Arkadin 2011 Product Offering


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Arkadin 2011 Product Offering

  1. 1. Collaboration as a Service 1
  2. 2. Companies Priorities in 2011 Top Business Priorities Top Technology Priorities1. Increasing enterprise growth 1. Cloud computing2. Attracting and retaining new 2. Virtualization customers3. Reducing enterprise costs 3. Mobile technologies4. Creating new products and services 4. IT management (innovation)5. Improving business processes 5. Business intelligence6. Implementing and updating business 6. Networking, voice and data applications communications7. Improving technical infrastructure 7. Enterprise applications8. Improving enterprise efficiency 8. Collaboration technologies9. Improve operations 9. Infrastructure10. Improving business continuity, risk and security 10. Web 2.0 Source: Gartner EXP (January 2011) 2
  3. 3. Global Player… and close to you We are proud of our global operation, helping companies of every size do business better. But we are even more proud of our local focus, with 47 offices in 28 countries and customer support in 14 languages. 47 offices 14 000 Clients 14 languages 3
  4. 4. Global Player …with the fastest growth in the industry Arkadin has become one of the major Conferencing Services Providers in less than 10 years. 100 M€ Revenue 2010 15 000 000 Meetings in 2010 +576% Growth 2005/10 “ Arkadin has an incredible capacity of execution. It makes them a key world player. ” Eddie Misrahi / Apax Partners General Manager / France 4
  5. 5. Collaboration as a Service …Service-minded vision based on cloud collaboration“ We were born in 2001 as a conferencing specialist, helping people build better relationships in a newly-globalised world. Now we have taken conferencing to the next stage: full remote collaboration through our new cloud-based platform and a complete range of products and services. ” But some things never change: we believe that service to customers is our prime business differentiator. Olivier de Puymorin, CEO of Arkadin 5 5
  6. 6. Collaboration as a ServiceUsing our skills, experience and a team of talented people around the World, we aim to make thetime you spend sharing and collaborating remotely the most efficient and pleasant moments of yourworking day. Collaboration Global All about Specialist Player You 14 000 customer accounts We are customer- include more than focused from day 1. We are 100% focused on 1000 Large Enterprises. More than 70 % of our Collaboration Services. They get global reach, resources are invested in but always with a local feel. our client relationships. 6
  7. 7. Sustainability We are facing more than an environmental crisis, We are facing a human crisis : • While you are using Arkadin Services, you take actions to : • Respect our Natural Resources and environment • Reduce your carbon footprint • Enhance employee work–life balance • Save time, by having using it better • Increase internal efficiency The Arkadin initiative to accelerate changes in your business habits. More about Climate Care Day : 7
  8. 8. We are all about YouReliability & Scalability International Awards Our customer-focused approach has won favour internationally. Not bad for such a young company! “ This combination of focus and forward momentum is a winner and it appears Arkadin has almost patented the process ” of how to grow a CSP from early stage to maturity. Marc Beatie – Wainhouse Research 8
  9. 9. Collaboration as a Service A complete unified offer, covering the end to end spectrum of large enterprise needs Extensive range of solutions based on a highly innovative and scaled Cloud Collaboration Platform 9
  10. 10. Arkadin conferencing services are basedon a technologically-advanced platform • Arkadin Cloud Collaboration platform is an IP global network enabling to connect multi- located bridges automatically into a unique virtual meeting room. 10
  11. 11. A complete range of Arkadin integrated solutions WEB Conference WEB Conference > Feature rich leading web solutions > Plug & Play > For expert and professional usage > Simple for users of all backgrounds > Inexpensive, secure AUDIO INTEGRATION VIDEO Conference Unified Communication > Partnerships for seamless Arkadin > High Definition video audio integration with major UC solutions > One click from desktop such as Cisco WebEx Connect and > Connection from any endpoint Microsoft Lync Arkadin audio integrates with Tier -1 conferencing Web, video and UC solutions. 11
  12. 12. Technology leap forward bringsmajor benefits for customers 1 3 One Single List Maximum of Country Access Security 2 4 Numbers Premium Audio Seamless Quality Integration and Assistance 12
  13. 13. Technology leap forward bringsmajor benefits for customers 1. One single list of country Access Numbers • One unique virtual IP bridge enabling availability of one single list of country access numbers • Regardless of their locations, and of the location of their conferences all users use the same list of numbers • Option for global customers to have a dedicated set of international numbers 13
  14. 14. Technology leap forward bringsmajor benefits for customers 2. Premium Audio Quality • No voice compression and conversion protocol into the Cloud (G711 Codec is used) • Signal treatment eliminating latency, noise and acoustic echo • All participants, wherever they are located in the world, are hosted on one single IP bridge for less latency and higher quality • Shortest routes to the IP bridge to minimize degradation of voice quality 14
  15. 15. First class audio quality and call availabilitymeasured and certified by 3rd party organisations 99.99 % of established calls 100 % of calls completed with a score >4 in real production* with a score>4 to conference access at peak usage to access Arkadin audio conferencing vs attempts Scoring Partner: Scoring Partner: • Measurement of voice quality in stress context ● *Measurement of audio access when calls are with a frequency of 10 calls per second done by real calls generators deployed • Key indicator: “Mean Opinion Score” (MOS) worldwide (from biggest traffic countries), in full (from 1 to 5)* production. > Arkadin audio quality is over 4 on a scale ● Key Indicator: Average Success Rate (ASR) from 1 to 5, whilst: - MOS score for classic TDM networks is 4 - Average MOS score for GSM is 3 15
  16. 16. Technology leap forward bringsmajor benefits for customers 3. Maximum Security • Arkadin private network: no connection to the Public IP Network • World-class hosting data centres that provide 100% physical security guarantee • High platform resilience: each component of our network (software and equipment) is backed-up • Complete redundancy: our MPLS network is duplicated by design. If a link is broken, the other one is used immediately. 16
  17. 17. Technology leap forward bringsmajor benefits for customers 4. Seamless integration and assistance • Seamless integration of your IP- Telephony network platform into Arkadin Cloud Collaboration • Mobile apps and PC plug-ins such as Blackberry, iPhone, Outlook and Lotus Notes • The IP platform automatically identifies each organiser‘s language preference for Live Assistance, regardless of geographical location • Accuracy in answers of local operators thanks to a unified service console with complete conference overview 17
  18. 18. Professional ServicesExperts at each step of your deployment and beyond DESIGN BUILD RUN & CARE  Customer discovery  Feasibility study  Technical support Technical  Solution design Proof of concepts  Additional studies Pre -Sales   Handover to Project Manager  Transition plan  Organise workshops Program &  Resources plan  Coordinate deliveries Project  Communication plan  Control and report  Handover to Operations Manager  Risk registration  Service management Service reviews Initial Customer Service Plan  Customer service plan Service improvement Relationship  Operational Readiness   plans Manager  Scorecard  Escalation management 18
  19. 19. “Unified Communications” are redefining the way people collaborate in a business environment Three major actors Market Segments & The fastest projected Two of them partners emerging business models growth in our business • On-Premise: installed on Customer • For Hosted/Managed Services (ourArkadin partners premises, deployed and managed target segment): by the Customer  70% CAGR 2010-2014 • Managed Services: installed on  USD 6.2Bn by 2014 Customer premises, but deployed and managed by a Service Provider • Hosted/Cloud: installed, deployed and managed by a Service Provider on his infrastructure, provided in SaaS model to the Customer 19
  20. 20. Two complementary products that form a UC solution 2014/03/2012 20
  21. 21. 2121
  22. 22. Customer Branding Services Customise your conferencing access numbers, audio messages, product interfaces and your support materials in accordance with your corporate graphical identity, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. 22
  23. 23. Vidyo positioningData sharingneed Gotomeeting Vidyo Webex Livemeeting AdobeConnect Advanced Sametime Tandberg / Anywhere Polycom Codian Lifesize Standard features None Oovoo/ Placecam / None Nefsys Low Def High Def Video need 23
  24. 24. Video conferencing usersTelepresence rooms Top management Arkadin Videoconferencing service Room/dedicated Systems Management Available from Rooms, Desktops, Tablets and Smart Phones Employees 24
  25. 25. A solution as a service by Arkadin 25
  26. 26. Why ArkadinVideo? 26
  27. 27. User ExperienceOBJECTIVES 27
  28. 28. User portal: Arkadin Loungefor instant access to audio & web services Key benefits • One-click access to live Audio Console & Web Conference • Invitation toolbar downloads > Outlook and Lotus Notes • Availability of mobile apps > BlackBerry and iPhone • Conference scheduling • Storage of product documentations • Post conference reports • One-time user PIN code To manage and control your Arkadin conferencing generation services in one, online unified location 28
  29. 29. Welcome Advanced: self-provisioning portal Accountdetails managed by Administrators and Users Who can use it? ● Administrators to manage conferencing accounts by creating, searching and disabling them ● Employees to easily apply for new conferencing access codes online Benefits ● Rapid deployment of audio and web conferencing services within your company ● Multiple levels of Administrators’ rights are customisable to support each entity ● Configuration in accordance with your organisation’s hierarchy, for example by subsidiary, by country, by department or by user profile 29
  30. 30. Welcome Standard: online requests of newaccount details by your users Functional overview: ● Online provisioning tool for employees to request the creation of an Arkadin Audio and Web conferencing account ● Employees simply fill out an online form and a new conferencing account will be received from Arkadin within 48 hours The Welcome Standard module can be integrated to your Intranet: ● We recommend integrating Welcome Standard with your Intranet so that your employees can easily fill in the form and send their requests from your company portal 30
  31. 31. BusinessAnalysis: online reporting moduleto monitor your conferencing activity in real time • This module provides you with a set of automatically generated standard dashboards, available at anytime: 1. Month Consumption: unbilled consumption for the current month - Breakdown per call type, per day, per user, per invoice 2. Annual Customer Dashboard: billed consumption for a chosen year • Intuitive and interactive tool: > Dynamic dashboards, with time and user information > Nothing to download – log in and play > Customisable to your company organisation > Data can be saved in Excel, PDF or CSV formats 31
  32. 32. 32