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  2. 2. INDEX: 1. Introduction 2. Objectives 3. WINDOWS 8 4. New features in the system 5. Hardware Requirements 6. What new things brings Windows 8? 6.1 New User Interface 6.2 Support for touch screens 6.3 All programs run across the screen 6.4 Improvement to move and copy files 6.5 Support for ARM processor 6.6An app store for Windows 6.7 Native support for USB 3.0 7. Conclusions 8. Bibliography
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION• In this paper we explore one of the most important advances the industry of Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky and Michael Angiulo, president and vice president of Microsoft Windows, presented the operating system is still in development, which has a home screen a mosaic. Each application is more like a tile on the interface for ease of handling.• Windows 8 is directed to equipment with touch screens. In his exhibition in Anaheim, California, was tested on a Samsung tablet, but can also be used on desktop computers running tacto.Su manipulated with "fast and fluid," will allow developers to build applications on a million, easily according to the company Washington.Entre other features highlight its ergonomically designed keyboard touch and its ability to simultaneously view two applications.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES: • This work has a main objective to present the operating system Windows 8, to present their new presentation styles, and make known the things that will change in our previous operating system.
  5. 5. WINDOWS 8 Windows 8 is the codename for the next version of Microsoft Windows, a family of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home desktops and business notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs, servers and PCs Media Center. Adds support for ARM microprocessors, as well as traditional microprocessors from Intel and AMD x86. Its user interface has been modified to make it more suitablefor touch screen input, in addition to the traditional mouse and keyboard.
  6. 6. New features in the system• USB 3.0• Ribbon interface in Windows Explorer• New Application Store• File System Protogon• Windows To Go• • Among other
  7. 7. Hardware RequirementsThe system requirements for Windows Developer Preview (apreliminary version of Windows 8) are similar to Windows 7• Architecture x86 (32 bit) and x86-64 (64 bits)• Processor: 1 GHz 32-bit architectures and 64 bits• RAM: 1 GB (32 bits) and 2 GB (64 bits)• Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics processor with Windows DisplayDriver Model (WDDM) 1.0 (not required, only required forWindows Aero)• Hard disk: 16 GB (32 bits) and 20 GB (64 bits) of free space• A multi-touch screen (optional) to take advantage of the touchinput.
  8. 8. What new things brings Windows 8?• Microsoft recently announced that its new version of operating system (OS) Windows 8 will start much faster when you turn on the computer. But this is not the only change we can expect in Windows 8. Here I leave some of the most anticipated changes:
  9. 9. New User Interface• Windows 8 dismisses the familiar Windows menu "Start" and dozens of icons that adorn our screen. Instead a series of windows will appear that will give us live updates from social networks, weather, news, etc.. The windows also bring native applications created with HTML 5, which indicates the ability to watch videos, shows photos, and any other program that is compatible with the Internet browser. In a video released, Microsoft explains how this new interface.
  10. 10. Support for touch screens• There is no doubt that MS has set his sights on the tablets, which is why the Windows 8 will able to fully use our fingers and a palpable screen without a mouse or keyboard. Even Windows 8 will bring a virtual keyboard is divided into two parts (each on one end side of the screen) and that helps us to write much faster when using a tablet.
  11. 11. All programs run across the screen • Windows 8 will remove the bar that allows us to minimize or maximize programs on the screen. To "get" a program of the screen and see one that is running, we just "move" the program to the left or right of the screen and the other program will take place. It will be a "slide show" that we can move at will, but instead of photos, which programs will be moved from side to side of the screen.
  12. 12. Improvement to move and copy files • When you move or copy a file from one location to another, Windows 8 will submit a single screen from where you can decide how you want to move files and put a pause to a file that are moving to give priority to another. Beforehand you decide what to do with duplicate files, instead of waiting for the system will ask every time it finds a file with the same name.
  13. 13. Support for ARM processor • Another sign that MS is keen to penetrate the mobile market and tablets is the fact that for the first time, the Windows OS will support ARM processors, widely used in mobile phones and some tablets. Windows 8 for ARM will bring a system called "always on" or "always on" devices that will allow running the OS remain continuously connected to the Internet or mobile networks, even while the system remains in sleep mode.
  14. 14. An app store for Windows • This was expected. Windows 8 will have its own app store, although many details are unknown. It only remains to see if the software companies will agree to share their profits with Microsoft when a program sold in this shop. Currently, each company sells programs on their own without giving a penny to MS.
  15. 15. Native support for USB 3.0 • There is no doubt that USB 2.0 will be remembered once you leave the Windows 8. The data transfer is much more rapid in our computers and peripherals.
  16. 16. CONCLUSIONS• In this paper we determine the characteristics of the new operating system Windows 8.• Understand the new features of Windows 8 are very important so we know if this operating system is more convenient for us.
  17. 17. BIBLIOGRAPHYINTERNET• - windows-8-el-sistema-reimaginado-de-microsoft/• - 8/preview
  18. 18. THANKS END