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2012, the awakening of the Vietnamese Game Development - A deep look into squad - Mrs. Le Thu Van. VTC Studio

VTC Online associates with Vietnam International Game Developers Association (Vietnam IGDA) to hold the seminar named “2012 – 2012, the Awakening of the Vietnamese Game Development”. This seminar of Game Development will be firstly held in the North with international and domestic specialists’ attendance.

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2012, the awakening of the Vietnamese Game Development - A deep look into squad - Mrs. Le Thu Van. VTC Studio

  2. 2. CONTENT____________________________________• Introduction• Currently implemented features• Development history• Difficulties and challenges• Our next goals
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION____________________________________• A MMOFPS game• The game has been developed since 02/2010 by VTC Studio• Game Engine : Gamebryo LightSpeed• Middleware: PhysX, Raknet, Scaleform, wWise• Graphics: 3D• Official site:
  4. 4. FEATURES IMPLEMENTED____________________________________
  5. 5. GAME MODES• Team death match: Players • Base Destruction: Two teams • Flag Capture mode: Playersare divided into two separate will own certain amount of key are divided into two teams,teams, the score is calculated points in form of resource each team has its own flag tobased on the number of kills. generating structures. The goal is protect. The goal is to protectBy the end of the match, the to protect your own strategic team’s flag and get theteam with higher score wins points while trying to destroy the opponent’s at the same time opposing team’s. By the end of to earn points. By the end of the match, the team with higher match, the team with higher score wins score wins
  6. 6. CHARACTERS AND CLASSES• SCOUT: lightly armored and • TANKER : heavily armed with • SNIPER: specialized in longfast moving units that high damage weapons, they are range combat, proficient withspecialize on close the backbone of any team in the sniping rifles, this class cancombat, detection and game. wreck havoc on enemy lineambush. from afar or keep the base safeguarded from enemy attacks
  7. 7. SKILL SYSTEM Each class in the game will have several exclusive skills to define the play style and their roles in the battle, indicated as:• SCOUT: Scan – helps to • TANKER : Berserk – helps to • SNIPER: Focus - helps thedetect enemy’s location in a increase weapon damage in a body to avoid impacts fromlimited time.. limited time, however once player enemy’s bullets and also activates it, armor’s effect will be provides better accuracy when reduced.. shooting..
  8. 8. GAME MAPS • Old market: a market place with the • City in the border: Map of Base aesthetics of colonial old town architecture Destruction mode, the city with bunkers and secret tunnels to discover • School: Large map, situated in an • Secret Factory: a small map of jet abandoned school with symmetrically engine research site that provides a positioned sniping points dynamic environment for death match game mode
  9. 9. GAME MAPS • Bagdad under fire: a symmetrically • Wild West: newest map just organized map for flag capture game released, a small American western mode town.. • Old Palace of Persia: a small map of • Wild Castle:a maze of an old Persian architecture with high tower European castle with defending sniping points, appropriate environment walls and hidden tunnels for every 3 classes to train their skills
  10. 10. ITEM SYSTEM Divided into 3 main catalogues: Character, Gear, Weapon • Character: Diverse character system to choose • Decorative gear: such as: Helmets, masks, glasses, clips, shoulder straps with bags, shoes.. Except for the armor, which actually helps to reduce the enemy’s weapon damage, these items do not have any real influence on gamer’ s fighting capabilities but give them the option to customize their characters. • Weapons: Full different weapon system for each classes
  11. 11. CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPON Weapon upgrades • Scopes: Zoom options for guns • Silencers: Hide the sound of your muzzle, avoid being detected by enemies • Laser pointes: Help players to have a better view during shooting
  12. 12. MISSION Missions are timely designed, including daily and monthly missions • Daily missions: System will generate random missions for each player on a daily basis. Finishing these mission will grant the players some certain rewards. • Monthly missions: Extra rewards will be given to players who have finished all the daily missions.
  13. 13. DEVELOPMENT HISTORY___________________________________• Looking for appropriate game engine that mostlysuitable for the game requirement.• Divided into 2 separate teams with specific work:GUI + Database, Core Team.• Coordinate between teams.• Working under high pressure: High expectation is setfor a great investment.
  14. 14. DIFFICULTIES AND CHALLENGES____________________________________• Less experience. Poor engine’s documentation andsupport• Lagging and performance problem• Hackers• Bugs like crazy with no clues• A specific example with Mission systemimplementation•Biggest lesson learnt: Never ever fear of rebuild everything from the beginning if needed because it cost much less time and resources than trying to fix a mess. Clearly set the most important goal to achieve when starting a new feature, and then step by step fulfill other goals
  15. 15. OUR NEXT GOALS____________________________________• New game features to come• Build up our knowledge and experience and skill• Successfully publish SQUAD to 10 markets in co-operating with N.V.I.A, Ltd• Commercialize the game in more possible markets
  16. 16.