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ElectraLink Consulting


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A high level overview of our Consulting methodology

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ElectraLink Consulting

  1. 1. The Interoperability Specialists Energy & Utilities ENGAGE DEFINE ENVISION COMMIT
  2. 2. How we work ELECTRALINK CONSULTING USE THIS FOUR-STEP APPROACH METHODOLOGY TO ENSURE SUCCESS Our methodology is centred on how we 1. ENGAGE with the client and focus earn the trust and confidence of our clients attention. Although we are experienced which we see as the key factor in building at dealing with complex problems across successful advisor / client relationships. multiple stakeholders, we understand the need to ‘earn the right’ to define the We are driven by our process and our problem. We engage in focused, active deliverables, and committed to continuous listening so our clients have a real sense improvement through both capturing and of being heard and understood. applying best practices and responding to valued client feedback. 2. DEFINE a common view of the problem so that the process can move forward. This allows us to provide clients with a wide We help our clients crystallize and clarify range of effective services and innovative issues related to their key challenges solutions through our role as trusted by formulating problem statements and advisors at the heart of the utility industry. hypotheses around what is important to them. OUR TRACK RECORD 3. ENVISION together how the end result could look. We examine expectations and ElectraLink has a successful history of implications of alternate realities with our applying our specialist skills in expanding clients to reach a mutual understanding our service delivery portfolio. We have a of what they are seeking to achieve – and reputation for delivering sector leading, what needs to be done to make it happen. customer service excellence and building strong, trusting relationships with our clients. 4. COMMIT jointly to the actions and resources that will be needed to bring ElectraLink is now established as a leading about the desired change. We address service provider in the industry, consistently any initial inertia and help build the commended by independent customer momentum, acting as an ongoing catalyst. satisfaction surveys. Our consultants have This stage draws on the knowledge and well over 10 years experience working at the trust levels developed by our advisors heart of the UK Gas and Electricity Industry. during the each engagement.
  3. 3. Specialist knowledge for your business needs INDEPENDENT THOUGHT LEADERSHIP SMART METERING The rollout of smart meters across the ElectraLink provides a range of technology services as well as market UK is widely expected to deliver a broad governance and support services to companies in the UK utilities range of benefits to consumers, Suppliers market. We have the unique position as an impartial service provider and Network Operators. ElectraLink has and our impartiality is critical when providing our range of facilitation produced a White Paper to stimulate industry and co-ordination services for business to business communities where debate by outlining the case for a range of companies are actively competing with each other. common, industry scale functions, referred to as the Smart Interoperability Portal™. ADDRESSING INDUSTRY’S CONCERNS ElectraLink is well placed to leverage existing relationships and networks in an industry poised to respond to the UK Government’s ambitious goals for smart metering. Through our workshops and industry events, ElectraLink has brought clarity to the debate. We are very much focused on making tangible progress towards supporting the ongoing objectives of market participants in this high profile area. DATA TRANSFER SERVICES ElectraLink provides a range of data transfer services utilising the Data Transfer Network (DTN) platform; the most widely used service being the Data Transfer Service for the UK electricity market. ElectraLink provides value added support and consultancy services to both new entry and established market participants looking to customise or automate these services. OUR PEOPLE ElectraLink consultants provide clients with the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of expertise that the organisation has developed in market processes and data management. We rely on our people – their talent, their commitment – to maintain and build on our success. GOVERNANCE SUPPORT SERVICES OUR VALUES ElectraLink has considerable experience of the development and implementation of Working together to provide the best service we can for all our new industry bodies, codes and agreements clients lies at the heart of our values and defines everything we do. and is able to offer advice, support and Our core strength is the diversity of skills, knowledge and expertise best practice models as well as all of the that our people bring to the business, combined with a shared other services necessary for efficient and passion for doing a fantastic job. cost effective governance operations.
  4. 4. ENGAGE DEFINE ENVISION COMMIT ElectraLink was formed in 1998 to create and run the Data Transfer Service (DTS) as an independent interoperability layer for the newly privatised electricity retail market. Owned by the UK’s Electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s), it continues to build on its success as an independent interoperability specialist, recognised for its customer focus and service excellence. For further information please contact: Ian Rose Business Development Director ElectraLink Limited Ground Floor Grafton House 2 - 3 Golden Square London W1F 9HR Telephone: 020 7432 3000