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eval 1


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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eval 1

  1. 1. In what ways doesyour media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?Evaluation Response One – Nia Jones
  2. 2. Developing forms and conventionsRelationships Throughout the music video inwhich we have created, I feel the most strong sense of developing mediaconventions is through the relationship which is built through the characterswithin the 3 minute video. I feel it was crucial to include connections betweenthe characters as this is found commonly within the conventions of musicvideos within the music industry today, and also ones found within myresearch.I wanted to try and reconstruct this convention within my music video as it feelit creates a positive effect upon the audience, as they begin to feel attached tothe characters within the music video. I discovered that some music videoscreate relationships through the narration of either the lyrics, or the structure.But as the plot was simple and reflected one of a uncomplicated one, I tried tocreate the relationships through camera shots, costume and other elements ofmise en scene.
  3. 3. Youths the use of young people within my music video is also a convention in which I have developed, Throughout the video the exploration of relationships and emotions experienced by young people I thought would be most successful if I included young people as the main characters within the video as then it would reflect the most realistic message, in which I was trying to portray. Music videos in which I used in my researched shows that the large majority of music videos within this particular genre, contain youths and the interaction between young people.Structurethe structure of my music video is one that most definitely develops the usual conventions. From my research and de-constructions of others within my research I came to the conclusions that in order to portray a music video that reflect a true meaning of the genre, it was imperative for me to have a structure where the plot, narrative and characters are introduced, which would then lead to a sustainable establishment of the storyline.