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  1. 1. Mercury QuickTest Professional 8.0 Shortcut Key Reference Card Command Press Command Press New Test CTRL + N Record F3 Component Menu Open Test CTRL + SHIFT + N Run F5 Test or Business Component > New CTRL + SHIFT + O Stop F4 Business Component > Open CTRL + SHIFT + E Analog Recording CTRL + SHIFT + F4File Menu Business Component > Edit CTRL + O Low Level Recording CTRL + SHIFT + F3 Template Object Properties CTRL + ENTER Menu Step Save CTRL + S Value Configuration Options CTRL + F11 on a value (KV only) Export to Zip File CTRL + ALT + S Pause PAUSE Import from Zip File CTRL + ALT + O Step Into F11 Debug Menu Print CTRL + P Step Over F10 Cut CTRL + X (EV only) Step Out SHIFT + F11 Copy CTRL + C Insert/Remove Breakpoint F9 Paste CTRL + V Clear All Breakpoints CTRL + SHIFT + F9 Delete DEL Edit > Cut CTRL + X Undo Ctrl + Z (EV only) Edit > Copy CTRL + C Redo CTRL + Y (EV only) Edit > Paste CTRL + V Rename Action F2Edit Menu Edit > Clear > Contents CTRL + DEL Find CTRL + F (EV only) Edit > Insert CTRL + I Data Table Options Replace CTRL + H (EV only) Edit > Delete CTRL + K Go To CTRL + G (EV only) Edit > Fill Right CTRL + R Bookmarks CTRL + B (EV only) Edit > Fill Down CTRL + D Complete Word CTRL + SPACE (EV only) Edit > Find CTRL + F Argument Info CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE (EV only) Edit > Replace CTRL + H Apply “With” To Script CTRL + W (EV only) Data > Recalc F9 Remove “With” Statements CTRL + SHIFT + W (EV only) Insert Multi-line Value CTRL + F2 while editing cell Checkpoint > Standard F12 Checkpoint Activate next/previous sheet CTRL + PAGEUP/ CTRL + PAGEDOWNInsert Menu Output Value > Standard Output CTRL + F12 Value View Keyword View/Expert View CTRL + TAB General Options Step > Step Generator F7 Open context menu for step or SHIFT + F10 Data Table cell or Application key ( ) New Step F8 (KV only) Expand all branches * [on numeric keypad] (KV only) New Step After Block SHIFT + F8 (KV only) Expand branch + [on numeric keypad] (KV only) Key: KV = Keyword View EV = Expert View Collapse branch - [on numeric keypad] (KV only)
  2. 2. Mercury Interactive Corporation379 North Whisman RoadMountain View, CA 94043Main Telephone: (650) 603-5200Sales & Information: (800) TEST-911Customer Support: (877) TEST-HLPFax: (650) 603-5300Home Page: www.mercury.comCustomer Support: * QTPS KRC8 . 0 / 0 1 *