Sami laiho - What's new in windows 8.1


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Sami laiho - What's new in windows 8.1

  1. 1. Sami Laiho What’s new in Windows 8.1
  2. 2. WHOAMI /ALL ( • • • • • MVP Windows Expert – IT Pro SpringBoard Technical Expert Panel member Senior Consultant @ Sovelto Senior Technical Fellow @ Twitter: @samilaiho
  3. 3. Projects • – Free replacement for SteadyState • – Getting rid of admin rights and provide onetime admin passwords • – Free and safe password cracker… I mean changer • – My blog
  4. 4. Forgive my English • When most get Administrator or Swedish get Administratör • we get JÄRJESTELMÄNVALVOJA
  5. 5. 8 against 99 Language Finnish Translation Järjestelmänvalvoja French Administrateur Hungarian Rendszergazda Portuguese (Brazil) Administrador Portuguese (Portugal) Administrador Russian Администратор Spanish Administrador Swedish Administratör
  6. 6. Housekeeping • I will give away one free course attendance as promised so leave your business card to participate  Winner will be notified afterwards so be sure your card has your email address • After the session I will stick around for questions and to give away a few T-shirts
  7. 7. Everything on one slide New or improved Development Tools Start Screen Corporate Identity configuration New Windows Surface 2 Pro with new Keyboards Windows Store in-place upgrade (Click-Click-Done) New or improved Deployment and Management Tools Improved Personalization Boot Performance improvements 3D Printing Support (built-in Variable, Continuous Size of Snap Views Network performance improvements Biometrics Support (built-in) Backgrounds with motions Remote-Apps with faster reconnects and improved compression and multiple monitors support Biometrics liveliness Detection Text to Speak capabilities In-app commerce support Automatic App Updates Two more Live Tile sizes Hyper-V improvements Improved Search (Web, Bing, SkyDrive, Documents, Apps, etc.) New Shims and Compatibility Modes New Windows SwitchPoint for backward compatibility Wider range of VPN clients Biometrics modern reader support (swipe, touch) Apps can automatically trigger VPN connections Biometrics usage with UAC, Windows Store, Modern UI Apps and more More colors and backgrounds for Start Screen Embedded wireless radio Common fingerprint enrollment New Start Button Windows To Go - Windows Store enabled by default Workplace Join Boot to desktop Touch to Buy with Biometrics Work Folders Better Mouse and Keyboard Options Modern UI Improvements – New Start Screen look and feel High DPI improvements Open MDM for BYOD Modern UI App Kiosk Mode Pervasive Device Encryption Dynamic DPI Changes Mobile Device Management Enhanced Device Sync capabilities Malware Resistance – Defender with network behavior monitoring and ActiveX support Per-Monitor DPI-Aware Applications Web Application Proxy New GPOs (e.g. Start Screen) RDS Enhancements - enhanced VDI New Windows Store Picture Slide Show on Lock Screen New Touch Keyboard Explorer SkyDrive integration Redesigned Photo, Mail, Camera apps and more Cloud connectivity enhancements (SkyDrive, etc.) Improved All Apps List Start Screen configuration by GPO Device Lockdown New local Groups for hardening capabilities Internet Explorer 11 with Enhanced Protected Mode Wi-Fi Direct Printing ON by default NFC Tap-to-pair Printing Internet Explorer 11 – automatic AddOn-Handling Native Miracast Wireless Display IE11 with better touch performance, faster page load times and several other new features Broadband Tethering Hundreds of new Win32 APIs Remote Business Data Removal (Selective Wipe) New Windows Surface 2 RT with new Keyboards IE 11 antimalware solution integration Assigned Access New Credential Theft Mitigations
  8. 8. Who should be concerned? • Windows 8.1 is free and mandatory
  9. 9. EOS for Windows 8
  10. 10. UI changes • • • • • • Start-button Boot to desktop Different size tiles Screen deviding freely Shared background for Start screen and Desktop New Search!
  11. 11. Sami Laiho DEMO – UI CHANGES
  12. 12. UI Management • Start screen control • PowerShell control for Default User for all versions • GPO control for Enterprise-version only • Assigned Access • One app only – kiosk machines
  14. 14. Skydrive integration • Always integrated to the OS • No client software needed • Can be disabled/controlled via policies
  15. 15. Sami Laiho DEMO – SKYDRIVE
  16. 16. Application updates • Apps update automatically • Microsoft account not needed for updating • Updated built in apps for imaging promised soon as MSI packages • Apps can be installed on 81 computers • Apps can have many instances and can launch other apps
  17. 17. Security • Pervasive Device Encryption • Windows Defender now has NIS • Mstsc /restrictedadmin for secure RDP connections to untrusted computers • OS natively supports protecting your passwords with PIN-codes, pictures and now fingerprints
  18. 18. Devices • • • • • • Multimonitor support get better Miracast support WiFi Direct printing 3D printer support NFC tap-to-pair printing Open MDM
  19. 19. Sami Laiho DEMO – MIRACAST
  20. 20. BYOD • Workplace join • Workfolders
  21. 21. Workplace Join • Join to Workplace from Any Device for SSO and Seamless Second Factor Authentication Across Company Applications • Administrators can control who has access to company resources based on application, user, device, and location • Works with Dynamic Access Control • Something between workgroup joined and domain joined devices • Employees can access applications and data everywhere, on any device. Employees will get single sign-on when using browser applications or enterprise applications • Windows 8.1 and iOS (others promised)
  22. 22. Work Folders • • • • • • • With Work Folders users can store and access work files on BYOD devices Files stored on Windows Server 2012 R2 server (and not in the cloud) Company can enforce policies such as Encryption and Lock-screen passwords Company can wipe its data from the device (Selective remote wipe) Works with Folder Redirection, Offline Files, home folders, quotas, file screens and file classifications It’s syncing (over HTTPS) so it supports offline use Supports clustering
  23. 23. Work Folders requirements • Server 2012 R2 file server with NTFS volume • DNS record • Certificates for the server and possibly the reverse proxy • Clients: Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 RT • Windows 7, iOS promised soon after launch…Yep… • The maximum size for individual files is 10 GB by default
  24. 24. Remote ”Selective” Wipe • SCCM or InTune
  25. 25. Sami Laiho DEMO – WORK FOLDERS
  26. 26. Mobility • • • • • • • 3rd party VPN Auto-triggered VPN Mobile Broadband support gets better Broadband tethering Wireless enhancements Group Policy caching Windows To Go - store support
  27. 27. Sami Laiho DEMO – VPN SUPPORT
  28. 28. Virtualization – Hyper-V • Same platform as server’s though more strict requirements • Enhanced session mode and VM Direct Connect • Generation 2 VMs • Shared VHDs • Online Exports and VHDX resizing
  29. 29. Sami Laiho DEMO – HYPER-V
  30. 30. Please evaluate the session before you leave  Enroll to my free newsletter at: T-Shirts? Be quick! Remember business cards!!