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Public Transport Study in Kajang - Bangi - Putrajaya - Bandar Seri Putra - Nilai

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Public Transport Study

  1. 1. Group Project:Public Transport Study for Kajang – Bangi – Putrajaya – Kajang– Putrajaya– Bandar Seri Putra - Nilai Asmah Bt. Hamim P60159 Noor Hazlin Bt. Abd Rahim P60840
  2. 2. Objectives To study public transport demand in Kajang – Bangi – Putrajaya – Bandar SeriPutra – Nilai corridor. To determine the most desired line for public transport between the zones thatconnecting the corridor. To propose the suitable and sustainable public transportation system in thecorridor.
  3. 3. Study Area
  4. 4. Existing Road Linkage Kajang Silk Highway Lekas Highway North-South Expressway (PLUS Highway) Grandsaga Highway SKVE Highway
  5. 5. Existing Public Transporta. Bus & Taxi Services i) Hentian Kajang (Jln. Reko) ii) Perhentian Bas & Teksi Nilai iii) Putrajaya Sentral
  6. 6. b. KTM Komuter Study Area KTM Komuter Route Map
  7. 7. c. Taxi Kajang Taxi Terminal
  8. 8. Public Transport Problems Statement Lack of public transport integration, existing buses is outdated, have poor-accessibility especially in the Kajang and Bangi area. Unsuitable location for Kajang Town bus stop point.
  9. 9. Public Transport Problems Statement Main public transport terminal is far from komuter station and it’s sharedbetween Kajang and Bangi. Putrajaya location is far away from other facilities. No public transport toconnect between nearest places (Kajang and Bangi) and Putrajaya. Services of KTM Komuter are bad. KTM Komuter station condition cannot accommodate the increasingpassenger’s demands. It has very limited parking.
  10. 10. Public Transport Problems Statement Public transportation services unavailable at Bandar Seri Putra. No public transport services to Nilai 3 and no terminal at Nilai 3 except minibus.
  11. 11. Recommended Action PlansAction 1: Traffic Management Intersection 2 Intersection 1 Two Intersections at Jalan Reko
  12. 12. Intersection 1 Intersection 2Traffic congestion happened at these two intersections especially on peak hours.Extending the slip road lane to SILK Highway from UKM without using traffic light andintroducing turn left from highway to Kajang without using traffic signal will reducethe congested and safety to user.
  13. 13. Roundabout 1 Roundabout 2 Two Roundabouts Nearby Seksyen 15, BangiThe introduction of traffic signal control at this roundabout, will allow the right turningmaneuvers to be accommodated at this important location especially during evening peak.It is can reduce the extent of circuitous trips undertaken on this section of theurban road network.
  14. 14. Recommended Action PlansAction 2: Central Area Bus Management Scheme Objectives of scheme Improve the accessibility Encourage bus usage of bus services
  15. 15. Recommended Action Plans Jln. Cheras Bus lane Jln. Stadium Jln. Semenyih Jln. Sg. Chua Jln. Mendaling Jln. Besar Jln. Reko Bus Lane Route
  16. 16. Recommended Action Plans - Jalan Bukit must restrict to other type of vehicle except bus, school bus and taxi. - Relocation of the bus station and taxi stand from Jalan Besar to Jalan Bukit nearby Kajang KTM Station Proposed new location for BRT Transit Central and taxi stand
  17. 17. Traffic Modelling Trip Generation Trip Distribution Modal Split Trip Assignment
  18. 18. Trip Assignment Kajang- Bangi- Putrajaya- Bdr Seri Bangi Putrajaya Bdr Seri Putra-Nilai Putra (87,824)/ (59,585)/ (32,250)/ (16,251)/ (100,164) (74,651) (42,313) (11,717)
  19. 19. Long Term Public Transport Plan - Double-line LRT from Kajang to Bandar Baru Bangi, Putrajaya, Bandar Seri Putra and Nilai. Light Rail Transit (LRT)
  20. 20. Light Rapid Transit (LRT) Near Hulu At Kajang KTM Komuter Langat District Station Office NearAlamanda, Near Seksyen 7 Putrajaya Near Sg. Merab Near Kg. Near Pekan Teras Jernang Bangi Near Bandar Seri Putra At Batang Benar KTM Komuter Station At Nilai KTM Komuter Station LRT Route and Stations
  21. 21. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Near Kajang Specialist Hospital Near Satay Hj. Samuri Near Kajang Police StationNear intersection Jalan Near Metro Point 7/1 In front Plaza Metro Kajang Near Kajang KTM Komuter (proposed BRT Transit At Hentian Kajang, Jln. Reko Central) BRT Route and Stations at Kajang Town
  22. 22. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Near Nilai 3 Near Nilai Impian Near Nilai Industrial Area Near Nilai KTM Komuter Station BRT Route and Stations at Nilai
  23. 23. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) BRT Stop BRT Transit Central
  24. 24. Feeder BusFeeder bus services are designed to pick up passengers in a certain locality, andtake them to a transfer point where they make an onward journey on a trunk service.Provide bus service to LRT and KTM station. In this study, feeder bus proposed tozones that have LRT services; Nilai, Bandar Sri Putra, Putrajaya, Bandar Baru Bangiand Kajang. Feeder buses may act as part of a wider local network, or a regionalcoach network.
  25. 25. 5. near Kajang Specialist Hospital 4. near Satay Hj. Samuri 6. near Kajang Police 3. near intersection Jln. 7/1 Station 7. near Metro Point 2. in front Plaza Metro Kajang 8. near Kajang KTM Komuter Station 2. near Seksyen 7, Bangi 1. at Kajang KTM Komuter Station 3. near Hulu Langat District 1. at Hentian Kajang, Jln. Reko4. nearAlamanda, Office Putrajaya 5. near Sg. Merab 6. near Kg. Teras Jernang 7. near Pekan Bangi Legend:- Proposed Location of LRT Station 8. Near Bandar Seri Putra Proposed Location of BRT Station at Nilai Proposed Location BRT Station at Kajang Town BRT Station 4. near Nilai 3 Overall Layout of Proposed LRT Station 3. near Nilai Impian Public Transport in Study LRT Line Area 2. near Nilai Industrial Area BRT Line at Nilai 1. near KTM Komuter Station 9. at Batang Benar BRT Line at Kajang Town KTM Komuter Station 10. at Nilai KTM Komuter Station
  26. 26. Cost EstimationCost Estimation for Action Plans1) 2 Intersections at Jalan Reko Cost estimation for extend and add lane for 1 intersection Length = 300 m Width = 3 m Excavation depth = 0.3 m Area volume = 270 m3 Sand/Crusher Run = 25.00 RM/m3 Pavement = 30.00 RM/m3 Compaction = 30.00 RM/m3 Excavation work = 25.00 RM/m3 = 110.00 RM/m3 Others (kerb, lanscape, = 20,000.00 RM signboard) Sum of cost = 49,700 RM X 2 = RM 99,400.00
  27. 27. Cost EstimationCost Estimation for Action Plans2) 2 Roundabout Nearby Seksyen 15, Bangi Estimate for traffic light at 2 roundabout = 12nos x RM 300,000.00 = RM 3,600,000.003) Bus lanes at Kajang Town - Use existing asphalt on bus way = 20km x RM 450,000.00 = RM 9,000,000.00 - New asphalt on single lane busway = 4km x RM 2,200,000.00 = RM 8,800,000.00 - Bus way with fully colorized lanes = 24km x RM 150,000.00 = RM 3,600,000.00 Total Cost Estimation for Bus Lanes at Kajang Town = RM 21,400,000.004) BRT Transit Central and Taxi Stand Built BRT Transit Central = RM 7,000,000.00 Total of Cost Estimate for Action Plans = RM 32,099,400.00
  28. 28. Cost EstimationCost Estimation for Long Term Plans1) Light Rapid Transit - Railway = 60km x RM 50,000,000.00 = RM 3,000,000,000.00 - Station = 10nos x RM 5,000,000.00 = RM 50,000,000.00 Total Cost Estimation for LRT = RM 3,050,000,000.002) BRT at Kajang - Station (3m wide) = 14nos x RM 600,000.00 = RM 8,400,000.00 - Air conditioned inside station = 14nos x RM 100,000.00 = RM 1,400,000.00 - Sliding door (8 door per station) = 14nos x RM 120,000.00 = RM 1,680,000.00 - Station identification post = 14 nos x RM 2,500.00 = RM 35,000.00 - Fare system (complete set) = 14nos x RM 1,500,000.00 = RM 21,000,000.00 - Pedestrian crosswalk with signal = 7nos x RM 60,000.00 = RM 420,000.00
  29. 29. - GPS system = RM 3,000.000.00 Total Cost Estimation for BRT at Kajang = RM 32,935,000.003) BRT at Nilai - Use existing asphalt on busway = 20km x RM 450,000.00 = RM 9,000,000.00 - New asphalt on single lane busway = 5km x RM 2,200,000.00 = RM 11,000,000.00 - Busway with fully colourised lanes = 25km x RM 150,000.00 = RM 3,750.000.00 - Station (3m wide) = 8nos x RM 600,000.00 = RM 4,800,000.00 - Air conditioned inside station = 8nos x RM 100,000.00 = RM 800,000.00 - Sliding door (8 door per station) = 8nos x RM 120,000.00 = RM 960,000.00 - Station identification post = 8nos x RM 2,500.00 = RM 20,000.00 - Fare system (complete set) = 8nos x RM 1,500,000.00 = RM 12,000,000.00 - Pedestrian crosswalk with signal = 4nos x RM 60,000.00 = RM 240,000.00 - GPS system = RM 3,000.000.00 Total Cost Estimation for BRT at Nilai = RM 45,570,000.00
  30. 30. 4) Feeder Bus Feeder bus = 50nos x RM 700,000.00 = RM 35,000,000.00Total of Cost Estimate for Long Term Plans = RM 3,163,505,000.00
  31. 31. Conclusion1) LRT for Kajang - Bandar Baru Bangi – Putrajaya – Bandar Seri Putra - Nilai2) BRT for Nilai – Nilai 3 and Kajang Town- The public’s attitude and willingness to shift to different modes of transport have been identified as an important step in the improvement process.- Financial backing and support from the government is also important in ensuring the success of the public transport network in this area.