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Reading strategies


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Reading strategies

  1. 1. BY: Andy
  2. 2.  Definition: to make a claim on what happen in the story and give evidence to support it. Example: inference: Everyone is betting for the mystery cow and young talent that could win the race rather than Grandma. Evidence: She ask Jon Oasks and everyone in the village. They said they are not betting on Grandma.
  3. 3.  Definition: predict it will happen in the future. In prediction, we have to give evidence to prove that our prediction are correct. Example: Prediction: Evidence:
  4. 4.  Definition: When you connect what happen in your book to another book or text, yourself or the world Example: Text to text: Fone and the girl were escaping from the rat creatures. My connections: It is like beauty and the beast
  5. 5.  Situation in the text: Phoney look like a cowboy when he is worked in the bar. My connection: when I and my brother walk into the restaurant.
  6. 6.  Situation in the text: The rat creatures were cover around Fone and the girl. My connections: It was like the American cover around and try to attacked Viet Nam when the war began.
  7. 7.  Definition: you draw a picture and you explain what does it mean. Example:“ This is when Fone Found out that this is the only map left in his bag.”
  8. 8.  Definition: The thing that you want to know about the book. For example: “ what will happen to Phoney, Fone and Smiley in the future?”
  9. 9. The End