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Published in: Art & Photos, Sports, Technology
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  1. 1. Amazing Trees: Pictures of unusual trees from around the world 世上神奇的树 背景音乐 森林狂想曲
  2. 16. At the Tree Circus near Santa cruz Califonia 在美国加州圣 · 克鲁兹附近的怪树广场
  3. 26. Looks normal from a distance.....but take a closer look... 远看好像没啥特别 ... 但是近看的话 ...
  4. 27. 这棵树,一说是南美洲亚玛逊树,一说是在非洲南部,也有说是在莫桑比克。
  5. 28. amazing tree sculptures 神奇的树雕
  6. 34. 树上刻满了豺狼虎豹、狮子、猴子、鳄鱼、老鹰、巨蟒、毒蜥等数不清的飞禽走兽。
  7. 36. Here‘s some close-up pics.... 来些特写镜头看看……
  8. 41. The mystery is nobody knows who the artist was! 奇怪的是没人知道这艺术家是谁!
  9. 44. 实在太神奇了 ... 有谁能这样雕刻而不把树刻死! It amazing how someone can actually carve and sculpture like this and not kill the tree!