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Online personal branding


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Online personal branding

  1. 1. Building Online Personal Brand NGUYEN HUNG HAI MA, ADVERTISING & MARKETING University of Leeds
  2. 2. Target audience V.I.P• Marketers• Social media influencer• ICT experts
  3. 3. Target audience FRIENDS• Vietnamese vs. International• Strong ties vs. Weak ties
  4. 4. Target audience FOLLOWERS• Miscellaneous• No direct connection
  5. 5. Positioning Caring Marketing ProfessionalWisely humorous Cool Calm Aesthetic Photography Unique Thirst for knowledge
  6. 6. Objectives• Maintain current relationships• Expand the network relevantly and selectively• Enhance brand recognition• Minimize the gap between brand identity and image
  7. 7. Social Media Selection V.I.P
  8. 8. Social Media SelectionFACEBOOK FOR FRIENDS
  9. 9. Social Media Selection FOLLOWERS
  10. 10. Visual Identity ONE REAL NAME EVERYWHERE
  12. 12. Content and BehaviourCONSISTENT & RELEVANT
  13. 13. Content and Behaviour V.I.P• Keep profile information up to date• Contribute information and knowledge• Participate in discussions and debates• Tone of voice: formal, respectful, modest• Avoid unnecessary arguments
  14. 14. Content and Behaviour FRIENDS• Keep in touch• One to one communication• Tone of voice: casual, humorous,understanding, caring
  15. 15. Content and Behaviour FOLLOWERS• Share the best and relevant content• Follow back interesting followers• Tone of voice: formal but hospitable• Sensible selection of languages
  16. 16. Evaluation and MonitoringKLOUT INFLUENCE SCORE
  17. 17. Evaluation and MonitoringGOOGLE YOURSELF
  18. 18. Words of Wisdom