Trade Check Data - A Marketing Research Activity


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Trade Check Data for Aluminum Foil Wrap Category.

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Trade Check Data - A Marketing Research Activity

  1. 1. TRADE CHECK <br />
  2. 2. Category Background<br /><ul><li>used to be known as TIN FOILS, in the U.S., also referred to as Reynold’s Wrap
  3. 3. In 2005, aluminum as packaging ranked second to transportation
  4. 4. Aluminum is the most commonly recycled post-consumer metal in the world today.
  5. 5. Product producers and consumers are increasingly using foil because of the numerous advantages it holds over competing packaging materials
  6. 6. Flexible packaging and foil containers account for about three-fourths of all foil used, but the remainder goes into some exciting applications
  7. 7. Main category competitor of this category are plastic packaging and plastic containers</li></li></ul><li>List of Brands, Variants and Sizes<br />
  8. 8. Supermarkets and Location<br />
  9. 9. S<br />U<br />M<br />M<br />A<br />R<br />Y<br />
  10. 10. V<br />O<br />L<br />U<br />M<br />E<br />S<br />H<br />A<br />R<br />E<br />(%)<br />TOTAL<br />
  11. 11. T<br />O<br />T<br />A<br />L<br />V<br />A<br />L<br />U<br />E<br />(PHP)<br />
  12. 12. V<br />A<br />L<br />U<br />E<br />S<br />H<br />A<br />R<br />E<br />(%)<br />TOTAL<br />
  13. 13. P<br />R<br />I<br />C<br />E<br />I<br />N<br />D<br />E<br />X<br />
  14. 14.
  15. 15. RECOMMENDATIONS (SUPERMARKETS)<br /><ul><li>SM should increase its SKU’s, as it ranks last among the supermarkets checked, with only 3 brands and 8 SKU’s
  16. 16. SM BONUS, an outright brand, should have increased SKU’s, as this is the most competitively priced among them .
  17. 17. SM should have a 4meter SKU, either box or roll
  18. 18. All supermarkets, specifically those with outright brands, should push sales through bundling (a la Reynold’s Wrap)
  19. 19. Generally, SM should increase stocks, regardless of SKU</li></li></ul><li>RECOMMENDATIONS (BRANDS)<br /><ul><li>Philippines, Being a retail economy, brands should have 4meter SKU’s like Sunny Select and Heavy Duty
  20. 20. Sunny Select and Heavy Duty brands, being the only brands with 4meter SKU’s, should price their products more competitively to capture retail-loving markets</li>