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Email marketing tips for holidays

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[Email marketing];[5 holiday email_tips]

  1. 1. ‘TIS THE SEASON FOR BETTER EMAIL It’s beginning to look a lot like…the holiday shopping season. And that means your Email, Mobile, Social, and Sites campaigns should be in top form to capture the most engagement— and revenue—from your subscribers. But no one has time to revamp their entire email program with such little time left until the season’s actually here. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of quick wins you can complete TODAY—or even over your lunch break—to make a big impact without spending more time or resources. Now that’s something to celebrate.Whats Inside? 4 Make Simple Design Changes to Increase Conversion 6 Include Clear Calls-to-Action 7 Enable Subscribers to Share Your Emails With Friends 8 Implement a Welcome Email Strategy 9 Extend Personalization From Email to Landing Page © ExactTarget All rights reserved 01-092010
  2. 2. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.com5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS FOR QUICK WINS AND MORE REVENUE HOLIDAY It’s that time of year again. No, not the holiday season itself, but the time to start preparing for it. Every year, retailers across the world prepare EMAIL for the most anticipated—and most profitable— time of their fiscal year. And as holiday sales for online retail are expected to increase by a hefty TIPS 15% this year1, it’s imperative that companies are prepared with an effective email marketing strategy to capture the most engagement—and revenue— from subscribers. Already have your holiday email marketing plan“locked down?” Don’t have time to “break pace” with drastic changes? Not to worry. Our own “elves” hereat ExactTarget have been hard at work to bring you five easy, quick wins that you can complete TODAYto make a big impact this holiday season. This report highlights the easy-to-implement tactics you canmake to quickly improve everything from email design, sharing to social networks, and personalizationof messages in order to make the 2010 holiday shopping season merry for your company—and yourbottom line.So before you haul out the holly or hang any wreaths, use these five tips to get on “the good list” and useyour interactive messages to win more business this holiday season. Take our word for it—these smallthings will make a BIG impact on your holiday sales this year.1 Deloitte. “Deloitte Forecasts a 2 Percent Increase in Holiday Sales.” Retail Press Release. Deloitte Audit, Consult-ing, Financial Advisory, Risk Management and Tax Services. 21 Sept. 2010. Accessed 30 Sept. 2010. <https://www.deloitte.com/view/en_US/us/press/af4eb7a64b33b210VgnVCM3000001c56f00aRCRD.htm>. 3
  3. 3. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.com MAKE SIMPLE DESIGN CHANGES TO INCREASE CONVERSION 1 As consumers, we’re well aware of upcoming holidays. We see evidence of this in storeseverywhere as decorations and holiday-specific products hit the shelves two months (or more) prior tothe actual holiday. So between competing print ads, television commercials, and interactive messages,how can you stand out in your subscriber’s inbox? Design.By optimizing holiday emails with relevant navigation bars and graphics, holiday shopping will seemmore relevant to your subscribers, resulting in increased engagement and revenue. Consider some ofthese helpful tricks:ENGAGING SUBJECT LINES. Often, the subjectline is the only opportunity you have to influence thesubscriber before they decide to open your email—or PLAYING FAVORITESdelete it. Creating interesting subject lines, and giving Our latest SUBSCRIBERS, FANS &readers a brief summary of what’s inside is imperative FOLLOWERS research reveals that 49%for optimal click-through rates, engagement, and of consumers “always” open emails(ultimately) profitability. This holiday season, instead from their “favorite” companies. Becomeof using a generic subject line like “Holiday Savings one by delivering relevant content that’sInside!” try a more engaging—and enticing—subject specific to your customers’ interests. Textline like “NAME, We Left A Gift In Your Stocking…” RESEARCH (space) and your email addressWith personalization, subscribers will feel like they to 38767 (e.g. RESEARCH name@company.have a better connection to your company, and the com) to receive the report today.edgier copy will leave them more curious to openyour email. 4
  4. 4. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.comHOLIDAY MOTIF. Help your subscribers get in the holiday shopping spirit by creating winter andholiday-themed graphics and headers. Consider enhancing your color scheme by adding holidaycolors or using your own brand colors in a seasonal light. With help from ExactTarget Platinum ResellerDigital Evolution Group, Helzberg Diamonds enhanced their 2009 holiday campaign by optimizing thenavigation bar, which generated 37.7% of the overall unique clicks within the email (Figure 1). Figure 1: Helzberg Diamonds’ 2009 holiday email campaign performed better by optimizing the navigation bar, which received 37.7% of unique clicks within the email.HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN. Not only will a “Holiday Countdown” on your emails excite your subscribersabout the approaching season, but it will also remind them that their time to shop is running out. Itdoesn’t have to specifically refer to “days until the holiday” either. Your countdown can track the daysuntil your free shipping offer runs out or until they can order items and still ensure their package willmake it in time for the holidays. Either way, countdowns create a sense of urgency, helping you capturerevenue sooner. 5
  5. 5. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.com 2 INCLUDE CLEAR CALLS-TO-ACTION You’ve got their interest. Now what? Maximize your subscriber engagement with a clear call-to-action. What is it that you want readers to do? Visit your website? Check out today’s deals? Updatetheir information in the subscription center? Ask and you shall receive. Subscribers won’t do what youhope they’ll do unless it’s clear what the objective of the message is. You want your subscribers totake action, so don’t be afraid to ask. Messages in the upper left quadrant of the email are seen firstand therefore perform very well. Attention-grabbing (but not overdone) colors and graphics, enticingclicks, and relevant copy also enhance the email by drawing the reader’s eye to a particular spot youwant them to see.Helzberg Diamonds and Digital Evolution Group know that calls-to-action can make or break the successof a campaign. In a promotional email targeted at bridal prospects, Helzberg recognized a significantincrease in click-through rates based on the replacement of one word (Figure 2). By encouragingsubscribers to “Shop Now” instead of “Buy Now,” Helzberg saw a much better response from customers,who were more interested in browsing first than buying right away. But, beware. Simply changing outcopy without reason won’t produce results for your campaigns—especially since different tactics workfor different industries. You must test verbiage, placement, hierarchy, and color of your messages, lettingthe results of the call-to-action that performed best drive future decisions.Figure 2: Helzberg tested copy in a promotional email to bridal prospects to find that customers were moreresponsive to “Shop Now” than “Buy Now” 6
  6. 6. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.com 3 ENABLE SUBSCRIBERS TO SHARE YOUR EMAILS WITH FRIENDS Research shows that consumers are more inclined to open an email from a friend than from a WANT TOcompany. And with ExactTarget Social Forward, subscribers can take control of the content you sendthem by passing it along to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and more than 20 other social sites. By ADD 45,000giving your customers this control, you can extend the reach of your marketing messages, drive deeper FANS ONengagement with customers and their online communities, and build your subscriber list—all with less FACEBOOK?effort on your part. So how can you start enabling subscribers to share your holiday emails? In the first threeSHARE THIS INTEGRATION. Our integration with ShareThis makes it easy for your subscribers to days of Papashare content to over 20 online networks and communities, while providing you the metrics you need to John’s use ofcreate a strategy around your social content (Figure 3). ExactTarget’s Social Forward feature in its NCAA-themed email campaign, the company added more than 45,000 fans on Facebook, bringingFigure 3: Within the ExactTarget application, you can easily choose which social networks to include in your emails the total numberwith Social Forward. to more than 270,000.FORWARD TO A FRIEND. Forward to a Friend enables subscribers to include a personal note aboutyour message and send it on to their friends via email (Figure 4). You’ll be able to track how many timesyour message was forwarded and how many new subscribers you’ve gained as a result. Figure 4: Including the “Forward to a Friend” feature in your email headers enables subscribers to share your content with others. 7
  7. 7. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.com 4 IMPLEMENT A WELCOME EMAIL STRATEGY As new shoppers come across your site thisholiday season, they may be interested in joining youremail club or signing up for a special offer. How will youengage them and ensure that they won’t later opt out? Byimplementing a welcome email strategy, your customerswill feel appreciated and personally connected to yourcompany—encouraging them to continue shopping onyour site.But don’t stop there. Use your welcome emails as anopportunity to provide product recommendations, friendsand family discounts, and additional coupons—pleasingyour new subscriber and helping you drive more trafficback to your site (Figure 5). Consider capturing userpreferences with your welcome emails to help you build adatabase of subscriber information to keep them engagedall year round.When you’re ready to put your data to good use, makeyour welcome email strategy even easier by implementingan automatic drip campaign. With automation, you canexecute programs without the hassle of manual setup each Figure 5: ULTA Cosmetics entices subscribers to open theand every time you send, freeing up time and resources to welcome email by offering a 20% off coupon, helping drive traffic back to their site.allocate elsewhere during the busy holiday season. DID YOU KNOW… According to a study by MarketingSherpa, your welcome email is likely to be the most-opened email you send. Furthermore, our SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS research reveals that 67% of consumers subscribe to email in order to receive discounts and promotions. Take advantage of this consumer motivation by enticing subscribers back to your website with product recommendation, friends and family discounts, and seasonal coupons. 8
  8. 8. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.com 5 EXTEND PERSONALIZATION FROM EMAIL TO LANDING PAGE There never seems to be enough time aroundthe holidays. And as a marketer, you’re probably busyjuggling ad campaigns and the stress of meeting GET PERSONALrigorous holiday sales goals. So it’s time to figure Consumers expect—and deserve—relevantout where you can save a few extra minutes. How do communications from you. After all, 41%personalized landing pages in under a minute sound? of U.S. internet users threatened to stop buying from companies that sent irrelevantWith ExactTarget Landing Pages, creating static, messages, according to a recent CMOpersonalized, and dynamic coupons for your subscribers Council study. Personalizing your landingto redeem online or in stores is easy. Rather than leaving pages is an easy way to ensure customersubscribers to delete your email or act on their own accord, engagement—and with ExactTarget’s 60+provide a personalized path to a Landing Page where you integrations with the world’s top technologycan keep them oriented, accentuate your call to action, companies, easily accessing the rightand capture a greater conversion rate. (Plus, subscribers subscriber data is simple.won’t have to waste time—and patience—printing off yourentire email. They can just go directly to a personalizedlanding page with their coupon waiting.)Take it from regional restaurant chain Eat’n Park, whocut online coupon creation down to less than a minute.With pre-set templates in ExactTarget, all Eat’n Parkhas to do is swap out old content with new information.And because landing pages and email are connected in Figure 6: Withone place with ExactTarget, Eat’n Park can incorporate ExactTargetsubscriber attributes into their coupons without leaving Landing Pages,the ExactTarget platform (Figure 6). Since taking Eat’n Park can add personalizationadvantage of ExactTarget Landing Pages, Eat’n to coupons andPark has saved time and boosted click-through birthday messagesrates from 9% to 55%. in under a minute. 9
  9. 9. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.comENOUGH TALK. IT’S TIME FOR ACTION.Regardless of your organization’s size, industry, or business challenge, these five easy tips leave you armedwith actionable ways you can improve your holiday email marketing program—TODAY. As the busy holidayshopping season gets closer and closer, don’t forget to: 1. Make Simple Design Changes to Increase Conversion 2. Include Clear Calls-to-Action 3. Enable Subscribers to Share Your Emails With Friends 4. Implement a Welcome Email Strategy 5. Extend Personalization From Email to Landing PageThe results will be greater customer engagement despite holiday ad clutter, increased revenue, and boostedROI—all without taking up more of your time and resources. NEED HELP PUTTING THESE 5 TIPS INTO ACTION? We’re here to make it easier for you. Call 1.866.362.4538 or visit www.ExactTarget.com to learn how you can achieve phenomenal business results today. 10
  10. 10. 5 HOLIDAY EMAIL TIPS www.ExactTarget.comREADY TO GET REAL?The smartest marketers know the key to joining the conversation is to understand who they’re talking to—usingreal-time data to power all customer interactions across Email, Mobile, Social, and Sites.With the launch of the ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub™, every organization will have the power toengage in an integrated, real-time conversation with their customers across Email, Mobile, Social, and Sites—allthrough a single, elegantly-designed dashboard.Real [time] Manage campaigns in real time with an at-a-glance look at email status, automations, andcustomer interactions—right as they’re happening.Real [engagement] Turn customer data into meaningful interactions through 60+ integrations with theworld’s top technology companies.Real [smart marketing] With instant access to your data, messages and in-process campaigns, you’llnever have to worry about lost revenue or decreased productivity. Achieve real results with lightning speed andunwavering performance.VISIT WWW.EXACTTARGET.COM/HUB TO EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF THE INTERACTIVE MARKETING HUB™. 11
  11. 11. www.ExactTarget.com