Informative Letter to Judges


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Informative Letter to Judges

  1. 1. April 16th, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges, My name is Nathan Hayenga and I am currently a senior at Creekview High School. I amplanning to attend Georgia Southern University in august to pursue a degree in business andaccounting. However, I do not want the degree to get a job in business; I want to use it as apathway into law school. This would allow me to have a career as an attorney, which is my finalgoal. My senior project was to create and file an appeal to the Cherokee County Court system inan attempt to lower the appraised value of my home. I picked to give me a taste of what my workwould be as an attorney. My product was the Appeal that would be filed with the county courthouse. It is a form,but the form is only the beginning, in order for the appeal to accomplish anything it must includeevidence to show how the new estimate is correct. The reason we need an appeal system,property taxes, is what my research paper was about. I learned about the history and function ofthe Ad Valorem tax, which gave me an insight into the evolution of government with how simpleit used to be compared to now. My biggest struggle with my project was finding the correctforms and appropriate information for use in my product. So many different forms are out there,some with identical functions, but with differing specifics, such as location and function of theproperty. But, I managed to wade through the legal good and make a presentable case, somethingmany adults struggle to accomplish. My research paper’s topic was the function and origin of that Ad Valorem tax. Thisknowledge can help me with any career involving taxes, due to the fact the Ad Valorem tax isthe oldest tax we have record of. More specifically, an entire industry is built around the appealsprocess, with firms dedicated to nothing more than creating appeals. I found this comfortingbecause my goal of becoming an attorney is very lofty, and if the only degree I get is abachelor’s in business and accounting I will still always have the opportunity of a job filingappeals. I also learned that creating logical arguments is fairly simple, something that will bevery beneficial in a career concerning law. Over all, I do think that the senior project benefited me; even though it occurred duringan extremely busy time for most seniors. I felt that I learned a lot about government and the legalsystem. I also learned that if I am going to be successful in a law career I am going to have towork very hard to learn as much about the system as I possibly can. I learned I am going to haveto work very hard in college. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Nathan A. Hayenga