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Reeves why ptp


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Reeves why ptp

  1. 1. Michael Reeves President Ports-to-Plains Alliance
  2. 2. Ports-to-Plains Corridor 1,390 miles corridor length About 40% of route is either 4 or 6 lane divided, or under design/construction 15 Relief routes planned, totaling 113 miles
  3. 3. Ports-to-Plains Alliance Partners
  4. 4. Ports-to-Plains North Development of eastern corridor to improve freight flow, especially to Ft McMurray, rural economic development Expand Port of Wild Horse Existing interstate connection to Hwy 2
  5. 5. Tijuana Mexicali Dallas Nogales Ciudad Juárez To Ports-to-Plains Houston San Antonio Del Rio Hermosillo Chihuahua Piedras Negras Allende Nuevo Laredo Monclova San Pedro Matamoros Saltillo Monterrey Culiacán Torreón La Paz Durango Cd.Victoria Mazatlán Zacatecas Cancún SLP Tampico Ags Progreso Tuxpan Mérida Tepic Querétaro Guadalajara Campeche Jalapa Colima Toluca D.F. Veracruz Manzanillo Morelia D.F. Chetumal Puebla Villa Hermosa Cuernavaca Lázaro Cárdenas Chilpancingo Oaxaca Acapulco Tuxtla Gutiérrez Salina Cruz Ciudad Hidalgo Texas Tech University 5
  6. 6. Ports-to-Plains Benefits Economic development to rural areas of North America Infrastructure to improve commerce, particularly agriculture and energy industries Improved highway safety
  7. 7. Safety Completion of PTP projected to reduce accidents by the following rates: Texas – 47% Oklahoma – 44% New Mexico – 33% Colorado – 28%
  8. 8. Ports-to-Plains Economic Impact Will create more than 40,000 new jobs Economic impact of more than $4.5 billion Expand tax base Economic benefit of more than 3:1
  9. 9. Agriculture Corridor
  10. 10. Who buys U.S. Farm Products Top 5 markets for 2006
  11. 11. Oil and Gas Corridor
  12. 12. Oil and Gas Corridor 5 of top 6 gas producing states 6 of top 10 oil producing states Alberta has world’s second largest oil reserves, behind only Saudi Arabia
  13. 13. PTP serves oil exploration
  14. 14. PTP serves oil exploration Ports-to-Plains is logical route for trade between Alberta, Texas and Mexico
  15. 15. Wind Power Corridor
  16. 16. Wind Power Corridor 7 of top 8 top states for wind power potential 9 of top 12 states for wind power potential
  17. 17. Infrastructure Demands Approximately 8 trucks per tower for major parts (not including concrete, rebar, crane, etc.) Boone Pickens planning 4000 MW farm or 2667 towers Will require approximately 21,336 trucks for tower parts alone Another 42,672 pilot cars
  18. 18. Infrastructure Demands
  19. 19. Get involved Energy Advisory Council Identify areas of mutual interest Tap into Ports-to-Plains grassroots network to promote joint interests Business memberships in Ports-to- Plains Alliance
  20. 20. Michael Reeves 5401 N. MLK #395 Lubbock, TX 79403 (806) 775-2338