youacquired them. The information can be limited specific to the date range you specify.
  8. 8. Project: Verdance 2012For the year 2012 to date (March 2012), Verdance Nail Salon Page showed that majority of its Fans are Female (71%) in the 25-34 age group (44%). Most of its Fans come from the Philippines (399) particularly from the City of Makati(179). Their preferred language is US English(376).Gender and Age - The percentage of people who liked your Page classified according to agegroups and gender. This is based on the data provided by the user in their Facebookprofiles.Countries – The number of people who liked your Page grouped by country. This is basedon the user’s IP address.Cities – The number of people who liked your Page grouped by city. This is also based onthe user’s IP address.Languages – The number of people who liked your Page grouped by Language. This isbased on the user’s default language setting on their Facebook account. For the year 2012 to date (March 2012), Verdance Nail Salon Page’s Likes mostly came from the Page itself (22). There were also those who liked the Page through a mobile device (2), from their Search Results (2), and from another Page who liked your Page (1).New Likes – the total number of unique people who liked your Page during your selecteddate range.Unlikes – the total number of unique people who unliked your Page during your selecteddate range.Like Sources – lists the number of times your Page was liked grouped based on where theLike happened during your selected date range. Sources could be any of the following : New User Wizard – people who liked your Page in the New User Wizard upon registration to Facebook Admin Registration – people you added to your Page as admins Admin Invite – people who liked your Page through an invite sent from an admin.
  9. 9. Project: Verdance 2012 On Page, News Feed or Ticker– people who liked your Page on the Page itself, or in a News Feed or Ticker story Ads and Sponsored Stories – people who liked your Page through an ad or Sponsored Story directing to your Page. This does not include view through or click-through Likes that occurred after people viewed the ad Facebook Recommendation – people who liked your page from Facebook’s “Recommended Pages” Mobile – people who liked your Page from a mobile device Third Party Applications – people who liked your Page via an application developed by a third party Page Likes Another Page – Pages that have liked your Page Timeline Edit – people who added your Page to their Likes on their Timeline Page Browser – people who liked your Page using Facebook’s Page browser Like box or Like button – people who liked your Page from an external site using a Facebook social pluginReach tabThe Reach tab gives you information about the people you reached with your posts. Itincludes information on their demographics and location, and how you managed to reachthem.
  10. 10. Project: Verdance 2012 For the year 2012 to date (March 2012), Verdance Nail Salon Page was able to reach 1,195 people in the Philippines which are mostly composed of Female (62%) in the 25-34 age group (26%) followed closely by the 18-24 age group (22%). 304 people came from Iloilo city, 183 from Makati, and 123 from Quezon City. Majority of these people uses English (US) (1,060).Gender and Age - The percentage of people who saw any content about your Pageclassified according to age groups and gender. This is based on the data provided by theuser in their Facebook profiles.Countries – The number of people who saw any content about your Page grouped bycountry. This is based on the user’s IP address.Cities – The number of people who saw any content about your Page grouped by city. Thisis also based on the user’s IP address.Languages – The number of people who saw any content about your Page grouped byLanguage. This is based on the user’s default language setting on their Facebook account.
  11. 11. Project: Verdance 2012Reach graph shows how many people have seen any content from your Page and how theywere reached (through organic, paid, or viral channel). It provides information as to whichchannel is most effective in reaching the audience. a. Organic – the number of unique people – fans and non-fans who saw any content about your Page in their News Feed, Ticker, or on your Page. b. Paid – the number of people who saw an Ad or Sponsored Story that directed to your Page. c. Viral – the number of unique people who saw content from your Page from a story published by a friendFrequency graph shows the number of people who have seen content about your Page inthe specified period; grouped by the number of times they saw it during that time.Data shown in the Reach and Frequency graphs can further be refined by selecting from thedrop down list to summarize data based on: all Page content, only your Posts, or contentabout the Page generated by other users.
  12. 12. Project: Verdance 2012Page Views – the number of times your Page was viewed on each day during the selecteddate range.Unique Visitors – the number of unique visitors on your Page on each day on the selecteddate range.Talking About ThisThe Talking About This tab helps you understand the people talking about your Page, andthe types of stories they are telling their friends about your business.
  13. 13. Project: Verdance 2012 The screenshot above did not show any information because the data needs at least 30 people engaging at the page before showing any information.Gender and Age – the percentage of people who talked about your Page in the last 7daysgrouped by age bracket and gender as of the last day of your selected date range.Countries – The number of people who talked about your Page grouped by country, in thelast 7 days as of the last day of the selected date range. This is based on the user’s IPaddress.Languages - The number of people who talked about your Page grouped by country, in thelast 7 days as of the last day of the selected date range. This is based on the user’s IPaddress.
  14. 14. Project: Verdance 2012Talking About This–the number of unique people who have created a story about yourPage in the last 7 days, for each day during the selected date range.Viral Reach – the number of unique people who saw a story posted by a friend about yourPage in the last 7 days, for each day during the selected date range.The best way to get your audience to engage with your content and share it with theirfriends is to understand what they care about and what interests them. Page Insights givesyou the data you need to gather consumer insights.Page Insights must be monitored on a regular basis to track which types of posts catchesyour audience’s interest and generated the most engagement so you can post more of thistype of content to your Page.
  15. 15. Project: Verdance 2012Analysis of Existing Verdance Nail Salon Facebook Page(inclusive of posts between August 2011 to March 2012) 1. Posts that has the most traffic and clicks are the following : a. Spa Parties i. Khristina’s Spa Party posted on 1/8/2012 – Special events such as sparties increased the traffic of VNS’s Facebook page. A particular reason could be because of the hype the attendees projected thus creating an effective word-of-mouth type of promotion. ii. Ruby Spa Party posted on 8/29/2011 – It is assumed that people look into these albums because of the recommendation of their peers and networks who attended the sparties. People noawadays tend to research for reviews and feedbacks before making a purchase decision. b. Discounts - Promotions, although very common, is still the best way to attract customers. In the case of VNS, their sales promotions (discounts on service rates) gained the most number of likes. c. Vouchers – Group buying voucher posts gained a relevant reach, however it didn’t gain as much as the discount posts. Group buying involves third party companies compared to direct-to-store discounts, which could be the reason why some clients veer away from such promotions. It is more of a hassle to avail from group buying than availing in-store promos. d. Services – It is very important to provide prospective clients on what to expect with the services (fees, procedure). e. Seasonal Promotions – links leading to these posts were only active for a certain time. It is crucial to come up with a promotions strategy to sustain sales during off-seasons. 2. Posts that include discount promotions offered by VNS and social commerce companies (ex. Ensogo, DealsTent, and BigDeals) elicit the most “likes” from fans. Engaging with social commercial companies through the offering of special promotions (discount vouchers accompanied with brief product description and link to the product page) can be an effective way to attract more customers, especially those who fall inVNS’s target market. Partnering with social commerce companies could provide VNS its much-needed exposure that can be achieved though their online ads and promotions. The networking partnership could lead to a wider reach and increased network of potential customers. 3. Photo type of posts is more ‘liked’ by fans.
  16. 16. Project: Verdance 2012 VNS can continue posting photos related to its products and services to encourage its customers to share their posts to their networks. Since they are offering services, clients appreciate their posts more when the services are shown visually. Moreover, it would look more professional and sophisticated if VNS had a dedicated photo album on the Page that contains creative photographs of the salon’s services. The details may be written with the photo.4. As compared to its male fans, female fans are more engaging and interactive with the VNS Page as they are seen to be more interested with VNS products and services. They are also the ones who give more feedback. Since majority of VNS’s fans are females, they can consider hosting girl-themed events like bachelorette or baby shower parties. The invites can be tagged on the VNS page, as well as the guests who attended the event. They can also post on the page their party package offerings. VNS can also offer a loyalty system for continued patronage of their products and services by its clients. A member referral program can likewise be introduced to encourage its clients to refer the salon or mention the services to their own networks.5. Positive feedback, testimonials, and reviews about the salon’s products and services should be promoted on the VNS page. A feedback wall should be simulated on the VNS page to show all reviews, comments, and recommendations from clients. Blogs and tweets alike can be re- posted to show the clients’ satisfaction for VNS’s services. However, it is important that flamers and negative feedback shall be regulated as this can ruin the company in an instant. A standard protocol and risk management plan should be followed to ensure the wall stays clean and orderly.6. All photos placed in the VNS page are women. This could create a gender bias and prospective customers might think that their services are exclusive to women. It is better if there would also be available collaterals showing men enjoying the salon’s products and services so they would be encouraged to try out the salon services and give recommendations to their own network of friends.7. Posts were very seldom and less engaging. It was noticed that posts were very seldom and irregular. It is recommended that VNS should implement a regular posting schedule to encourage interaction and engagement from its clients, and their friends.VNS page should also create trivial posts about its services to encourage trial and increase analytics.VNS should also
  17. 17. Project: Verdance 2012 create web posters of their promotions; this can make the promos more visible as compared to simple status message. 8. No interaction display (likes, shares, comments) for VNS’s location post. Providing the location details is integral in the promotion of the company. The small map in VNS’s page might not be enough to inform prospective customers on how to go to the salon. A larger scale map including directions from popular landmarks or locations, with transportation details would be better. Road guide may be provided for customers who would prefer taking public transportation to VNS. 9. Inquiries were promptly answered by VNS. However, it is noticeable that VNS does not recognize or show their appreciation to customers who took time to give them reviews and feedback. Acknowledgement from VNS of everyone’s comments is necessary as this will show that the company values its customers’ feedback. A little thank you can go a long way in improving its relationships with customers. Likewise, this will show prospective clients of VNS’s good relations with its clients and commitment to keeping their clients happy. The tone of replies is very important, this is to avoid misconception of certain comments. Criticism or negative feedbacks should be taken positively and responses should not sound offensive. 10. There are posts by competitors on the page. The management should delete such posts from competitors, even direct or indirect because this could lead to switching of customers. VNS should set their setting in way that they can scan posts that they are tagged in; only approved tags will appear on the VNS page.Posting 101: Guide to effective Posting/Content in Facebook Facebook connects almost 800M people and their friends together that links peoplewith the things that they care about. Facebook are now utilized by companies for their companyand is considered as one factor that contributes to the growth of the company. By using socialtechnology that drives business growth, through facebook pages, there is a give and takerelationship between the company and the people where they learn from each other. With this,companies should learn on what to publish in their content where people will want to engagewith and share with their friends. By understanding your fans and knowing what they careabout, the company should visit the Page Insights regularly to track which posts capture theattention of your audience and generated engagement then post more of this type of content.These are 10 easy steps to increase fans and engagement rate:
  18. 18. Project: Verdance 20121. Post succinct content Keeping the post as short as 100 to 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) would merit about 60% more likes, comments and shares compared to more than 250 characters. This is because of the limited time that fans have to read the content.2. Post photos and videos Pictures certainly capture the attention of the people. By using pictures/ videos to make your message stand out, it would increase the engagement rate of the fans and the company. Photo albums generate 180%, picture 120%, and video 100% engagement rate than the average post.3. Post regularly Being top of mind in branding is as important as being the top of mind in social media. There is a direct relationship between engagement and top of mind. Posting regularly doesn’t mean every day, but on a usual basis depending on the target market of the company.4. Ask for your fans’ opinion Engaging with your fans would not be easier than asking questions and having a normal conversation. Their answers and the conversation should serve as a research for the company and gather feedback about your products/service.5. Ask questions using our Questions product With the Questions product, you can ask your fans for ideas and feedback about how to improve the business. Fans can agree with an existing answer with a single click, or add a different response. This is an easy way to gather insights. This is more of a survey type.6. Try posting “fill in the blank” posts Asking the fans to finish a sentence would be an easy way to engage with the fans. This would be very much useful if the company wants to talk about specific attributes of the product. This merits about 90% more engagement than the average post.
  19. 19. Project: Verdance 2012 7. Give your fans access to exclusive information Letting you fans feel like a VIP is very important because they believe that they have an advantage over other people. Letting them know first as a reward for liking the page would certainly boost the page. 8. Reward your fans with deals and perks Using your page as a venue for promotions would not be enough, giving away deals that are tailored made to fans could increase engagement and awareness. 9. Be timely Timing is essential to your page. Talking about topics that are already trending such as current events, holidays or news would surely increase engagement rate. Posts mentioning Independence Day on July 4th generated about 90% more engagement than all posts published on that day. 10. Localize your posts if they’re only relevant to a specific audienceKnowing the right target audience is very essential. By using the geo-targeting feature to makesure that only the people who would find your post valuable will see it.