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Project: Verdance


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final PPT presentation for Direct Marketing Class

DLSU Master of Marketing Communications

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Project: Verdance

  1. 1. Project VerdanceAn Interactive Direct Marketing Campaign S
  2. 2. At a Glance: Verdance FanpageTAKEAWAY: Only 10 out of 470 (2%) fans are engaged therefore makingVerdance irrelevant to the others making it hard for the page to compete withother fanpages.
  3. 3. Statement ofthe ProblemHow can Verdance utilizeFacebook as an interativedirect marketing tool toincrease awareness andgenerate leads?
  4. 4. Objectives:1. To increase fans from 470 to 1,000 fans within 1 month from the start of the campaign.2. To increase engagement from 2% to 10% by the end of the campaign period.
  5. 5. FrameworkIncrease in Engagement and Reach
  6. 6. Methodology• Update Fanpage user interface to new Timeline format• Schedule Posts using• Moderate using main Fanpage
  7. 7. Actual DemoDirect Marketing class will demonstrate how to Schedule, Moderate and Use the Fanpage. S