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  1. 1. A l a d d i n . c o m / S a f e W o r dSafeWordAccess Your BusinessAladdin SafeWord®2008 two-factor authentication protects your most important information assets and applications. AladdinSafeWord’s easy-to-use tokens and seamless integration with your existing Microsoft infrastructure make it simple to deploy two-factorauthentication for VPNs, Citrix applications, Web applications, Webmail, and Outlook Web Access.Aladdin SafeWord 2008 - Two-Factor AuthenticationBe up and running protecting your mostimportant assets and applications:• Citrix Applications• Microsoft Outlook Web Access• VPNs from Cisco, Check Point,Juniper, and others• Microsoft IASLower your TotalCost of Ownership• Use your existing Microsoft Active Directory tools andknow-how to manage two-factor authentication users• Installs in minutes and requires little orno ongoing care• Use your existing hardwareUse the solutionthat is ideal for your Windowsenvironment of today and tomorrow:• 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems• Vista and Windows 2008 Server• Windows 2003 and XPDeploy the token that is used by millionsevery day:• Simple as using a password• Just push the button• Fits in your pocket, on a key ring, or inyour briefcase• Tokens that never expire• Lifetime warrantyIntroducing the Enterprise Solution Pack >> (more information inside)Aladdin SafeWord 2008 Enterprise Solution Pack allows you to deploy and protectmore applications, use your phone as a two-factor authenticator, and lower youroverall total cost-of-ownership through tools that make the job of deploying two-factor authentication simple for your administrators and users.Choose the Authenticator That Meets Your RequirementsWith the push of a button, Aladdin SafeWord tokens generate a highly secure, one-time password that can never be re-used, hacked, orotherwise compromised. The Aladdin SafeWord password provides a secure, two-factor authentication mechanism that ensures that onlyproperly authenticated users are authorized access to critical applications and data.SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW
  2. 2. SafeWord offers a set of authenticator options, includinghardware tokens and mobile phone authenticators. Choose anycombination of tokens and authenticators that best suits yourremote access environment.Protect Critical Applications to Improve ProductivityYour VPN is your remote link to your network assets. AladdinSafeWord adds a vital security component to your remoteaccess solution and works with a wide variety of popular accessplatforms. SafeWord is available in branded solutions for Citrix,Cisco, Check Point, and Nortel. Aladdin provides completestrong authentication capabilities to improve productivity withthe Enterprise Solution Pack and the SafeWord SecureWireAccess Gateway, a fully-functional SSL VPN and Web accessgateway.The Best Solution for Your Windows EnvironmentAladdin SafeWord 2008 is designed for Windows 2008.SafeWord enables you to leverage both 32-bit and 64-bitWindows operating systems, including Vista, Windows 2008Server, as well as Windows 2003 and XP. As you upgradeyour Microsoft Windows infrastructure, SafeWord two-factorauthentication will be there, fully integrated and ready to helpyou drive productivity and security.Manage Users in Active DirectoryAladdin SafeWord installs in minutes and offers seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory, making the administration oftwo-factor authentication easy and intuitive. SafeWord lets you use your existing Microsoft Active Directory tools and know-how tomanage OTP-based two-factor authentication users.Who Needs Two-Factor Authentication?The short answer is: Everyone conducting business in today’s environment. Aladdin SafeWord protects access to the foundationalnetworks and resources on which your business runs. And it provides this protection across a wide range of users:Lifetime Token WarrantyAladdin SafeWord 2008 tokens never expire and come with alifetime token warranty. Aladdin SafeWord eliminates the needto replace and deploy new tokens every three years and helpsreduce your cost of ownership. Simply return tokens at any timefor a free replacement. You must be current on your supportcontract for all of your users to be eligible.• Mobile workforces: sales reps, field teams, businessand technology consultants• Home office workers: marketing, customer service andsupport, and others• Guest and temporary workers• Personnel who access a common workstation or workenvironment• Business partners who access a private network• Customers who access a public-facing Web application• Healthcare professionals that need to access andprotect patient data
  3. 3. A l a d d i n . c o m / S a f e W o r dAladdin SafeWord SecureWire VPNAladdin SafeWord SecureWire VPN Access Gateway is a fully featuredSSL VPN and Web access gateway allowing you to make applications,data, and network connectivity available to your employees, contractors,business partners, and customers. Whether it is full VPN connectivity foryour system administrators or HTTP access to your partner Web portal,SecureWire VPN provides browser-based, encrypted authenticatedaccess from across the room or around the world.Aladdin MobilePassAladdin MobilePass®provides OTP-based two-factor authenticationdirectly from your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, or J2ME-basedphone using a dedicated application on the phone or SMS textmessaging. Authentication is provided by something you have andsomething you know. For years this has been the description of two-factor authentication. With MobilePass, you are now authenticatedwith something you already have—your mobile phone—eliminatingthe need to distribute, maintain, and carry an additional device.MobilePass is easy to distribute, inexpensive to maintain, and quick todeploy.User Self-Help and EnrollmentThe Aladdin SafeWord 2008 User Center saves significant time andmoney by enabling your users to help themselves via a simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy Web application. From any browser, withouta call to the help desk or system administrator, your users can enrollthemselves and their tokens, reset their own PINs, and test their tokensfor correct operation.Aladdin SafeWord 2008 Management ConsoleWhen you don’t want to manage all or a portion of users in ActiveDirectory, deploy Aladdin SafeWord 2008’s Management Console. Thisconsole provides enterprise-wide management of users, tokens, andaccess rights as well as event logging and reporting.Windows Domain Login, Terminal Services, andRemote DesktopUse Aladdin SafeWord two-factor authentication to protect internalWindows resources. The Enterprise Solution Pack protects user desktoplogins to Windows domain resources, Windows Terminal Services, andWindows Remote Desktop.Aladdin SafeWord 2008 Enterprise Solution PackAladdin SafeWord 2008 Enterprise Solution Pack allows you to deploy and protect more applications, use your phone as a two-factor authenticator, and lowers your overall total cost of ownership through tools that make the job of deploying two-factorauthentication simple for your administrators and users.Why Choose AladdinSafeWord 2008?• The best solution foryour Windows 2008Server environment• Recognized as theeasiest solution toadminister, manageand use for Windowsenvironments.• Manage users inMicrosoft ActiveDirectory• Fast and easyinstallation in onlyminutes• Tokens never expireand don’t need to bereplaced every threeyears• Lifetime tokenwarranty ensures yourinvestment over thelong haul• Wide variety ofhardware and softwaretoken options• Solve regulatorycompliance initiativessuch as PCI DSS, HIPAA,HSPD-12, and FFIEC.
  4. 4. North America: +1-800-562-2543, +1-847-818-3800 • UK: +44-1753-622-266 • Germany: +49-89-89-4221-0 • France: +33-1-41-37-70-30 • Benelux: +31-30-688-0800 • Spain: +34-91-375-99-00Italy: +39-022-4126712 • Israel: +972-3-978-1111 • China: +86-21-63847800 • India: +91-22-67255943 • Japan: +81-426-607-191 • All other inquiries: +972-3-978-1111For more contact information, visit: Solution for Popular Remote Access EnvironmentsAladdin SafeWord is available in branded solutions for Citrix, Cisco, Check Point, and Nortel. Choose the solution that best fits yourspecific remote access environment and be up and running in minutes with a fast and easy installation.Compliance for PCI, HIPAA, HSPD-12, FFIEC, and MoreAladdin SafeWord strong authentication can help organizations meet their compliance requirements through increased security, userauthentication, access control, and audit logging and reporting. Aladdin SafeWord can help meet compliance for:• Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)• Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)• Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC)• Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12)• Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)• Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)Get Started with Aladdin SafeWord 2008 and the Enterprise Solution Pack Today!Aladdin SafeWord 2008 Starter and Evaluation Packs* are available and come witheverything you need to easily deploy two-factor authentication.• Aladdin SafeWord Alpine and Aladdin MobilePass tokens• Aladdin SafeWord 2008 and Enterprise Solution Pack software and Quick Start Guides• First year of technical support and lifetime token warranty• 30-day evaluation of the Enterprise Solution Pack including Aladdin Safeword VPN Access GatewayAladdin SafeWord 2008 upgrade packages are available for existing customers.* To order your Starter Pack or Eval Pack please visit Wins Best OTP Two-Factor AuthenticationAward from SC Magazine©10/2008AladdinKnowledgeSystems,Ltd.Allrightsreserved.AladdinisaregisteredtrademarkofAladdinKnowledgeSystems,Ltd.Allothernamesaretrademarksorregisteredtrademarksoftheirrespectiveowners.