Full Moon Festival Vn2008


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How Vietnamese enjoy autumn full moon festival

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Full Moon Festival Vn2008

  1. 1. HOW ARE THE FULL MOON FESTIVAL IN HANOI 2008 Nov Do Van Nguyet, Vietnam
  2. 2. Full moon in Vietnam is like a big party, a special time for children, with good cakes, gifts and a lot of games and care When I was a child, I rarely know how a good full moon festival organized. Okie, I could have some moon cakes my parents brought home. But all the beautiful lamps, dragon dance, going-outs… existed only in my dream. It’s our generation time – still so early development
  3. 3. And until I grow up, Vietnam and our children could enjoy some better lives – gifts and care from families, schools, and communities for the full moon festival The year 2008 – a difficult year in our “NEW” development process: inflation, fuel prices, prices increase vs. belief decrease, values crisis… We are not sure if our steps will go forward or backward. And the full moon festival reflects our thinking and options: OLD-NEW; MODERN-TRADITION
  4. 4. Here are how the elder people enjoy full moon or any festival <ul><li>Either they sing lovely folk song at whatever age… </li></ul>Or they listen in some nostalgia for one old Hanoi or rural village
  5. 5. And I love the way a lot of young people enjoy the festival in the museum , running the events and reminding others to keep peace as volunteers or to enjoy the traditional show nicely Hey, don’t be shy. Let’s join!
  6. 6. Here are how the young people enjoy the festival <ul><li>I used to play with when I was small, with many recycle materials. We often picked up the green orange and grapefruit under the trees to play as the small balls… </li></ul>
  7. 7. And it’s sweet scene among the crowd and all movements. I could die to be looked like this by someone – we not only share the same direction, but sometimes we need sweet moments to look at the other and feel the presence…
  8. 8. That’s the festival of everyone, but of course specially for the kids. Here they are… <ul><li>Hmmm, When is my turn??? </li></ul><ul><li>Mum, I could not wait to make my own cake!!! </li></ul>
  9. 9. Could we buy all of those pigs? You could not eat all I will not eat them, but to play with my toys. mum. Plsssssss!!!
  10. 10. Could we live here? it’s very cool and a big play ground outside. Hello! Is it me you are looking for?
  11. 11. Beautiful toys are everywhere, let’s catch them all <ul><li>Do you want to play with me </li></ul>
  12. 12. Look at me, I am the tallest here <ul><li>I am the strongest </li></ul>
  13. 13. Everything is so fun and enjoyable for everyone in the museum, especially the kids.
  14. 14. But there is something not for children under 17. Even it is something too bold in my culture. But it’s what I love about indigenous people, those who live with free mind and souls more than anyone of us in the so-called modern society