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Uk lisa (powerpoint)

  1. 1. New Holland Publishers January-June 2014
  2. 2. High Road Rider Mike Hannan ISBN: 9781742574424 Format: PB Price: £12.99 Category: Memoir •When veteran riders Mike and Jo Hannan decided to explore the Alps on a motorcycle, they never imagined the incredible adventures that would unfold. •This 1,200km mountain range passes through eight very different countries, with turbulent histories and home to diverse people and their languages. •They met with different landscapes, not to mention majestic passes, verdant valleys and breathtaking hairpin turns. •The Alps quickly swept Mike and Jo away with their folk stories, natural beauty and endless contradictions.
  3. 3. Backyard Chickens Michelle Templin ISBN: 9781742574516 Format: PB Price: £9.99 Category: Lifestyle •This handbook covers all you need to know to get started raising your very own flock of chickens. •Whether your considering getting chickens, or already have a few in the backyard, you will find answers to questions such as: what type of chicken suits your space? where to buy chickens what to look for when buying chickens what housing your chickens will require what your chickens will eat how to care for your chickens •Including sections on chicken health, an easy reference breed list and directions on hatching chicks.
  4. 4. Mexican Craving Ben Milbourne ISBN: 9781742574615 Format: HB Price: £19.99 Category: Cooking •Mexican food—it is one of the oldest cuisines, yet one on the newest trends. It is the perfect food for sharing, its packed full of flavour and healthy. • Benjamin Milbourne, Masterchef Australia Season 4, has a great selection of recipes to get you making inspired Mexican at home. • Mexican Craving is Benjamin Melbourne's fresh take on Mexican cuisine and ingredients. •Using traditional recipes, Benjamin will introduce you to the amazing world of Mexican food with easy-to- follow recipes and substitutes for those more difficult to find authentic ingredients.
  5. 5. Stitching Fiona Goble ISBN : 9781780095134 Format: PB Price: £9.99 Trim: 200 x 220 mm Pages: 128 pp Category: Craft • Stitching offers cute and quirky embroidery ideas. • Add a light-hearted touch to your clothes, home accessories and gifts. • Each design is shown on a different object. • This fabulous collection of simple and fun motifs will inspire even a complete beginner to take up a needle and thread
  6. 6. Weekend Projects Soft Furnishings Chris Jefferys ISBN 9781780095141 Format: HB Price: £9.99 Trim: 200 x 220 mm Pages: 160 pp Category: Craft • Chris Jeffery's is a freelance writer and consultant who has contributed to a number of needlecraft, sewing and patchwork magazines. • Over 50 specially designed step-by-step projects for beds, chairs, tables and windows. • Easy-to-follow instructions and colour illustrations throughout. •Transform your home with this stylish range of simple projects, from gorgeous cushions and crisp table linen to pretty bedcovers and stunning cushions. • Superb photographs of the finished projects.
  7. 7. Weekend Projects Papercrafts for Children Vivienne Bolton ISBN 9781780095158 Format: HB Price: £ 9.99 Pages: 96 pp Category: Craft • Vivenne Bolton grew up playing with whatever she found, making her own toys and decorations. • Fun projects using paper, paints and stamps. • Illustrated step-by-step stages. • Projects will appeal to both young boys and girls alike. • From handmade books to racing cars, the projects are practical, personal and fun.
  8. 8. Notes From A Swedish Kitchen Margareta Schildt Landgren ISBN: 9781847737779 Format HB Price: £14.99 Category: Cooking •Swedish cuisine is delicious, varied and often unexpected, and in this delightful book Margareta shares wonderful stories from her own Swedish kitchen along with over 80 fabulous recipes. •includes both traditional and modern recipes interspersed with captivating narrative on Sweden's food traditions. • The development of regional cuisine, the importance of seasonal eating and celebration foods. Margareta's text is illustrated beautifully with stunning recipe and location photography fromTine Guth Linse.
  9. 9. ISBN: 9781780094571 Format: HB Price: £16.99 Category: Travel The Global Suitcase Mary J. Dinan The Global Suitcase is a compilation of interviews with everyday people and well- known personalities who have travelled extraordinary journeys or lived unusual lives, often guided by a cause, in the name of work, or in pursuit of adventure. • Many people within the pages have risked their lives for a cause or found a new cause through their travels. • All of them have learned much about the world and share their philosophies with us.
  10. 10. The Solo Chef Catherine Baker ISBN 9781742573991 Format: HB Price: £14.99 Category: Cooking • An innovative cookbook designed especially for people who are flying solo in the kitchen and want to prepare delicious and healthy meals. • The Solo Chef provides real solutions to the five main problems confronting solo chefs. • With advice, hints and tips, weekly shopping lists, menus as well as delicious no-fuss, tasty dishes that are easily achievable by the home cook. • All the recipes are designed for one person and many make clever use of leftovers.
  11. 11. ISBN : 9781742574639 Format: PB Price: £14.99 Trim: 200 x 220 mm Pages: 128 pp Category: Cooking Lyndey Milan The Best Collection • This stunning collection takes the best recipes from Lyndey's kitchen. Sections include: • No Plates – perfect for entertaining • Small plates – great for sides and vegetarians • Large plates – delicious main meals • Sweet plates – everything you want to finish the meal • Chocolate plates – dripping in dark and white forbidden dishes. • There is no gastronomy here – this is food for everyone. It’s packed with minimal fuss and maximum flavour, and takes the hard work out of planning a complete meal.
  12. 12. OPA!This is my Story Alexandra Voulgari ISBN : 9781742574608 Format : PB Price: £14.99 Category: Memoir/Humour • This is my story. It’s about the dreams that go awry, the stumbles along the way and the events that can change life profoundly. • A good Greek girl does not disobey her parents. She accepts the proxy marriage they arrange for her. • She does not go to parties with her girlfriends and then come home with a love bite. • Above all, she does not lose her virginity to somebody who isn't her husband! • What a life it can be if, like me, you're born female and Greek! Headstrong, opinionated and always at odds with my Greek parents.
  13. 13. BLOOD SUGAR Quinoa & Healthy Living Michael Moore ISBN 9781742574561 Format: PB Price: £14.99 Trim: 260 x 215 mm Pages: 272 pp Category: Cooking/ Health The Best of Blood Sugar Quinoa and Healthy Living is a collection of the best wholegrain recipes from Michael Moore’s bestselling Blood Sugar recipe books. Eating whole grains as part of a healthy diet will have you feeling great in no time. All the recipes in this book are made using quinoa, brown rice, steel-cut oats, chia, sunflower seeds or pepitas. It includes new recipes with the amazing superfood, quinoa.
  14. 14. Winner of Masterchef 2013 A Home Grown Table Emma Dean ISBN: 9781742574714 Format: HB Price: £ 16.99 Trim Size: 210 x 260mm Pages: 256 Category: Cooking Emma Dean, winner of the 2013 Masterchef, is on her way to becoming a household name around the world with her homegrown produce style and her earthy approach to using food grown in her own garden. This book covers from the garden to the plate with easy delicious recipes that are healthy choices for honest food that you can cook with flavour. With over 100 recipes using meats, vegetables, salads and making delicious easy desserts, Emma puts her stamp on all things fresh that makes it easy to cook her recipes.
  15. 15. COOKING WITH CHIA Nicky Arthur ISBN 9781742574769 Format: PB Price: £ 12.99 Trim:190 x 230 mm Pages : 224 pp Category: COOKING • Cooking with Chia is the perfect book for anyone interested in this superfood. • You can dip in and try any of the delicious recipes. • Nicky includes the must have list of ingredients for the pantry. • Also includes smoothies and drinks to start your day. • Research shows chia has a range of health benefits which may assist in managing certain conditions, including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, obesity, skin problems and even anti-aging.
  16. 16. The Little Book of Home Sewing Techniques Cheryl Owen ISBN: 9781780095165 Format: HB Price: £9.99 Category: Craft Essential sewing skills to make inspirational soft furnishings Includes: •Seams •Borders •Gussets •Zips •Piping •Hems •Pleats
  17. 17. The Basic Cookbook Lesley Pagett ISBN: 9781742574660 Format: HB Price: £19.99 Trim: 190 x 230 mm Pages: 400 pp Category: Cooking • The Basic Cookbook is the essential reference to simple home cooking. • You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started in the kitchen. • From boiling rice and scrambling eggs to making stock and baking the perfect roast with gravy. • How to cook those traditional dishes your mother and grandmother used to make. • With over 300 delicious recipes. • The Basic Cookbook covers every meal of the day, in an easy-to-follow format. • Kitchen know-how is easy to achieve once you know the basics. Material Cover
  18. 18. The Managers By Jon Reeves ISBN 9781742574622 Format :PB Price: £12.99 Category: Sport • The Managers profiles the best of all-time from around the world. • Among the true greats are Sir Alex Ferguson, the Man United legend with a record 13 Premier League titles; •Brian Clough, one of the most fascinating characters in football; •Jose Mourinho, the ‘Special One’, who has tasted both League and European glory; and Udo Lattek, the most successful manager of the German game. • In this essential volume, relive the triumphs, quirks, disappointments and redemptions of these unforgettable football characters.
  19. 19. Girl’s Guide to Sewing Cheryl Owen ISBN 9781780094779 Format: PB Price: £12.99 Category: Craft • • What better way to personalise clothing and home accessories, or make your clothes fit perfectly, than by learning to do it yourself? •Crammed with expert yet simple advice and ideas, this handbook provides the novice with the basic skills to repair, revamp and recreate items. •Each project is simply designed, and uses a range of sewing skills that are easy to master. There are hints and tips throughout to give the maker confidence in their skills.
  20. 20. Amigurumi Friends ISBN 9781780094564 Format: PB Price: £12.99 Category: Craft • Amigurumi is a Japanese technique of knitting or crocheting small creatures, personalizing them with human features and stuffing them to give a three- dimensional shape. • Each project requires intermediate-level knitting skills and uses knit, purl and basic sewing skills.
  21. 21. Soy Candles The how to Glenda Short ISBN 9781742574257 Format: PB Price: £12.99 Category: Craft • Soy candles are produced from sustainable agricultural products, which means they’re good for the environment. • They have a lower burning point than traditional candles, which means they last longer, making them more economical. • This lavish new book shows you how to make a range of beautiful candles suitable for all occasions. • Material and equipment lists explain everything you need to get started.
  22. 22. The Lost for Words Collection Kathy Schmidt &Louise Jourdan ISBN 9781742574875 Format: PB Price: £7.99 Category: Reference • Creative messages for all occasions when you are lost for something to write or say during any occasion. Wedding Birthday Funeral Wedding Breaking up Ending a friendship Sickness Greetings to suit every occasion.
  23. 23. Tadpoles and Frogs of Australia ISBN : 9781921517310 Format: HB Price: £60.00 Category: Natural History Discover the absolute world of Australian Frogs with this never before published, stunning and comprehensive, one-of-a-kind reference bible on the life histories and patterns of Australian Frogs. The book covers all species of adult frogs and includes illustrated descriptions of the eggs, tadpoles and metamorphs of most species, with clearly demonstrated keys to tadpoles and eggs. Full colour throughout, including over 3,060 photos and drawings, it is a must-have reference guide for amateurs, students and professionals alike. Featuring over 500 detailed drawings, and contributions from more than 70 expert photographers throughout Australia. This is a title that must be snapped up given it’s authoritative stance in the market place!
  24. 24. RETRO SERIES CUPCAKES For Every Occasion By Denise Gere ISBN 9781742574813 Format: HB Price: £19.99 Category: Cooking Baking cupcakes is both a pleasurable and rewarding experience, not just for the home cook but also for the family and friends who gather to enjoy the fruits of the labour. So quick and delicious, they can be made when friends drop in or just on a whim on a lazy afternoon. Material Cover
  25. 25. Home Style Tara Dennis ISBN: 9781742574974 Format: HB Price: £ 16.99 Category: Craft STYLISH DIY PROJECTS FOR THE HOME
  26. 26. EMOTIONAL EATERS Dr Pam Spurr ISBN: tbc Format: PB Price: £ 9.99 Category: Health/Self help This is the ultimate book for every man and woman who has ever battled with food issues. Whether their battle has been with yoyo dieting, binge eating, comfort snacking, or any other emotionally unhealthy way of eating this book shows readers that the real enemy to them being a healthy weight is their feelings, not food. Dr Pam Spurr is an award-winning radio presenter, agony aunt, sex and relationship advisor and life coach. Dr Pam is the author of more than 11 self-help books and appears regularly on TV.
  27. 27. Cutest Ever Baby Toys Val Pierce ISBN: 978178009568 Format: HB Price: £ 9.99 Category: Craft From the author of the best-selling Cutest Ever Baby Knits and Cutest Ever Toddler Knits comes a delightful collection of toys to make for a baby. Projects include: • Mobiles • Pram Toys • Small soft toys to hold • Cuddly Toys • Rattle Toys • Baby gifts • Simple socks and hats
  28. 28. Bean Cooking Linda Turner & Diane Newsom ISBN 9781742574905 Format: HB Price: £ 14.99 Category: Cooking Beans are one of the food world’s most versatile ingredients. Not only are they delicious, they are packed full of protein, fibre and nutrients. Bean Cooking is the ultimate cookbook for anyone wanting to learn how to cook beans from scratch and feature them in delicious meals, from soups, salads, mains, desserts and snacks. These are perfect for anyone wanting to increase their health and be kinder to the planet. Beans are one of nature’s perfect foods, these recipes are perfect for vegetarians or vegans, health food lovers or just anyone who enjoys great food. With easy-to-follow recipes and a variety of cooking options.
  29. 29. Lucy’s Cookbook Lucy Wallrock Format: HB ISBN: tbc Price: £16.99 Category: Cooking Masterchef contestant of 2013
  30. 30. Material Cover Part of the Retro Series 19.99 HARDBACK
  31. 31. BAKING WITH THE BAKER PINO LOCANTRO Format: HB ISBN: tbc Price: £14.99 Pages: 192pp Category: COOKING Baking with the baker is full of delicious recipes, savoury and sweet, that can be made easily. You’ll find simple instructions on how to make: almond seashells, viennese biscuits, ciabatta, sourdough, pies, quiches and cheesecakes.
  32. 32. New FUNKY Pizza HB $14.95
  33. 33. New FUNKY Party Cakes HB $14.95
  34. 34. New FUNKY Kids Meals & Snacks HB $14.95
  35. 35. Roses Nancy Gardiner ISBN: 9781780095042 Format: HB Price: £9.99 Trim Size: 160 x 200 mm Pages: 96 pp Category: GARDENING This insight into the growing, handling and caring for the rose opens with an account of the history of the rose. The sections which follow provide information about modern species, their growing methods and the joys and frustrations of producing roses for showing.
  36. 36. New FUNKY Entertaining HB $14.95
  37. 37. All Day Brunch Retro Series ISBN: 9781780095042 Format: HB Price: £19.99 Category: Cookinig Material Cover
  38. 38. 101 USES FOR A PENCIL Peter Gray Format: PB ISBN: tbc Price: £12.99 Category: Craft 101 Uses for a Pencil reveals the creative aspects of drawing in order to demystify the subject. Drawing illustrations are interspersed with practical and amusing ways in which pencils can be used in everyday life— drawing caricatures, scratching your back, adding light and shade, picking up undies from the floor! Peter Gray is a full-time illustrator and author in the UK, illustrating for newspapers, film and books. He is the author and illustrator of 20 books.
  39. 39. I SURVIVED KEROBOKAN Paul Conibeer ISBN: 9781742574967 Format: PB Price: £14.99 Category: Biography In I Survived Kerobokan Paul tells his harrowing story of sleeping on the tiles at Kuta Police Station for 60 days, using a water bottle as a pillow, before he was transferred to Kerobokan prison. In his 300 days in Kerobokan, the toll on Paul’s body and mental state were dramatic. Paul’s story is a unique one in that he had contact with many people who were on death row or life imprisonment … he jotted down their stories on pieces of paper and on a phone he smuggled into the jail. These are their stories as well as his … a harrowing tale of survival in one of the most notorious prisons in the world … all set on an island paradise.
  40. 40. PRIME TIME WITH NELSON ASPEN Nelson Aspen Format: PB ISBN: 9781742574646 Price: £9.99 Category:
  41. 41. KNITTED MINATURE ANIMALS Jenny Occleshaw Format: HB ISBN: tbc Price: £12.99 Category: Craft Trim Size: 220 x 200 mm Meet Knitted Minature Animals! A brand-new collection of easy to make friends in minature sizes, making them ideal for gifts and a perfect fit for children’s cuddles. Patterns are designed for a variety of skill levels and each minature animal can be made using leftover pieces of wool from larger knitting projects.
  42. 42. ANIMALS IN COMBAT Nigel Allsopp Format: HB ISBN: tbc Price: £14.99 Category: Military
  43. 43. MODERN INDIAN FOOD Rishi Desai Format: HB ISBN: tbc Price: £16.99 Category: Cooking Rishi Desai inherited his love for cooking from his mother. Growing up in the small city of Kolhapur, India, where his family still lives today. While studying in the US, he started to experiment with other cuisines including Mexican, South Asian and European. Forget your local Indian takeaway, Rishi’s book presents Indian food with a fresh and modern take. His recipes are fragrant and delicious modern interpretations of the flavours and spices of Indian cuisine.