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[Cimogo] Online Consumer Trends 2013


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[Cimogo] Online Consumer Trends 2013

  1. 1. 2On TrackOnlineConsumer trends in internetusage in VietnamJoe
  2. 2. 31. Where have your customers gone?They’ve gone online.2. How are they getting there?Increasingly via mobile.3. What are they doing there?Networked, active, loud... & looking for you.4. Where are you?And what are you doing about it?!4 Simple Observations...
  3. 3. 4PartWhere have your customers gone?
  4. 4. Over 30 million internet users in Vietnam...5That’s more than the total populations of Australia,New Zealand, & Singapore combined.That’s surely an audience worth talking to, right?!
  5. 5. In urban areas, more are online than not at 58%.6Base: All Urban RespondentsSource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 2012
  6. 6. From wet-market shopper to credit-card holder, themajority of your customers are likely to be online...7Base: Urban users of stated categorySource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 2012
  7. 7. Key Decision Makers & Influencers for householdbrand-purchases are predominantly online...8Base: Urban Key Decision Maker/Influencer for household purchase of stated categorySource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 2012
  8. 8. Where have your customers gone?They’ve gone online.9So what?There is a significant online audience for yourcategory.You probably need to take advantage of that.
  9. 9. 10PartHow are they getting there?
  10. 10. PCs and Laptops remain the key portal...11Base: Urban online consumers81%accessed viathe good old PC.Source: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 201248%via laptop
  11. 11. But, there is a mobile revolution going on...1248% have accessed theinternet via mobile phoneBase: Urban online consumersSource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 2012of whom31% via non-smart phone25% via smart phone
  12. 12. Will the small screen take over?1329% in Metro Cities23% in Tier 2 CitiesBase: Urban online consumersSource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 201228% in Metro Cities33% in Tier 2 Cities
  13. 13. 14At home At work WhereverWiFiWherever3G/GPRSThe home & workplace remain keyenvironments, but mobility has gained...84% 31% 30% 30%Base: Urban online consumersSource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 2012
  14. 14. How are they getting there?Increasingly via mobile.15So what?You can be with your customer, wherever theyare.
  15. 15. 16PartWhat are they doing there?
  16. 16. Your customers are online every day of the weekgiving you ample chance to reach them.17Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun67%every dayBase: Urban online consumersSource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 2012
  17. 17. And they are not quiet. Giving you amplechance to open a dialogue.1848% chatting weekly45%socially networkedBase: Urban online consumersSource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 2012
  18. 18. They are increasingly searching for keyinformation on the move...19Of those who access via mobile...25% have looked up a product in-store19% have price-checked a product in-storeBase: Urban online consumers
  19. 19. Consumers are probably looking for you now...2075%say the internethelps them find out about new productsBase: Urban online consumersSource: Cimigo NetCitizens Study 2012
  20. 20. What are they doing there?They are active, networked, loud...& they are probably looking for you.21So what?Help them find you and not your competitor.Engage, communicate, & meet that need.
  21. 21. 22PartWhere are you?What are you doing about it?
  22. 22. Questions worth asking for 2013...231. Is your communication & brand engagement strategytaking online sufficiently into account?2. Are your online assets currently building brand andproduct understanding effectively?3. Are your online assets suited to the mobile revolutionand are they easy to use via tablet or phone?4. Have you considered a POS online strategy to helpconsumers make their choice, e.g. with QR codes?5. Do you sufficiently understand how consumers areusing the internet to engage with your brand?
  23. 23. Thank You.24
  24. 24. 25Appendix(Not presented)About Cimigo
  25. 25. 26CimigoVietnamIndonesiaIndiaChinaHong KongPhilippinesSingapore3 billion customersWe now have the privilege of representingStarting 9 years ago in HCMCwe’ve expanded to...
  26. 26. 27From sevenmain citiesin Vietnam…
  27. 27. 28consumer-rooted growthOnline Panels45 Consultants130 Full-time staff12 Qualitative Specialists5 Call CentresFace-to-face…put the consumer into the boardroom to deliver650 FieldworkersCimigo’s extensive set of resources and expertise...
  28. 28. Cimigo delivers a full range of services to ensure yourbusiness remains connected to your consumersMotivational researchMarket scoping and segmentationConcept testingNew product developmentBrand positioning1. Consulting ServicesMarket trackingProduct optimisationBrand equityTouch point managementCustomer loyalty2. Research ServicesEthnographyAccompanied shoppingIn-depth interviewingFocus groupsVox popsTelephone interviewingStreet interceptsMystery shoppingOn line surveysSocial media tracking
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  30. 30. 31We look forward totalking with you.cimigo.comThe Voice of the Customer