Media magazine analysis


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Media magazine analysis

  1. 1. The masthead is in the top third of the magazine. It is also dominant of the page but does not cover the cover images midshot. Because this is an established magazine editors can slightly distort the view of ‘vibe’ as the audience will already The header that has been used on this know the magazine. The masthead is in big bold capital magazine states that inside there is ‘exclusive’ letters, it is blue standing against an off white greyish back news. The word exclusive has been put in pint ground which makes it stand out it is surrounded by colours that make it stand out like the pink and black. The masthead to stand out and the word ‘Notorious’ is in is placed at the top of the magazine this conforms to usual blue and in italics as it is the name of a film. magazine conventions because the magazine is usually This catches the readers attention and makes stacked this was so in the shops it is easy to recognise. them feel special because they’re gettingThe colour pink is used for the main cover line and something ‘exclusive’.compliments the blue, grey and black surroundingit. The use of capitalisation is used throughout the The sell lines are very short and snappymagazine cover and the large font used on this following the colours of pink, black and blue.particular cover line makes it stand out showing They tell the audience what articles are goingreaders it’s the main cove line. It is used to tell the to inside the magazine.audience who the main image is about anddescribe the main story to the audience. Under thecover line is a smaller pull quote from the inside By using the rule of and putting Kanyearticle in which Kanye is saying ‘I AM RAP’ this is a West’s head in the centre of the magazinecontrast to the pink writing and is in blue. It also it makes appear to be the main focus ofgives the audience an indication of what genre this the magazine.issue of the magazine is about. The background used is plain whichThe close up of the rapper dominates the frame. He is also suggests that the target audiencebeing a stereotypical rap artist and posing quite are ‘cool’ and laid back. Editing hasarrogantly. The clothing he is wearing fits the house been used to give West a dropstyle of the magazine with his blue and grey jacket it shadow and a glow empathising hismakes the cover look more professional. His head presence making him look morecovers a small portion of the masthead which is an dominating and powerful.important part of the magazine so this could connotethat he is better and bigger than anyone else. The artistis also looking directly at the camera thus making itlook as if he is looking at the audience making them We learn the audience of this magazinefeel part of something which associates with the need is in to rap music from various things onfor affiliation humans have. the cover for example ‘I AM RAP’ quote The house style is the same throughout from Kanye and the rap institution at the magazine. It consists of three different the bottom. colours; Pink, Blue and black. This could show that the audience is modern, minimalistic and sophisticated.
  2. 2. NME title is in block capitals and stands out against the black and white picture. This drawsthe readers attention to the magazine because of the contrast between black white and red. This title also sets the house style as it is red and the The header displays to the reader some of the colours in this issue the colours are red and content of the magazine. In this case it’s ‘Nirvana yellow along with black and white. This title is unseen pictures’ the use of red and yellow catches also in the first third of the magazine cover this the readers attention as these are complimentary conforms to the typical aspects of a magazine colours. The contrast between the yellow and the and it allows the reader to see the title red of the title makes our attention go from the instantaneously. Having the title in the first third header to the masthead then to the cover photo and having it dominant on the cover attracts the keeping our eye line on the page. Nirvana are also readers attention. a very popular band and are well known throughout the world. So even if some people don’t buy this magazine this would influence them The dateline and the price is located to buy it because of the ‘exclusive’ pictures. Which under the title. At £2.40 this magazine makes the consumer feel like they are gettingis in the higher price range so the price something special . is not advertised towards customers. However being at £2.40 it’s still affordable for younger people with The two pictures displayed are used pocket money and working class as a teaser. The audience will see people. The date is also printed here these photos and believe that there to show the audience what date this are more inside. Because these issue was released on. pictures are ‘exclusive’ people are not likely to see them so they are This red puff stands out from the black more influenced toward buying the and white background this makes it magazine. attract the viewers attention it is also in the first third of the magazine cover so Cover image is a medium close when the magazines are stacked in shops up shot. The image is edited to the reader will have their attention drawn give it a black and white effect to this. The puff also has a per cent of gives it a more sophisticated transparency so the cover image is still appearance. The cover star – visible beneath the puff. The yellow cover Jake Bugg – is looking directly at line also stands out and the red and the camera which makes the yellow colours compliment each other. viewer feel as if he is directly Having competitions enforces the human looking at them thus making need for affiliation from Maslow’s them feel part of something. Hierarchy of needs which shows humans as needing to feel part of something. The use of competitions makes the consumer feel as if they could be part of something. The cover line says ‘first ever’ which would make the audience feel special. The barcode is placed at the bottom so the consumer can buy it at The use of the yellow colouring here makes ‘Noel Gallagher’ stand out shops. which attracts the audiences attention. Because Jake Bugg is a new artist it could widen his fan base my relating him to the ex oasis member Noel Gallagher, who is well know and re nound for his music. This technique is used throughout the magazine cover to highlight band or artist names in cover lines.
  3. 3. The masthead for Q is in the top left third ofthe magazine. This differs from conventionalmusic magazine stereotypes as it does not go The header used is the same style as the coveracross the top fully. The masthead is also the line an is yellow so it stands out against the redlogo for ‘Q’ which establishes the magazine logo it is overlapping and the different colouredfurther. It is white lettering on a red back (predominantly black) back ground. The phraseground making the letter ‘Q’ stand out from ‘2011 reviewed’ makes the reader think theythe red and it also draws the readers don’t know everything about Coldplay this isattention towards the logo an thus towards firther reinforced by the ‘secrets’ adverised onthe magazine. Chris Martin’s (cover star) arm the coverline. This influences the consuer tobuyis linking through the ‘Q’ which leads the this sothey become part of this secret and feel part of something which is a himan need.readers eye from the ‘Q’ to the cover imagekeeping their attention on the page. The cover image of Chris Martin is in the second third of the magazine anddominates thisThe main cover line is on a side angle which third.The shot is a long shot and is also a motionwhen read draws the readers attention shot. His hand and body is placed In the centretowards Chris Martin (cover star) once again of the magazine but is right arm is shooting outan keeping the audiences eyes on the page. to the left side of the front cover. The designaerThe main cover line looks as if the font has has played around with layers to make his armbeen written on the page giving it an original link throught the ‘Q’ making it look eye catching.and special appeal. ‘Coldplay’ has beenunderlined which makes it stand out more, it The other cover lines have been placed in theis also bigger than the rest of the writing. The last third of the front cover. Main image, Chriswords ‘By Chris Martin’ suggest that he Martian is looking down at them suggesting he ishimself wrote it making the audience and fans reading them and he is also interested in themore inclined to buy it because it is more articles. This draws the readers attentionpersonal. It also overlaps the main image and towards the article features.the white writing stands out from his darkclothing. The multi coloured glowing paint background relates to the Coldplay tour theme it has beenThe footer at the bottom gives the reader featured on the stage, costume, instruments making it a sort of staple to Coldplays’ persona.more information to the reader about thecontent of the magazine. It tells you otherartists included in the magazine this mayappeal to the audience because if they see anartist they like they will want to read the The date and barcode are placed in thefeature on said artist. left hand corner. This is essential for people to keep up to date with the different issues and be able to buy it in a shop.
  4. 4. NME title is in block capitals and stands out against the white background. Thismasthead draws the readers attention to The header tells you the special the magazine because of the contrast features in this issue. between black white and red. This title also sets the house style as it is red and The cover lines lets the reader the colours in this issue the colours are know what other articles are in the red, black and white. This title is also in magazine. If there is a cover line on the first third of the magazine cover this the cover of a magazine there must conforms to the typical aspects of a be a story inside that is related to it. magazine and it allows the reader to seethe title instantaneously. Having the title in the first third and having it dominant on the cover attracts the readers attention. The main image looks like the artist is jumping out at the reader. He has a big The pug use gives the viewer extra open grin smile on this face showing he is information which they might not getanywhere else. The pug is red which first friendly and happy, suggesting the story the house style and is also eye catching. inside is a positive story. It is placed in the left third to the side of Dizzee Rascal which then reverts the readers eyes towards his head up his The main cover line lets the reader know arm and back to the page through his who he magazine is featuring and anchors thumb. the image which makes it obvious who the image is. The back ground is in graffti style and is part f the mise en scene it applys to this because he is a rap star. The date and barcode are placed in the left hand corner. This is essential for people to keep up to This pull quote tells the reader why date with the different issues and Dizzeeis featured in the magazine be able to buy it in a shop. The and is also used like he is speaking to price is important because if you the reader which makes it more are paying around £2 for a personal. magazine you will expect to have The footer at the bottom gives the reader more at least 80 pages. Dizzee Rascals face is in the left third of the information to the reader about the content of the magazine and the cover image is ominate in the magazine. It tells you other artists included in the second horzontal third. His arm is postitioned so it magazine this may appeal to the audience because if looks like he is jumping out of the shot. they see an artist they like they will want to read the feature on said artist.
  5. 5. Editors have placed the logo behind the It is a typical convention of a contents page in amain image. The two lines wouldn’t be clear magazine is to put the date near the logo orto everyone but knowing the magazine masthead. This is used to show the readername ‘vibe’ lets the reader make the what issue they picked up. The date in thisconnection to the two lines being a ‘V’. This magazine is simplistic and is just a ‘1/3’placement challenges regular conventions meaning it’s the 1st of March.of magazine titles by placing it in the top leftthird rather than it typically going across the ‘Features’ and ‘Fashion are bothtop. headings on the page. They are the only headings on the page. And their larger size and different font makes them stand out against the text below them.The by-line gives credit to the It also shows the reader what’s includedphotographer and editor who designed this in the magazine. The second headingpage. This lets the reader acknowledge who ‘Fashion’ shows that although ‘Vibe’ is athey are. It usually anchors the main image. music magazine it has widened itsIt is in small print but noticeable due to the audience and specified its targetbold black text. audience by adding in a few fashion pages.The contents page shows Kanye West hasbeen placed in the first two thirds of the Also under the headings are the cover linespage this could be because we read from and the page numbers. The whole content ofleft to right so our attention would be the magazine is not written down with eachautomatically drawn towards that side of page number just the main stories the targetthe page. The photo is overlapping the ‘V’ so audience would be interested in.your attentions is then drawn towards the‘CONTENTS’ text and then further down thepage. A filter has been used on this page tomake everything black and white apart fromthe paper heart on the right side of Kanye’schest. Making the heart red makes thereader focus on that object and combinedwith the womans hand holding it couldsuggest an article about his love life and Unlike other typical magazines there is no letterhow he has ‘given his heart to a girl’. The to the editor on the contents page. This showsheart stands out because it of the filter and that this magazine has a different targetthe heart is the only coloured thing on the audience and its own
  6. 6. The main image is titled to the side,this makes it more original appearancethan a dead face on image. It has alsobeen taken like this to make it look not The masthead ‘NME’ which is also themore like a ‘snapshot’ that has just logo is the same colour and style as thebeen printed off and stuck on. They one on the front so it links to the househave done this because it links with style throughout out the magazine. Thethe title ‘Touring Special’ and you white capital ‘Contents’ stands outexpect Polaroid-esque photos on tour. against the black backdrop and attracts the readers attention.Bands are listed down the side as anindex. They have done this so if you The date is used to let the reader knoware not interested in the front cover what issue they are on and if they are upartist you can find your favourite artist to using this. This technique brings inmore readers as they will find it easy The headers of different sectionsto find who they like. It is in red as it throughout the magazine are displayedlinks with the house style of ‘NME’ and as white text with a black backdrop thisit stands out next to the black page stands out to the reader and makes itnumbers. clear the different sections in the magazine. Then there is a brief summary of what is on each page and the pageThe editors introduction to the number is in red to stand out and makemagazine talks about what this issue it clear and also fit into the house style.about. This particular one is about‘proper British gigging’ Where they The reader can subscribe to thehave mentioned something in the magazine and it is shown that they willarticle they have put the page number get the magazine cheaper whichnext to the keywords for the reader to influences them to subscribe.easily find more information. A drop cap has been used at the beginning of the article to stand out and look good.
  7. 7. The main heading is The medium close up ofplaced in the top 2thirds of the double Lily Allen dominates thepage and takes up the second page. Hermajority of the first clothing, makeup andpage. The type of font hairstyle is quite casualheadline is made so making her morethat it looks as if each accessible to the reader.letter has been cut out This lets the readerof a newspaper relate to Lilly Allen andmaking it look quite want to read her story.quirky and original He clothing is also redreflecting the artist which matches thebeing talked about. house style throughoutThe headline is a NME and the redquote from Lilly Allen clothing and black hairwhich grabs the stand out against thereaders attention and off-white back ground.makes them want toread more.The by-line anchorsthe headline. Thisgives the designer ofthe writing credit.There are 3 differenttypes of font usedthroughout out thispage. They vary bothserif and sans serif areused. The title is sansserif and the main The colour of the heading isbody of text (the The sub heading is used to give the reader a the same of the as thearticle) is serif. The ‘NME’ logo reminds the reader what brief description about what the article is about. background but stands out to magazine they are reading. The date is It also breaks up the main heading and the the audience because of the used to let the reader know that the article article up so the heading stands out more and black boxes shaped around is up to date. The page number must be does not get lost within the article. ‘Lily Allen’ is the letters. the same as it is in the contents so the also in red and a different font to stand out and reader can find the article easily. grab the readers attention.
  8. 8. The caption saying The background of ‘Dizzee Rascal’ Lets the the couble page reader know who the spread is the main image is in case they do image on the page. not recognise him. A The background is paint splat effect has graffiti on a wall an been sued to relate to Dizzee Rascal the main image. createing grafitit making him seem like a bit of a The Byline gives credit rebel.The grafiti to the photographer.creates a personalitly for the page. The main image is of Dizzee Rascal. The mediumlong shot The sub heading is usedominates the left half to give the reader a briefof the page. The style description about whatof this image gives us the article is about. It also an idea of the breaks up the main environment and let heading and the article you see the up so the heading stands expression on his out more and does not face. It lets us know get lost within the article more Dizzee Rascal before they read the article. The main headline is a play on words to the The copy uses drop texts to make it clear saying ‘Rages to riches’ when the article starts. by using the word ‘tags’ which is something The article is in four The beer bottles and graffiti artists are known columns and wraps around radio shows interests of for gives you an idea the radio making the radio Dizzee Rascal and could what the article will be and stand out more and not make the audience relate about e.g. Dizzee rise to get lost in the text. to them. fame.
  9. 9. The black and whitecolourings are very typical of On the black bar at the top of the page it says Florence in white The photograph used ofthe rock genre which is whatgenre the magazine is. writing this stands out to the audience. Florence is very big, it takes up the right side ofThe writing is large so it is the ouble page spread toeasy to read and uses thesame font as the ‘T’ later on show who the article isin the article suggesting that about. It stands outis symbolises the start of a agasint the other side asnew topic. The heading says“EARLY ON” which could it is a colour photograph.suggest that the article is It is a close up shot andabout Florence’s early life, her face is framed by herthis shows us different sideof the star and her fan would hair and her hands. Shewant to read it too find out has quite heavy make-more about her. The font is up, messy hair and darkquite classical andsophisticated thus suggesting nail polish; these thingsthat the article is more like a are all very typical of thebiography and less gossipy rock genre so they havelike many articles are as it done this so audience ofthe truth in black and white(literally). This would then Q magazine can relatemean it would appeal to an with her.older more mature audiencewho want to know about the‘real Florence’ rather thanthe tabloids that people havemade up. The writing is in three columns and At the bottom is the page number an ‘Q’ symbol. The logo reminds the reader what magazine they aligned to the left which is typical of are reading. The date is used to let the reader a magazine article and it makes it know that the article is up to date. The page look neat so it is easy to read. It is number must be the same as it is in the contents also shaped round the heading as so the reader can find the article easily. that is the most important part and the first part to be read.