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As we are planning the coming events, we are looking for sponsorships to buy our plane tickets to go to JEWC2012 : The junior-enterprises's world biggest event, which takes place in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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Call for sponsors

  1. 1. JEWC 2012Call for sponsorsN-HiTec ASBL Gilles GoffardGrande Traverse, 10 Public Affairs & Communication4000 - Liège (Sart-Tilman)+3243662001 Page 1
  2. 2. About N-HiTecN-HiTec is a junior enterprise of the University of Liege. As such, the enterprise is completely managed bystudents. This concept, altough misunderstood in Belgium, allows to students to get in the Business field,and earn experience during their studies, to be as ready as possible once they are graduated. As well, let’smention that students who took part in these activities have a lot of experience in projects management,in communication, negotiation, and some other fields. As an engineering implemented J.E., we mainly rea-lize engineering consultancy, which goes from I.T., to Aerospace.In Belgium, junior enterprises are federated and audited by an organisation called JADE Belgium. Thisfederation is itself federated by the European organisation, JADE, which is located in Brussels. Today,there are more than 20.000 member-students in the whole Europe.These different associations are organizing some meetings related to their level. Thus, N-HiTec parti-cipates to 8 meetings per year (4 at the belgian level, and 4 at the european level). These meetings arecrucial sources of personnal, and professional enrichment. Partitcipants de N-HiTec au Summer Meeting à Vienne.About the Junior Enterprises World Conference ‘‘ 2000 Junior Entrepreneurs. A dozen of hotels, restaurants, and seminar rooms, The «Junior Enterprises World Conference» is the major global event of youth ’’ entrepreneurship. Damien Watrin, Ancien Président, JADE BelgiumThe JEWC, Junior Enterprises World Conference, is the world’s summit of junior enterprises. It is orga-nized every couple of years in a differente place (2010 - Milan, IT)This year, the event will be held in Brazil, in the city of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro state. This year’s theme is«One world, one network». Different lectures will be given, by american and brazilian high-level orators.Page 2
  3. 3. In there, workships will be given by professional people from the busi-ness sphere, allowing us to higher our base knowledges in managementand communication.The complete programme and all informations related to the JEWC canbe found on the website (EN).The journey to go to Brazil, however, is quite expensive : plane tickets and registering rises 1.200€ of fees.That type of budget cannot be supported by our Junior Enterprise, this is the reason why we are callingyou, to propose you a win-win sponsorship.Why should you become our sponsor ?By sponsoring us, you ensure your company to have a privilegedimage during the event. We will make print a few shirts, with yourlogo, and these ones will be worn in there by our representative tothe JEWC.To mention, the visibility is as enforced as we plan to make a sup-port speech for Liege Expo 2017, the candidacy of Belgium to theinternational exposition, while wearing the shirt, during one of thetwo major keynotes (opening/closing ceremony), in front of 2.000people from landscapes.We will make numerous pictures as well, for your brand communi-cation ! The amount of the sponsor varies between 200€ (logo onback) and 400€ (logo on heart).The shirts will be printed in a Belgian enterprise, called 4-Dimen-sions ( Plan to send us a logo on lightbackground.In addition to that, we have opened a wordpress blog, we will pu-blish photos and information about your brand on it, and let it makea way through the social medias. Thereby, you will have a higheredvisibility by those vectors as well. www.nhitec.wordpress.comConclusionIn the name of N-HiTec, I already thank you for having read our file, and hope that you will bring it a posi-tive following. Feel free to contact me (preferientially by e-mail) for any further question or information. Gilles Goffard. Page 3
  4. 4. N-HiTec is member of JADE Belgium and MESA N-HiTec Grande Traverse, 10 4000 - Liège IGNE P O UR N-HiTec SPage 4