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iDREAM Power Training (ABC of Success)

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  1. 1. ABC of Success
  2. 2. Attitude*the way you look at things*is a mental position relativeto a way of thinking
  3. 3. attitude and altitudeKnowledgeHardworkAttitude96%100%98%YourAttitude willdetermineyour altitude
  4. 4. ∗ Sees the invisible∗ Feels the intangible, and∗ Achieves the impossiblethe positive thinker
  5. 5. ∗ GLLA -- don’t be AKNY (alam ko n yan)∗ Yes Upline!∗ Be Patient∗ Consistently persistent∗ Humble down∗ Gratitude attitudeattitude define yourself
  6. 6. ∗ Your choice of attitude candecide the outcome of your life∗ Negative thoughts have nopower unless you empower themchoose your attitude
  7. 7. positive vs. negative attitudeThingsThoughtsOutcomesGoodSuccessfulHappyBadUnsuccessfulSadPositive Negative
  8. 8. self change
  9. 9. accept responsibility
  10. 10. Beliefan acceptance that a statement is trueor that something existsState or habit of mind in which trust andconfidence is placed in some person or thing
  11. 11. believe in yourself
  12. 12. 100% belief levelUplinesYOULeaders(Downlines)Crosslines What you think.What you believe.What you become
  13. 13. ∗ I deserve to be …∗ I want to be …∗ I can be …∗ I will be …∗ I am …declare to yourself that“If its to me,its up to me”
  14. 14. the belief cycleThe amount of Belief you havedetermines the amount ofPotential you can tap intoThe Results youget determine yourBelief in yourselfThe amount of Action you takedetermines the Results you getThe amount ofPotential you tapdetermines the amountof Action you take