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HR Analytics & HR Tools


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HR Analytics & HR Tools
Bhaskar Das, Head HR, Cognizant Technologies Solutions.

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HR Analytics & HR Tools

  1. 1. HR Analytics and Tools y From Information to Insight… Presented By Bhaskar Das Das, Cognizant Technology Solutions Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 1
  2. 2. Key Goals of HR Analytics and Tools y y • To identify opportunities for HR Impact y pp p • To support Organizational Strategic planning • To prioritize HR investments and actions • To demonstrate the bottom-line impact of HR practices and programs • To enable managers make better decisions regarding workforce management • To better align HR strategy with corporate strategy g gy p gy Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 2
  3. 3. HR Analytics – The Transition y Functional Performance Communicating information about HR effectiveness in supporting organizational objectives in terms that are relevant to business managers. Human Capital HR’s performance in specific areas in comparison with the performance of other HR organizations. Predictive Strategy-Support Analyze HR impact on organizational profitability. Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 3
  4. 4. HR Tools – The Transition Functional Performance System driven processes and workflows Human Capital Extensive process automations, self-service delivery Predictive Strategy-Support Enterprise wide Enterprise-wide systems and data mining Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 4
  5. 5. Need to maximize the business impact of HR analytics and tools y Why Information to Insight? What the CEO wants most? • Analytics can offer precision Increasing and allow you to target and Economic carve out inefficiencies Constraints Greater • Effective HR Analytics have Accountability become imperative to for Human demonstrate accountability Capital for human capital p Heightened • Need for high value HR Organizational Analytics data to the CXO Emphasis on HR organization Metrics • Analytics are the tools HR Move from needs to make strategic Transactional to partnership with the line a Strategic Role reality. reality Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 5
  6. 6. Changing times bring about a need for increased sophistication of measurement capability.. Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 6
  7. 7. Changing trends in HR Applications g g pp • Enterprise-wide systems, self-service delivery, streamlined process automation and data mining h t ti dd t i i have t transformed th way th f f d the the function ti serves the corporation and the number of people required to do it. • Most of the breakthroughs to date have focused on increasing HR efficiency and reducing h d ffi i d d i headcount. R d tit Reductions of 50 percent or f t more are not unheard of. • In the past, the biggest money savers have been automation of administrative t k d i i t ti tasks. • In the future, the largest efficiency gains will come from replacing business interaction with HR practitioners with a technology interface. i t f • The Web makes this possible, offering a user-friendly interface capable of sparking business managers usage. Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 7
  8. 8. Cognizant Analytics approach – ‘HRTIPS’ Centralize Provide deep and automate subject s bject matter expertise e pertise Ensure service transactions Business through to value add employee levels and fit to Business Shared life cycle processes business need results plans services and through through Self S lf service i Centers of Delivery Teams solutions Excellence GIS SS PM/RR GWFM TIPS TAG G TM Analytics needs are Analytics needs are more Analytics needs are more predictive of new focused on results and more compliance trends and support delivery – Balance centric strategic decision scorecard approach d h making Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 8 8
  9. 9. Representative sample of Analytics.. p p y Service Talent Retention R t ti Training T i i Strategic St t i Delivery Acquisition • Attrition Rate • Average • Talent Manager • Source • Customer • Retention rate training hrs per Scorecard Breakdown Satisfaction • Voluntary vs. vs FTE • Manager • Ageing Analysis surveys y Involuntary • Feedback Scorecard • Cost per hire • Business • Attrition reason Analysis and • Talent • Joining Ratio Effectiveness breakdown effectiveness Engagement Surveys • Fulfillment • Employee • Gap Analysis – Index index • Departure retention index Training needs g • Employee Susceptibility p y • Yield per vs. training Satisfaction Framework • Cost of campus/recruit accomplished Surveys replacement ment drive Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 9
  10. 10. Some tools that Cognizant uses to enhance Operational and Strategic decision making… O ti l d St t i d i i ki Operational Tools Strategic Tools • Workforce Planning – Insight Workforce management metrics • Workforce Planning dashboard • Talent Acquisition – E Forecaster to plan long term – Resume Mirror , HCM Applicant manpower needs Tracking, Talent 4 Future • Talent Acquisition • Benefits Administration – HCM 8.9 e Recruitment – PF tracker, Leave Management • Talent Management • Reward & Recognition – Wah – TM Scorecard portal • Talent Management – Career Compass – HCM Performance Management • Retention • Global Immigration – Departure Susceptibility Framework – Wizza • Payroll – MyPay • Training – My Academy Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008
  11. 11. To summarize… • The growing importance of HR Analytics can be attributed to the need to cut costs and increase financial accountability in the slowing economy, heightened organizational emphasis on the need for HR metrics, and the emerging role of HR as a provider of strategic business i t lli b i intelligence. • HR faces high demand from CEOs and senior business managers for analytics that capture the impact of HR activities on business performance. HR places equally hi h i f l ll high importance on th t these t types of f measures, but only a small minority of organizations have ROI or impact-related HR metrics in place. • HR Analytics is a top priority th t is lik l t continue t grow i A l ti i t i it that i likely to ti to in importance. Organizations will increase investments in HR metrics Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 11
  12. 12. To summarize… • HR must develop two new capabilities in order to ensure the creation and adoption of cutting-edge d i i ti d d ti f tti d decision-support tools: tt l – Product innovation (along the lines of a software development firm) that includes technology scanning, prototype testing with the line and continuous improvement of HR tools tools. – “Seamless” delivery of best-in-breed applications to line managers, probably through Web-enabled direct access to Human Resources Management Systems ( g y (HRMSs). ) • Fortunately, solutions to the twin goals of dis-intermediating HR and p providing leading-edge management support tools directly to g g g g pp y managers often are the same. The same technology serves both ends. Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 12
  13. 13. Thank you Pune Chapter Annual Conference 2008 13