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Destination Kaylynn

  2. 2. Destination: The Sun Well at the beginning of our solar system is the sun it being huge enough that it takes up 98.6% of our solar system mass. The sun is made up of hydrogen 74% and helium 24% and other traces of things like silicon . Its average temperature is 5,500 Celsius. It has no moon or rings but has 9 planets and their moons. Next destination: Mercury
  3. 3. Destination: Mercury Mercury has tiny diameter of 4,878 km . the distance from the sun 57,900,000 km is so tiny that its average temperature of 179 Celsius with no atmosphere. It is so close that it has no rings or moons. The days are almost as long as the years its days being 58 earth days and its years being 88 earth days. Next Destination: Venus
  4. 4. Destination: Venus  Well this planets bigger with a diameter of 12,102 km. with its being 108,200,ooo km from the sun. Well you would surely burn up on this planet with the average temperature being 464 Celsius . This is the only planet that has a longer day than year the day is 243 earth days when its year is 225. While just like Mercury has no rings or moons. With its atmosphere being carbon dioxide 96.5% nitrogen 3.5% and the one of the planets that has sulfuric acid. Next destination: Earth
  5. 5. Destination: Earth Well our home planet is about the same size as Venus with it being 12,756 km. Same with distance 149,000,000 km. Unlike other planets we have two average temperature of -55 to 70 Celsius. Well you should no how many hours in a day and days in a year but just in case there are 23.92 hours and 365.25 days in a year. With our atmosphere being nitrogen 78% oxygen 21% and Aragon 1%. With us having one moon and no rings Next Destination The Moon
  6. 6. Destination: The Moon The moon has a diameter of 3,474km a quarter of the size of earth but its distance from the sun is 146,692,378 km. Its normal temperature is -173 Celsius to 100 Celsius. It has been the only extreal terstrial planet that we have been on. The orbit around the earth takes 27.3 earth days Next Destination: Mars
  7. 7. Destination: Mars Well the planet after us is small it being 6,792km and its distance being 228,000,000km . Its temperature is cold it being-55 Celsius. Its days are about the same as us their days being 24.62 earth hours but its years are as twice as long them being 687 earth days. Its atmosphere is strangely made up of carbon dioxide 95.3% nitrogen 2.7% and Aragon 1.7%. I only has 2 moons and no rings.
  8. 8. Destination: Jupiter Well we’ve reached our biggest planet with its diameter being 142,980km but the distance is long to being 778,400,000 km. but its average temperature is pretty cold being - 108 Celsius but its days or short and the years are long the hours being 9.92 earth hours and its days being 11.86 earth years. This planet has a deadly atmosphere of Hydrogen89% helium 10% and methane. With it having 39 moons and rings. Next Destination : Saturn
  9. 9. Destination: Saturn Well Saturn's a little smaller with it being 120,ooo,ooo km but its distance is bigger it being 1.4 million miles away. Its temperature being -185 Celsius . Its day is short being 10.66 earth hours. Will its days being 29.46 earth years. Its atmosphere contains hydrogen 96.3% Helium3% and methane. Saturn also has rings and 30 moons. Next Destination: Uranus
  10. 10. Destination: Uranus Well Uranus is the third biggest planet it being 51,118km but its distance from the sun is larger it being 2.9 billion miles away. Its temperature drops though it being -200 Celsius Its days are short though it being 17.24 Earth hours but the year is longer it being 84.01 earth years. Its atmosphere is the same as Jupiter and Saturn it being Hydrogen 83% helium15% And methane 2% with it having 20 moons and rings Next Destination: Neptune
  11. 11. Destination: Neptune Well Neptune is smaller it being 49,528 km but its diameter being 4.5 billion km its temperature is a little colder it being -225 but its days are shorter them being 16.11 earth hours and the days being 164 earth years. Its atmosphere consist of hydrogen 80% helium 19% and methane 1%. It has a whopping 8 moons and has rings. Next Destination: Pluto
  12. 12. Destination: Pluto Well the last one Pluto, it being only 2,340km but its distance is huge it being 5.9 billion km. Its temperatures are bone chilling it being -230 Celsius Its days being long them being 6.39 earth days and its years are the longest them being 248 earth years. Its atmosphere weird it being carbon monoxide methane and nitrogen. It also has three tiny moons and no rings.
  13. 13. I hope you enjoyed the show Property of Kalynn Incorporated copyright 2009