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Post Ad-Test-Questionnaire


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Post Ad Questionnaire to be used to determine how effective an advertising material versus competition.

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  • NJ Lopez-Tan - I was wondering if you could tell me WHO DEVELOPED THIS QUESTIONNAIRE? Did you develop it or your company developed it or is it excerpted from a established scale? if yes which established scale???
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Post Ad-Test-Questionnaire

  1. 1. POST-ADVERTISING TEST<br />RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE<br />What brands of dressed chicken have you seen, read or heard advertised in the past 3 months? What else?<br /> __<br />Bounty Fresh Chicken/__/<br />Magnolia Chicken /__/<br />SM Bonus Chicken /__/<br />__________________________<br />__________________________<br />__________________________<br />__________________________<br />(If subject brand is not mentioned, ask)<br />Have you seen, read or heard Magnolia Chicken advertised in the past 3 months?<br /> __<br />Yes/__/<br />No /__/ T<br />From where have you seen, read or heard the advertisement of Magnolia Chicken in the past 3 months? Where else?<br /> __<br />TTV/__/<br />Radio /__/<br />Billboard/__/<br />_________<br />_________<br />_________<br />* Terminate interview if no answer on ‘TV”.<br />Now let’s talk about the TV commercial for Magnolia Chicken. Is there anything you can recall about the TV ad? What can you recall about the ad?<br />_______________________________________________________________<br />_______________________________________________________________<br />_______________________________________________________________<br />What did the TV commercial show? What else?<br />_______________________________________________________________<br />_______________________________________________________________<br />_______________________________________________________________<br />What did the TV commercial say about the product? What else?<br />______________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________<br />Aside from buying the product, what message does the TV commercial try to convey? <br />______________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________<br />What do you dislike about the TV commercial we are talking about? What else?<br />______________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________<br />______________________________________________________________<br />What do you like about the TV commercial? What else?<br />___________________________________________________<br />___________________________________________________<br />___________________________________________________<br />How would you rate the TV commercial as a whole?<br />Show card:<br />Excellent5<br />Very good4<br />Good3<br />Fair2<br />Poor 1<br />On the overall, how would you rate the TV commercial compared to the other TV commercials you’ve seen during the past 3 months?<br />Show card:<br />One of the best5<br />Better than most4<br />The same3<br />Not as good as most2<br />One of the worst1<br />Print and cut these show cards:<br />Excellent5Very good4Good3Fair2Poor 1<br />One of the best5Better than most4The same3Not as good as most2One of the worst 1<br />