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KM strategic planning session (2007)


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Engaging staff to develop and understanding of KM

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KM strategic planning session (2007)

  1. 1. KnowledgeManagement… an overviewNicky Hayward-WrightLibrary & Information ServiceAlzheimer’s Australia NSW
  2. 2. What is knowledge?HighDataInformationKnowledgeExperienceContextLowValueandmeaningExplicitImplicitTacit
  3. 3. Knowledge CycleObjectivesWhat do I knowWhat do I needApplyAccessStore… reviewCreate.. Identify…Collate
  4. 4. KnowledgeManagementKnowledge Knowledge KnowledgeManagement = Actions x Objects• The art ofperformingknowledgeactions onknowledgeobjects• Organising,storing,gathering,sharing,disseminating,using….• Data,information,experience,evaluations,insights,wisdom…Source: Hussain, F. et al. (2004). Managing knowledge effectively.Journal of Knowledge Management Practice. 5 (May)
  5. 5. Knowledge Management ElementsPeopleProcessTechnologyContent
  6. 6. KnowledgeManagementActivities Identify Access Innovation Application
  7. 7. Knowledge Management ActivitiesInformation captured from staff input to exercise (7August 2007)ACCESS CREATION APPLICATIONWhat tools assist you toaccess knowledge?What activities do you know of thatencourage the creation ofknowledge?InnovationWhat activities do you think would assist inthe application of knowledge?Turning ideas into practice?client database audits Champions / advocatescolleagues consultants fundingdatabases environment eg: trust marketingexperts evaluations and feedback people (internal and external)external sources eg: census funding resourcesideas database necessity responsibility of staffinternal brochures new technology; eg: social software staff skills directoryInternet personal interest think tanksjournals seminars timeLibrary time time framesmedia work planning daysresearch workshopssurveys
  8. 8. Knowledge Performance Program3. Develop aknowledgestrategy and setof objectives1. Understand howknowledge impactsthe organisation’sperformance 2. Understand theorganisation’sknowledgeenvironment4. Implementknowledge enablersto achieve theobjectives5. Measure and sustainknowledgeperformanceAdapted from: SAI Global. Driving Knowledge Performance, Day 1: Setting yourknowledge strategy p 33.
  9. 9. KnowledgeManagement“ A trans-disciplinary approach to improvingorganisational outcomes and learning, throughmaximising the use of knowledge. It involves thedesign, implementation and review of social andtechnological activities and processes to improvethe creating, sharing, and applying or using ofknowledge”.Standards Australia AS 5037-2005, p.2.
  10. 10. Is the proof in the pudding?