[Research],[Mobile marketing Report 2011]


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[Research],[Mobile marketing Report 2011]

  1. 1. Confidential!!! For internal use only.
  2. 2. What makes Mobile Advertising so enticing? POTENTIAL PERSONALISATION   Mass advertising, high reachTraditionalAdvertising   Lacks customisation -   Zero interactivity   One-to-one advertising   Different design to different audiences On-lineAdvertising   Interactive advertising   Location based, highly targeted Mobile   Highly Interactive, viral , extremelyAdvertising   personal & omnipresent +
  3. 3. Vietnamese consumers are changing!
  4. 4. Mobile Behaviours  Killing time   Want something to do while waiting for the bus   Entertainment while family watches something on the main TV  Goal directed   Want to get in and out quickly   After a specific piece of information  Gen Y use multiple channels simultaneously  With new touch screen, advanced handsets   Normal internet behaviors   Convenience, contextual, relevant, location
  5. 5. Overall Mobile Channel Objectives Mass target  Reach MOBILE CHANNEL Core target  Engagement  Influence •  latform to connect on-line P and off-line • “Always ON” channel • SMS, Wap, Applications • Mobile to be supported by other channels 5
  6. 6. Mobile StickinessLow SMS Blast Mobile Ads / Web / Wap Mobile Applications (Games, Native Apps)High 6
  7. 7. SMS Blast vs. Mobile Display AdForcing; Uninvited Permission-based 7
  8. 8. Web vs. Wap?Screenshot from Vnexpress: Web and Mobile – same contents; ad banner is different Web and wap url(s) can be the same: www.vnexpress.net; or can be different: http://tuoitre.vn (web) and http://m.tuoitre.vn (mobile) In both cases, the back-end designs are different technology
  9. 9. Demographics of VN Mobile users* 64% 36%Yahoo Vietnam; depends on network *Source: Yahoo! VN | Mobile Advertising
  10. 10. Key Mobile Advertising Services 11  
  11. 11. SMS Marketing Types1.  Interactive response to short code integrated in an advertisement2.  Database Marketing3.  Branded ID and Footer advertising4.  SMS “push” based advertising5.  Voting or Polling
  12. 12. SMS Marketing Services Online SMS Marketing Tool Online SMS Competition EngineSMS Blast Helpline, Quizzes, Feedback,Campaigns CRM Comps Surveys  TextBlaster TextWinnerCustomer Quick Send Raffle Voting,Push Alerts SMS Promos Polls Platform features Profiled Targeting | High Speed Transmission | Personalised SMS Real Time Delivery Status | Scheduled Delivery | Mobile Number Validity 2010 PromoTexter. All rights reserved
  13. 13. TextWinner Interactive QuizInteractive SMS Quiz via TextWinner INVITATION TO JOIN QUIZ  Create Quiz campaign JOIN QUIZ QUIZ QUESTION 1 Initiate Quiz Invitation QUIZ ANSWER 1 View Quiz Results QUIZ QUESTION 2 online TextWinner Web Interface QUIZ ANSWER 3 QUIZ END TextWinner Quiz Features: Unlimited Multiple-Choice Questions Flexible Points System for Right & Wrong Answers Ping Pong Quiz Same Question All Players Bonus Question - Bonus Points IntelliQuiz Clues feature Question depends on Previous Answer Online Electronic Prize Raffle draws 2010 PromoTexter. All rights reserved
  14. 14. Footer  Ads   MyToday   MyToday  HEALTH:     BIZ:  Go  healthy  !  Use  pureed  veggies   *RBI  staff  strike  disrupts  bonds  instead  of  cream.  etc  for  gravies   trading    Ad:   *HDFC  sees  20%  growth  for  PRESENTING  THE  ALL  NEW   loans  in  FY10  FORD  IKON.  sms  DURA  to   Ad:    56263  FOR  A  TEST  DRIVE   INTEL  CORE  2  DUO  BASED  PC  RS   19,500  ONWARDS.  sms  INTEL   DB  to  566776  FOR  INFO  
  15. 15. Proposed Mobile Channels – Premium Nokia.mobi (Vietnam): 7M visits per month on all internet-enabled Nokia phones; Sold banner toYahoo! Mobile Vietnam: 3 Unilever Rexona campaign in Decchannels (News, Mail, 2010Messenger) Think success, think MDIS
  16. 16. Mobile Display Ad Channels – Ad Networks Serve ads to mass phones; Serve ads for Nokia Vietnam (below) Serve ads on high-end phones: Iphones, Android, BB and Symbian S60
  17. 17. Best Way to Display Your Brand on selectively targeted customers via their phone brands/gradesGrade A Smart Grade B Grade CPhones Smart Phones Smart Phones
  18. 18. BuzzCity  delivers  growth  in   impressions  of  61  per  cent   over  the  previous  quarter  h"p://www.buzzcity.com/f/BuzzCity_Mobile_Ad_Index_Q2_2010.pdf  
  19. 19. By Phone BrandsMonthly Traffic “ Sold” 2010advertising BannersInventory (Oct) 95 millionAverage Click Through rates 1% - 3%(CTR)Targeting Options(recommended, based on campaign If applicableobjectives)On  Buzzcity  Network:     Users ProfileNokia  phone  is  most  popular  phone  makes.  Top  mobile  phone  brands  are  China-­‐Made  or  Local  –made  phones  models  as  “Others”      Source  :  BuzzCity  monthly  Outreach    
  20. 20. Acquire1.   2.   Mobile 3.   Results Interaction Mobile Landing Page Upon Clicks on Ad banners Graphic •  URL Link to Mobile Viral Ad WAP Page ( mobile sites ) Banners OR • Customized Mobile landing Page to deliver Awareness Campaign messages, with/ without OPT-IN leads acquisition IdentityA. User is presented with Graphic/ B. Upon Clicks, users are directed to Text ad Banner on mobile sites Landing pages to interact with Brands; via URL link Graphic  for  Illustra0on  only    
  21. 21. Global Outreach with over2,500+ mobile publishers inBuzzCity Network.• Mobile internet websitesacross all popular categories ; • social communities, • Portal/search, • information/news, • mobile contents, • entertainment & Lifestyle• Your ad banners may becountry targeted to users inselected country or regions.• More targeting options isavailable via online self-serviceproprietary platform.
  22. 22. Targeting Capabilities ( Options ) :Online Associate Platform with full control to provide promotional messages, servethem, count them, and monitor progress of delivery across the advertising network.    Country Targeting  Region Targeting  Telco/ Carrier Targeting  Time Targeting  Targeting by Phone Makes  Targeting by Platforms  Targeting by Phone Features  Publisher Channel Targeting
  23. 23. Vitalk – Mobile Social Community Screenshot from Vitalk: Chat, Ket ban, Wall, Choi games, etc
  24. 24. Mobile advertising on VitalkClick go Ads Tab Click goto Promotion toAds Tab Event… Ads TabOr OrWapsite Wapsite Inline Ads Tabs Ads Text 1
  25. 25. In-Game Mobile Channels: Avatar Game Avatar Stats ( last 30 days): Active users: 350K Brand here with promo message Details in the next page to drive traffic to wapsite Brand here with promo message to drive traffic to wapsite
  26. 26. App stores - the iPhone and others  iPhone   Australian app store launched July 08   500 – 750k Australian users  Android (Google)   Australian app store launched March 09   2.3k applications   No. 4 Handset in U.S. in March (after iPhone, Blackberry)  Blackberry   Launched App store April 09 (not in Aus yet)  Nokia (Ovi store)   Australian app store launched   Predicted 20k applications on launch
  27. 27. IVR System in Wap platform 28
  28. 28. Digital Assets Management [Mobile Web Demo]
  29. 29. QR Code as a tool for mobile internet
  30. 30. Be CLOSERto the TARGET