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Implementing enterprise social media (2012)


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Implementing Enterprise Social Media presentation for Knowledge Management Round Table (Vic), June 2012

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Implementing enterprise social media (2012)

  1. 1. © GS1 Australia 2012AustraliaImplementing enterprisesocial mediaKMRTv 20 June 2012Nicky Hayward-Wright
  2. 2. © GS1 Australia 2012Background2
  3. 3. © GS1 Australia 2012The approach3People Purpose Pathway Planning Persistence© Change Management Toolkit 2011
  4. 4. © GS1 Australia 2012Understanding your people4GS1 Project Gateway Staff Consultation | 24 - 31 Jan 2012
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  8. 8. © GS1 Australia 2012Yammer… Why?8Talking Business – Giam Swiegers, CEO Deloitte Au We Love Yammer
  9. 9. © GS1 Australia 2012ActivityQ: What business needsare in your organisation thatwould lean towards use ofenterprise social media tools? Reflect Have a table conversation Feedback key points to group9
  10. 10. © GS1 Australia 2012Purpose10≈ project collaboration≈ idea generation≈ problem solving≈ sharing something that might be useful≈ team sites / topic specific groups≈ external partner collaboration≈ co-creating content≈ a bit of socialising≈ lurking and learning≈ on boarding new employees≈ other??≈ engagement≈ transparency≈ openness≈ communication≈ responsiveness≈ collaboration≈ innovation≈ creativity≈ unlock siloed knowledge≈ reduce email≈ other??“people & content connecting through conversationto give context”
  11. 11. © GS1 Australia 2012Pathway• Link with knowledge strategy• Link with social media marketing strategy• Short, mid and long term goals• Governance• Human resourcing (rollout and ongoing)• Roll out plan• Human resourcing (rollout and ongoing)• Monitoring and adapting• Mine and harvest11
  12. 12. © GS1 Australia 2012engagement12Managers Connect Meeting, April 2012Social Media @ GS1au - what do you see as issues?
  13. 13. © GS1 Australia 2012Governance13
  14. 14. © GS1 Australia 2012Information governance14Q: Do you think IM is relevant for a social network?Q: What IM practice would you implement?
  15. 15. © GS1 Australia 2012Information governance15Type Yammer YammergroupYammerdirect mailIntranet emailGeneral update / status Suggestion  Idea  General problem to solve  Request for help  Group updates  Project updates  Formal announcement  Formal document Confidential  Specific action required  
  16. 16. © GS1 Australia 2012Planning Roll out plan• Senior management endorsement andengagement• Licencing• User engagement – existing and new• Communications & Fanfare• Training• Technical• Metrics16
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  19. 19. © GS1 Australia 2012Some lessons Content seeding Be agile in managing… the unexpected Trust issues19
  20. 20. © GS1 Australia 2012ActivityQ: Within your business, what do you seeas key challenges to the implementation ofan enterprise social media tool? One challenge per post-it-note Cluster challenges into 4 or 5 groups Body vote on key area of interest Conversation in small groups Identify top 2 or 3 points to feed back to group Feedback to group20
  21. 21. © GS1 Australia 2012AustraliaContact DetailsNicky Hayward-WrightAdvisor, Knowledge ManagementGS1 AustraliaM: + 61 417 404 427E: nicky.hayward-wright@gs1au.org!/nickyhw