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Bi quyetnuoiduongtinhyeucongviec lephuongphuong

  1. 1. Frame 1. Starting point: U 2. Mind Set No. 1: The Master Mind Set 3. Mind Set No. 2: We own our thought, act and life. 4. Mind Set No. 3: Positive Thinker 5. Mind Set No. 4: Love the one you hate. - Look at: Context, conditions, right time, right place, right person, (financially) freedom or not - Look back, what made U happy => internal change - Look into: Visualize the light at the end of the tunnel/success - Well plan and well execution - Training/Developing - Enhancing networks - Seek professional help • Key words: change internally (mind set, attitude, behavior) and unchanged externally (trustworthy, stable, solid)
  2. 2. Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do (John Wooden)
  3. 3. Starting point: U!Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know thatthere is something inside you that is GREATER thanany obstacle.Why?Because if you don’t. Nobody
  4. 4. I have a dream, a song to sing… Remember the only way to fight negativity is with positivity. Stay focused on the dreams…
  5. 5. They love U or hate U, don’t care Love me or hate me? I’m still going to shine! What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies WITHIN US
  6. 6. The mind set no. 1• S ng là ñ ng, nhưng lòng luôn b t ñ ng• S ng là thương nhưng lòng ch ng v n vương• S ng yên vui, danh l i mãi coi thư ng• Tâm b t bi n gi a dòng ñ i v n bi
  7. 7. The mind set no. 2: no body, no body but U• It’s up to you to find a good job, and then make it a great job!• You can sit passively and wait for other to make you happy – but nothing will ever happen. It’s your responsibility to: Know what makes you happy at work (understand yourself is vitally important, values in life…) Tell others about it Do something about it (no actions, nothing happens)
  8. 8. The mind set no. 3 The positive Thinker Sees the invisible Feels the intangible And achieves the IMPOSSIBLE !
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  11. 11. The mind set no. 4: love the one you hateStep 1:Internal change Thay ñ i mình ñ phù h p hơn v i hoàn c nh…
  12. 12. The mind set no. 4: love the one you hateStep 2:External actTh hi n ra bênngoài n a…T nghoa, t ng nh n vànói câu 3 ch …Làm ch thái ñ b nthân…ngư i kháccó th yêu, có thghét.. Nhưng v n ñlà mình ph n ng l ith nào…
  13. 13. Eternal Flame: Close your eyes, give me your hand darling. Do you know myheart beating, do you understand? Do you feel the same… Close your eyes and visualize having what you really want and the feeling of having it already! Focus on being grateful for what you have already and enjoy it Then release into the universe. The universe will manifest it…
  14. 14. From like to love !
  15. 15. Discussion Points• Passion: strong, short lived. Love is long term• Select a job, select a bank, select a lover?
  16. 16. Look back…• The best way to find out what you want at work, is to look at what has previously made you love your job. Here’s how you do it:• Think back to some specific situations, where you’ve been happy at work.• Ask yourself what made these situations possible.• Find out what will give you more of these great experiences in the
  17. 17. Look at and look into…
  18. 18. Stay motivated when U hate yr job1. Know your future2. Do not take your workload home with you3. Plan your release day4. Focus on improving yourself and enhance your network5. Keep it together
  19. 19. • You may not be happy at work, but you dont have to waste your time. You can enhance your skills. Take advantage of training programs.• Better still, try and convince your boss that you need to leave early once a week to attend a class at a local community college. That way youll get out of work and make yourself more attractive to future employers at the same
  20. 20. • Dont just quit your job. Begin by considering options for making the job work. Is there anything you could be doing different to be happier at work? Could you ask for a transfer or a shift change? Is there anything that would make a difference and convince you to stay? All you need to do is cope long enough to find a new job before you make a decision to leave. Finding a new job isnt always easy, if theres a fix, its worth pursuing.Get Ready to Job
  21. 21. • Set job-hunting goals for yourself: The best way to get through a hard time is to set goals in terms of finding new employment and meet them. By setting goals you identify a finish line, and by meeting the goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis you give yourself something to feel good about. • Seek professional help. The key to surviving it is to have vision beyond the troubles of today. You dont need to figure out a way to love the job you hate, and you dont need to fix all of the problems at Options for
  22. 22. The more prepared you are before you actually startlooking, the easier your job search will
  23. 23. From: loosing…
  24. 24. To: winning!
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