That is god


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That is God

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That is god

  1. 1. GOD上主
  2. 2. Have you ever felt the desire to do something special for someone you love?你可曾渴望為你愛的人做些特殊的事嗎?
  3. 3. THAT’S GODwho is speaking to you. 那是上主, 祂在對你說話
  4. 4. Have you ever felt the sadness and the loneliness of someone who approaches and stands beside you? 你可曾體會過靠近你並來到你身旁的 人心中的憂傷及孤獨?
  5. 5. THAT’S GODwho has chosen you.那是上主,祂選擇了你。
  6. 6. Have you ever thought of someone who is verydear to you and have not seen for a long time, andsuddenly that person unexpectedly appears.你是否有過才想到某個你珍惜但許久未見的人,而那人卻突然現身的經驗?
  7. 7. THAT’S GODFor there is nothing that ever happens by chance! 那是上主的安排, 因為每件事情皆非偶然發生。
  8. 8. Have you ever received somethingmarvellous for which you did not ask? 你是否得到過你未曾要求的驚喜?
  9. 9. THAT’S GODwho knows all the secrets which you keep well hidden in your heart. 那是上主,因為祂熟知你藏在心中的一切秘密。
  10. 10. Have you ever found yourself in a difficult situation for which there seemed to be no apparent solution, and then ‘in the twinkling of an eye’ the answer became as clear as daylight? 你是否曾處於百思不得其解的困境,但一 眨眼間答案卻變得如白晝般清晰?
  11. 11. THAT’S GOD who unceasingly takes our problems into his hands and helps us solve them.那是上主,祂不斷地接手我們的問題,並幫助我們設法解決它們。
  12. 12. Have you ever felt an immense sadness in your soul, andthen suddenly, as if your inner self was infused with love, an inexplicable sense of peace enveloped your entire being?你是否曾感受過靈魂深處的巨大悲傷,但突然間,卻又彷彿內心充滿了愛,整個人被一種無法言喻的平靜籠罩 著?
  13. 13. THAT’S GODwho consoles you in his arms and gives you peace. 那是上主,祂將你擁入懷中安慰並給予平靜。
  14. 14. Have you ever felt tired of life to the pointof wanting to die, and then suddenly you were able to find the courage and the resolve to continue your journey full of vigour and hope? 你是否曾厭倦生命到想要結束它,但突然 間你卻找到了勇氣及解答,讓你充滿著活 力與希望繼續這趟旅程?
  15. 15. THAT’S GODHe is always there beside you, lovinglyaccompanying you every step of the way on your life’s journey. 那是上主, 他總是在你身旁,親切地陪伴著你踏出人生旅途的每 一步。
  16. 16. Everything goes better when GOD TAKES THE LEAD!當上主帶領我們,一切變得更好。
  17. 17. Do you thinkthat this message was sent to you by chance?你覺得只是碰巧收到這個信息嗎 ?
  18. 18. THAT’S GOD who touched my heart.其實是上主,觸動了我心深處。
  19. 19. He inspired me to think of you not becauseyou are my friend, but on account of the fact that you are of infinite value in HIS eyes and in mine.祂喚起我並想起了你,並非僅因你是我的朋友,而是因為你在祂及我的眼中是無價珍寶。
  20. 20. Let God touch your heart so that you’ll feel moved to sharethis message with all your friends. 讓上主觸動你心,而你將因為感 動而與你所有的朋友分享祂的旨 意。
  21. 21. Send this message to all your loved ones, friends and acquaintances…將這個信息寄給你所愛的親朋好友們…
  22. 22. …because we all need to know that GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US!因為我們皆需知道,上主永遠伴著我
  23. 23. Let us share with everyone the GREAT LOVE GOD HAS FOR US.讓我們與每個人分享上主對我們無盡的愛。
  24. 24. Glory to God 讚美上主
  25. 25. Thank you my dear God. 謝謝祢,我親 愛的上主! God’s Blessings to one and all!願上主祝福你及所有的人 !