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Marketing case of de beer


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Marketing case of de beer

  1. 1. SWOT Analysis Japan China East Asia What can we do
  2. 2. SWOT Analysis
  3. 3. SWOT Analysis
  4. 4. JAPAN – Customer behavior Women rarely wear diamond rings Young people against formal traditions Old Generation Influenced by Yui-no customs Customs/traditions are adhered by families New Generation “A meaningful symbol of the true, everlasting feelings for her” Wedding Rings
  5. 5. JAPAN – Customer behavior Age of 35 -54: buy more expensive pieces Age of under 35: buy cheaper stones for adorment. Perfection is more important than size or ostentation Jewellery “Simple Diamond: Diamonds could be worn everyday”
  6. 6. CHINA – Customer behavior Wedding tradition is ingrained Broadly rejected the idea of love Need to express perfection Wealth is the key criterion for judging success "The symbol of our enduring commitment, to build a future of harmony, brightness, success and happiness" Wedding Rings
  7. 7. China – Customer behavior 80% are married women Manager of the household finances Diamond is status of demonstration Jewellery "Xing fu - Complete woman"
  8. 8. S.East Asia – Customer behavior Korea Store of wealth Centre of weddings Thailand Store of wealth Diamonds as adornment Prefer local delicate stones Singapore Less “showy” in wealth and demonstration of status Cosmopolitan and influenced by international events
  9. 9. S.East Asia – Positioning Young women Symbol of LOVE Married women The diamond dream
  10. 10. Fashionable design $1000 $860
  11. 11. create the new concept: diamand for old people Gift for wedding anniversary Gift for birthday adornment Create demand