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Letter hp load_runner_11.00_t7177_88008


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Letter hp load_runner_11.00_t7177_88008

  1. 1. Hewlett-Packard Company www.hp.comDear HP LoadRunner Customer,Please accept our thanks for purchasing HP LoadRunnersoftware.HP LoadRunner software is the industry standard software forperformance validation. Using a record and playbackmechanism, it helps you drive production workload to the testenvironments. As it drives load against the system, HPLoadRunner captures the end-user response time of keybusiness processes and transactions to determine if servicelevel agreements (SLAs) can be met. Non‑intrusive, real-timeperformance monitors obtain and display performance datafrom every application tier, server, and system component;Printed in the US *T7177-88008*
  2. 2. and the data is correlated with the transaction data to quicklypinpoint problem areas.HP LoadRunner helps you:  Test a broad range of applications including the latest Rich Internet Applications with Web 2.0 technologies, ERP/CRM applications, as well as applications with legacy technologies  Identify and reduce performance bottlenecks before deploying to avoid performance issues in production.  Obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance before going live, and verify that new or upgraded applications meet specified performance requirements.The HP LoadRunner Licenses to Use (LTUs) are purchasedseparately from the media product. A product LTU grants theright to use HP LoadRunner according to the terms of theindividual LTU. If you didn’t order an LTU, please contact your 2
  3. 3. HP sales representative or HP Software business partner toobtain the appropriate license.While the HP LoadRunner media doesn’t require installation ofa license key please review the contents it may containinstallation instructions, release notes, and user manuals.Manuals can also be downloaded (in section ‘Short-cuts’select ‘Manuals’).We’re here to advise and help with the installation process. Inthe unlikely event that you encounter an issue, please . The site includes aknowledge base for self-service help as well as additionalSupport information. If you’re unable to resolve your issue,please open a Support case and an engineer will contact you.Details on how to open a case can be found under the ‘CaseManager’ tab. 3
  4. 4. To optimize your software throughout its lifecycle, a portfolioof Support services is also available .As a valued HP customer, please take advantage of the freeHP Software Customer Community Program. The Program isthere to help you optimize the returns on your softwareinvestment. It includes:  Regular communication from HP experts  Access to a wide array of training materials designed to ensure you realize the full potential of your software (go to for further details)  Connections with your peers in the industry to share best practice  Access to previous and forthcoming training webinarsIt’s fast and simple to register for membership 4
  5. 5. Complementing HP Software Support services, ourProfessional Services experts are available to assist you atany point in the software life cycle. Whether you need helpwith planning deployment, implementing software or ensuringthat it’s continuously delivering against your objectives,contact for a no-obligation chat.For further LoadRunner updates please refer to the ‘MyUpdates’ portal, which is available on the ‘downloads’ tab . If you’re not yetreceiving e-mail notifications about new releases, please signup at, thank you for choosing HP LoadRunner. We lookforward to working with you. 5