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Appeal Project Work Log


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Published in: Technology
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Appeal Project Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName__Nathan Hayenga___________________________________ Date __April 18th, 2012Product _A Submittable appeal to the County Board of Assessors____________________Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:2/21/2012 Finding the correct form for Cherokee90 minutes County houses. Commentary: I can’t believe that I made the mistake of getting the wrong areas form, honest mistake with my address being Alpharetta, which is primarily in Fulton county. Easy fix once Mrs. McCord stopped laughing at me.2/23/2012 Activity:180 minutes Finding comparable property’s on to show the value of mine. Commentary: Found five almost perfect houses, This is fairly easy to navigate. Zillow is really slow though and keeps crashing. Found homes all over with almost identical traits as mine. 2/24/2012 Activity:90 minutes After Mrs. McCord corrected my mistake of using different locations I got to find three new properties. Commentary: As it turns out, much of a home’s value is dependent on location, go figure. So to get an accurate read taking location
  2. 2. into account I used homes in my subdivision (I probably should have led off with that, but what can you do).3/2/2012 Activity:60 minutes I searched for the official record cards which are available online in Cherokee county. Comments: Searched, didn’t find. I wandered through the county website, to no avail. Now I understand why no-one really does this, I seem to run into a problem every step of the way.3/3/2012 Activity:180 minutes Getting the actual property cards online, (with the help of Mrs. McCord) and deciding on the most important features of the cards. Then we went to the homes in my subdivision and took pictures of features to compare that highlight similarities. Comments: It was right under my nose the whole time, another of my proudest moments. If I had just asked my project facilitator for help to start with this would have gone much smoother. I also learned that the most significant things to mention are square footage, lot size, and the number of bathrooms.3/10/2012 Activity:90 minutes I made a spreadsheet of the most important aspects of the homes, bedrooms, bathrooms, size, and then
  3. 3. found the amount of property taxes paid per unit using x-cell’s functions. Comments: I didn’t know that x-cell had the ability to do automatic functions, and I had a forty five ish minute lesson with my dad, I guess that that is just another skill I got to learn during this project.3/11/2012 Activity:90 minutes Filled out the form for the appeal (which I had lost). Comments: This probably would have taken half of the time it did if I had kept up with the form, I guess there is something to say for organization.3/14/2012 Activity:150 minutes Final organization and putting together of the project. Comments: Explained the math that I did to come up with my final estimate. And just made everything all pretty and stuff.