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Izabela Austin & Paula Munakova, *Real Chopin


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Zdobywczynie 2. miejsca w wielkim konkursie z okazji 200. rocznicy urodzin Chopina. Zadaniem konkursowym było opracowanie kampanii reklamowej, która pozwoli zmienić wizerunek Chopina.

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Izabela Austin & Paula Munakova, *Real Chopin

  1. 1. Although Fryderyk Chopin’s music is loved, the contemporary audience does not relate to him. He belongs in a museum with the parade of gold framed “Polish Greats”. But to catch a sight of real Chopin one has to strip the frame and see who he really was: rule breaking musical genius, seducer of women, socialite who loved to laugh, party and play pranks on his friends.
  2. 2. *Real Chopin The *Real Chopin campaign is such a prank - Chopin disappears The campaign aims to take Fryderyk Chopin out of the frame and the streets with gold frames and claim every Chopin’s monument or from the gold frame and leaves short message behind. The mes- pull him off the pedestal. For the first time, people will see who the memorial place in Poland. As with all ambient media, positioning sages are based around the unknown facts about his character and real Chopin was - a musical genius but also a person with vices and the pieces play an important role /suggestions follow/. lifestyle. The style of communication is contemporary and quite radi- virtues that were exceptional for his time. cal, which aims to address the target audience. The typeface used PRODUCTION: is Brushed. The style of it supports the idea of a personal message The *Real Chopin campaign is an ambient media campaign that where possible printed message should be framed in a real frame and the non-official language. intends to replace all existing images of Fryderyk Chopin, shower (second-hand or inexpensively produced from polystyrene moulds)
  3. 3. *Real Chopin /replace indoors/ *Real Chopin *Real Chopin *Real Chopin Replacing portraits in: museums, galleries, government institutions, schools, universities and such
  4. 4. *Real Chopin /indoors/ *Real Chopin *Real Chopin *Real Chopin Places where the target audience is likely to spend their free time like: cultural centres, town halls, foyers of hotels, theatres, trendy bars, clubs, music shops, cinemas, music venues
  5. 5. *Real Chopin /replace web/ *Real Chopin *Real Chopin Replacing images on websites (reference websites, museum web- sites, online articles etc.)
  6. 6. *Real Chopin /outdoors/ *Real Chopin *Real Chopin *Real Chopin Targeting walls of relevant buildings in town centres.
  7. 7. *Real Chopin /monuments/ *Real Chopin *Real Chopin To further emphasize the message behind the *Real Chopin campaign Chopin’s statues throughout Poland are stylised.
  8. 8. *Real Chopin /outcome/ Next time the public sees an image of Chopin they will ignore the gold frame. They will not only see the musical genius but moreover an unconventional character with a strong personality, a great dose of humour, a lover, ladies’ man and socialite.