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After Sales Service

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After Sales Service

  1. 1. Service andFollow-Up for
  2. 2. The Tree ofBusiness Life: Service
  3. 3. Importance
  4. 4. Follow-up -> by maintainingcontact with a customer (orprospect) in order to evaluatethe effectiveness of the productand the satisfaction of thecustomer is the answer.Words Of Sales WisdomBefore: Main Goal = Sell
  5. 5. Sales ProverbsFirst, what is a proverb?-It is a short, wise, easy-to-learn saying thatcalls a person to think and act.Some are:-Customer choice between suppliers has neverbeen greater.-You lose X percent of sales or customer peryear.-People do not care how much you know untilthey know how much you care.-You do business with the one you trust and youtrust the one you know.-80 percent of your profits comes from about 20percent of your customers.-Obtaining new customers and selling more
  6. 6. Knowledge vs WisdomKnowledge – Having thefactsWisdom – applying thefacts
  7. 7. If the salesperson is to havea privilege of selling again,customers must answerpositively to these:1.Can I trust this person?2.Did the product and salesperson do what was presented?
  8. 8. Building aLong-TermBusinessFriendship
  9. 9. Business friendship is just like the personal friendships you have. there are 3 levels:Level 1: acquantancesLevel 2: FriendsLevel 3: Intimate friends
  10. 10. What usually happens before becomingfriends?- Self-disclosure-Acknowledgment 3 steps to acknowledgment 1. Repeat back 2. Don’t invalidate 3. Don’t try to change-Attending / Listening-Talking
  11. 11. Relationship Marketing and Customer Retention
  12. 12. • Transaction Selling – does not contact the customer again• Relationship Selling – seller seeks further needs of the customer• Partnering – seller
  13. 13. “Becoming a partner takestime just as developing anintimate friendship does.”
  14. 14. TheProduc t and ItsService
  15. 15. • Product• Price• Place• Promotion• Exchange Transaction• After the Sale
  16. 16. CustomerSatisfaction andRetention
  17. 17. Customer Service- activities andprograms the sellerprovides to makethe relationshipsatisfying for the
  18. 18. ExcellentCustomerService……Requires
  19. 19. “Excellent serviceand satisfactionrequiretechnology.”
  20. 20. Service Can Increase SaleBut how?
  21. 21. • You increase sales by obtaining new customers and selling more to present customers• Satisfied customers will provide customer referrals• Thus very important to service for
  22. 22. • “Sales come from present and new customers. Salespeople are constantly involved in follow-up and service,
  23. 23. The Circular Relationship inManaging a Sales Call
  24. 24. Turn it into a sale!!!
  25. 25. - Convert follow-upand servicesituations into sales- Follow-up andservice help satisfy
  26. 26. AccountPenetration Isa
  27. 27. Servicecan keepyour…
  28. 28. - Concentrate onimproving your accountpenetration- Contact new accountsfrequently on a regularschedule- Handle customer’scomplaints promptly- Always do what you say
  29. 29. You lose a customer – keep on trucking
  30. 30. How to regain lostcustomers - Visit and investigate - Be professional - Don’t be
  31. 31. ReturnedGoods make you a hero
  32. 32. • Carefully examine the merchandise you have sold to see if it is old, out-of- date, or unusable due to damage. If these defects exist, the salesperson should cheerfully return the merchandise following
  33. 33. Handlecomplaintsfairly
  34. 34. Reasons for Dissatisfaction• The product delivered is a different size, color, or model than the one ordered.• The quantity delivered is less than the quantity ordered.• Product does not arrive by the specified date.• Discounts agreed are not rendered.• The product does not have a feature that the customer believed it would.• The product is not of the specified grade or quality
  35. 35. • Many academic and industry people say yes and the book says that the salesperson puts the interest of the customers first.• Always is the keyword in the phrase. It means that the customer is right all the time• It is not true because there are cases when customers could ask salespeople to act
  36. 36. Build a professional reputation
  37. 37. - Be truthful and follow through on what you tell the customer.- Maintain an intimate knowledge of your firm, its products, and your industry. Participate in your company’s sales training and take continuing edu- cation courses.- Speak well of others, including yourcompany and competitors.- Keep customer information confidential; maintain a professional relationship with each account.- Never take advantage of a customer b
  38. 38. Do’s and Don’tsfor businessSalespeople
  39. 39. Do’s-Willingness to go to bat for the buyer within the supplier’s form-Thoroughness and follow-through after the sale-Knowledge of the firm’s product line-Market knowledge and willingness to“keep the buyer posted”-Imagination in applying one’s productsto the buyer’s needs-Knowledge of the buyer’s product line-Preparation for sales calls
  40. 40. Don’ts“Seven deadly sins of business selling”
  41. 41. The Path to Sales Success: Seek, Knock, Ask, ServeRemember to:Seek customers to serve and you will find them.Knock and people will open their doors.Ask and people will buy.
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